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  1. What are you riding this season?

    My Slightly used 2016 SKI DOO Renegade Backcountry 600 ETEC ES
  2. What are you running this winter???

    2016 Ski Doo Renegade Back Country 600 Etec
  3. can't wait!!!
  4. Any club events this week? Errol, NH Annual Steak Cookout is this Saturday at the club house on Rte. 26. Please come in, get warm, and enjoy a Steak with all the fixings including dessert. We will also have hot dogs, juicy cheeseburgers and hand cut French fries. We will be serving from 12:00 to 4:00. Looking forward to a great turnout. Thanks again for supporting the Club. See you Saturday!!!!! Strattford Nighthawks Snow Fest!
  5. Good Time at the Lancaster Grand Prix!

    Great Day at the Races! Lots of History on the Track too! Hope they do it again NEXT YEAR!
  6. 1975 Rupp Nitro II 440

    Looks like it could be a washout....
  7. 1975 Rupp Nitro II 440

    I'll catch you there then...hope the weather holds up! I'll have cash!
  8. Lowest price for sled oil in Pittsburg

    Love that AMSoil !
  9. 1975 Rupp Nitro II 440

    I'll be up to Pittsburg for the Race if you are around maybe we could do a deal....
  10. 1975 Rupp Nitro II 440

    Is she still for Sale?
  11. A Happy Thanksgiving to all. thoughts exactly! Cheers!
  12. Wild River Bridge Status

    That's true, I thought the last one was ..well...the last one.L>O>L> But this one is higher up and STEEL.not WOOD and CABLE! It's also wide enough to get emergency equip over...AKA The Northern N.H. Mutual Aid UTV that was purchased by the WMRR club!
  13. Wild River Bridge Status

    Any New Info?
  14. Cold weather has returned and even light snow! Come up to the races! Where the sleds are as old as you are!