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  2. What are you riding this season?

    Just added a 2015 Yamaha Venture GT 2Up to the fleet......
  3. Saving Our Sport "SOS"

    It is a problem with Nh, Vt and Me.... How about reaching a deal between the state that early registration gives you the season long benefit of reciprocal registration. Example registration by 12/1 An additional sticker is provided indicating reciprocal
  4. Bragging rights?

    Nice job!
  6. Pittsburg is still alive!

    Oh.... I wish I could get up there this weekend....
  7. gonna have to change my profile name!!

    Nice sled!
  8. 2 year Cancer update with doctor today

    Good for you! Back in the saddle......
  9. Good riding - Tamworth and Ossipee

    40 min of riding
  10. On Thursday, I took a ride with some friends up to Plymouth. I decided to avoid the tracks, we took the club trails from Meredith through Holderness to Plymouth. The trails were in good condition and it was a nice ride... We are at Six Burner Bistro (highly recommend!) which is on the south part of Main Street (across from RiteAid)
  11. The trail going from Meredith bay across rt 25 has been shutdown.... I think the ice is getting to unpredictable in that area (moving water).
  12. We parked at Canoe King and rode to the top of Shaw mountain and back. Trails were groomed and in excellent shape.
  13. 2015 or 2016

    Ride now! Last weekend was the best riding in years.... and it could go for several more weeks! Buy the 2015 and never look back...... never know what next year is going to be like. Do you want 1 year of awesome riding or a 1 model year newer sled?
  14. The groomers are doing a great job, I can't believe how GREAT the trails are in each of the towns listed above.... I did a lot of riding with the family the last few weekends and during NH School vacation week and had a blast on well groomed trails! Thanks for all of your hard work!
  15. King snowmobiles

    The issue is getting parts and service .... we know the big 4 are going to be around! Also, resale will be a problem.