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  1. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    DEEEEP Powder on Aziscohos lake Wednesday the day before the big rain.
  2. Hookey

    I'm in. I'll be in Hebron. I'll ride to the starting point or trailer there depending where it is.
  3. Southern Nh Trails

    I'd also like to ride tomorrow. Where are you going to go? What time?
  4. Tuesday dec 20 ride

    Yeah I know the area well. I was just wondering if there was a way through there I didn't know about. It used to be the covered bridge years ago. The river is the obstacle I guess. I hate the tracks early season. I see you like western Maine. Do you ride off trail over there?
  5. Tuesday dec 20 ride

    I'm jealous. So to get from white lake on to 15 did you have to get on the railroad tracks? Or is there another way to connect to 15?
  6. Snow totals?

    Wow! No talk about snow. Anybody get any?
  7. Price added, thanks for catching the oversight. $7900 

  8. COR. 19 UPDATE

    Great news. Thank you
  9. ATV topic

    I don't own atvs but would like to try it. Can you recommend a rental place? We would be coming up Rt 16 thru Conway.
  10. Fat lady not singing

    I agree. We hade 2 great days riding the SOS trails this weekend
  11. Let's do it. I have been wanting to go up there for many years but never could find anyone to go with me. I think it does dead end at the Kank by looking at the map. And Liberty up and back probably too. I'll be up there this weekend. I ride a 155 rmk. What do you have?
  12. Trailer axle replacement

    Thanks for all your input. I called trailer outlet. Good deals there.
  13. I have a 2002 Sledbed (Newmans manufacting) dual axle 4 place trailer. The axles are looking pretty rusty. I want to replace them before winter. Anyone know the best place to buy new ones? I live between Boston and Worcester but will drive to Nh for a better price and no sales tax. They are torsion axles. The front has hydraulic brakes and rear has no brakes. Thanks for any help.
  14. I've never ridden in Middleton or Brookfield but we have ridden from Freedom to Miss Wakefield dinner and Poor people's pub for lunch. Both good food. But that's probably not half way. How about Freedom to Wolfboro then ride lake winni to Alton Bay. We had a good lunch there a few years back right beside the lake watching planes land and take off.