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  1. NHSA registration portal

    Clubs do get an email when somebody signs up on the portal. With our club the Treasurer gets it and then it is forwarded to membership. We have asked about having both receive the notification but that is not possible. The system also has a flaw if a person joins more than one club. Only the primary club gets the email. We have to be proactive and check our balance sheet as to not miss a member.
  2. Online Membership Update

    Right on Point!
  3. One important issue clubs need to remember. The snowslickers have their own insurance policy. If we were still with Allied (NHSA Policy) we would want to make sure that our volunteers who volunteer are NHSA members so that they would have coverage.
  4. What would work is this: 1. Consumer has the option to join or not to join NHSA 2. Number Voucher System (Fish and Game can work with this) 3. Club's set their own dues (avoids price fixing) In my opinion....
  5. Actually I am not surprised. It was only a matter of time because the Letter of Understanding is an illegal document. When a club president signs the general letter of understanding that constitutes a contract between the association and that club. From the contract: Clubs that choose to participate in Online Membership Sales agree to a standard (Single/Family) dues of $35 for the balance of the same year effective from participation start date; Dues include NHSA dues of $10 and club dues of $25. That is a clear violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. RSA 356:2 Restraints Prohibited I. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade is unlawful. II. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy is unlawful which has the purpose of the effect of: (a) Fixing, controlling or maintaining prices, rates, quotation, or fees in any part of trade or commerce; At the moment the general letter of understanding has been pulled from the club portal. You will get an error that says "Could not connect to database". I asked about this at the presidents dinner and the answer I received was "It is working on my copy". I am not opposed to the online program, I do think it will be good. My club the Southern New Hampshire Snow Slickers has chosen not to participate in the program until it becomes legal.
  6. Question of the year

    Interesting question! Over the last six months I have been polling snowmobilers that I run into across the state and have received responses that range from: Who. Never Heard of Them. They groom the trails right? Oh yes they maintain all the snowmobile trails in the State of NH. Others I cannot mention. Going forward educating the snowmobile community will be very important.

    The biggest issue is this: B. To become a member of NHSA and to receive all the benefits, each member of your club shall become a member of NHSA. (This is a sentence in the Letter of Understanding). It is in direct conflict to Major Wimsatt's letter handed out at the annual meeting. Where he says: What changed is that NHSA has developed an on-line membership process that generates a 12 digit voucher number. This number will be accepted as proof of paid membership to a club that is a member of NHSA. You do have the choice to use the approved methods used in the past for the 2016/2017 season, and you are not required to become an individual member of NHSA. This is a conflict that should be resolved.
  8. 13 More Days!

    It looks to me like a new or renewing member does not have the option to not join NHSA.
  9. 13 More Days!

    I have only seen the original copy
  10. 13 More Days!

    The letter of understanding should be rewritten!
  11. Thank You! Been running out of the "county" the last 3 years. Still over at Westward in the summer!
  12. 2013 GSX 1200 - Flying the flag!
  13. boy scouts event in gilmanton february 16

    Just posted it the snowslicker web site to help promote this event!
  14. I think we have a pretty good line-up of vendors! Wish I had a few more NH hotels and motels but after spending most of the summer calling 447 hotels, inns and motels from Manchester north we are light in that category!! As you can imagine there is a huge ski bias plus the economy has really hurt that group! Also I have a few vendors who when you go by their booth common sense should prevail if you know what I mean. There are certain vendors that I cannot legally block. Look me up at the show!! Steve
  15. who got a new sled for the season?!!

    Sled Shop just finished the wrap for my wifes new sled!