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Status Updates posted by smallengineguy

  1. Fired up all the sleds today! Bring it on!!!

  2. Bike week is still cool after all these years!

  3. Looks like the poker run will be on after all!!

  4. Riding not too bad in Milton!

  5. Happy 237th Birthday United States Marine Corps!

  6. Please keep the Aurora victims in your hearts

  7. Happy Easter to all on SledNH!

  8. Every little bit helps! 5" in Milton is better than nothing.

  9. That's funny right there!!

  10. Awesome Rochester parade today!

  11. Thanksgiving is great. Family, food, conversation. Did I mention food?

  12. Son rode the little Citation 250 for almost 2 hours today. he has the mileage jump on me and he's only 8!

  13. Gixxer time, baby!!

  14. Crossing 7 cubs to Boy Scouts tomorrow, go Pack 155!

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    2. smallengineguy
    3. Bilbo


      Hey SEG, I just noticed your Cubs crossed over. My boy crossed over back in February, he's loving Boy Scouts. Already had a winter camp out a month ago, lucked out with warm temps. Pretty active pack down here, I think they are gonna keep my boy busy.

    4. SHOWEM


      I miss being involved in scouts (troop 5 Haverhill) with my oldest one. We went on some great trips He made eagle at 15

  15. Poker run went awesome! Fun had by all!

  16. 4 club poker run the 12th, check out the EVSC poker run thread!

  17. Everything is ready to go for the drags on Northeast Pond Jan 29th!

  18. Radar runs/ice drags are back on in Milton! Jan 29th!

  19. Yup. It's official. Changed the location, got help from NHSA.

  20. Thanks to Legend 600 SDI for all the help organizing the drags in Milton coming in Jan!

  21. Just back from the camp in Maine. Can't wait to snowmobile there!

  22. Loving time at the campground!