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  1. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

    Basically if you go south on Lovell Lake from Wakefield, you'll find the gate closed. No access south from Lovell.
  2. Hello, everyone!

  3. Local riding- good stuff!

    Did almost 50 miles today LOCALLY, on the Milton trail system. It's so cool to be able to ride out of my own yard as opposed to having to trailer north for good riding. Kudos to the grooming team!
  4. Happy New Year !

    Happy New Years to you and yours!
  5. New NHSA site, looks good!

    Maybe E-mail them with your suggestion! That's exactly what they are looking for!
  6. New NHSA site, looks good!

    I got the Sno Traveler E-news E-mail yesterday and checked out the new website. WAY more informative than the old site. I like the volunteers and forms sections too. Whatcha think?
  7. Sno-Traveler articles

    I really like those articles. Thanks for contributing!
  8. Those are cool conversion kits.
  9. Merry Christmas to all of you here on SledNH!
  10. &$%*$$# MICE

    MMM, maybe that would be a good refreshing ride if I sprayed my sled down with that! Like riding a life saver LOL
  11. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    We have a website, and we send out E-mails once in a great while, but we also have a Facebook page, and that seems how most get/give communication for the most part.
  12. Sign for private landowner?

    We have those on our trail system, looks like they've been there awhile though.
  13. Safe to assume we are in our first freeze up.......

    Don't think there's really enough snow anywhere else? Supposed to be near 40 Tuesday...
  14. &$%*$$# MICE

    I bought 20 mouse traps this year, and have caught over 40 mice since September. I reuse them too, just wear gloves.
  15. Sad news...

    Sorry for the loss of your close friend.
  16. lights

    NOW it's the holidays!
  17. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I think that's everywhere. I went to a meeting today, probably 18 people there. I think myself and one other person were the only ones there under 65... only going to get worse.
  18. lights

  19. Snow in the forecast, and I am totaly not ready

    Just put the plow on and tried it today, as it started snowing... Sheesh! Nothing like waiting until the last second! Luckily all was well.
  20. The SnowDog

    Pretty cool machine, but use-specific I feel.
  21. Dear John,

    Why did that happen?
  22. Grass drags- who went?

    Went on Saturday, place was PACKED! Well managed, good parking, AWESOME drags and water cross. Ton of flea market stuff too. Anyone else go? Opinions?
  23. Grass drags- who went?

    You go to the same show? LOL I think the only booth NOT snowmobile related was Chappell Tractor
  24. Grass drags- who went?

    I really don't think they expected such a crowd! Maybe the suggestion of a shuttle for next year is a good idea! We got there at 9 so we weren't far away at all.
  25. Castle in The Clouds Carriage House

    New times, new opportunities