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  1. Final Mileage for the 2017-2018 Riding Snow Season

    540, not bad for southern NH.
  2. Evergreen Valley SMC (Milton) trails

    Well put Keith. Took one last 20 mile ride this past weekend on our trail system. Kudos to the hard work done by all.
  3. RIP

    Voltage regulator caused it on my 550 fan. Got hot, caught it/wiring on fire, lit fuel.
  4. March 13 storm

    12-14 all day here in Milton and still falling
  5. That's it right there. It's Spring in southern NH, so this is going on dirt/mud, then 40's after that. Annoying.
  6. New Doo lineup

    I do like the SHOT system they use. Awesome technology.
  7. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    "The landowner, who lives in Connecticut"...........................................
  8. Snowmobile & Super Bowl

    1991 Formula Plus 580cc. Guy across the street has one... And I want it!
  9. 2018 School Vactions NH-MA

    Can you imaging the mayhem at ski areas if both states were off the same week!!
  10. Love these types of maps--almost all of NH 8-12 inches

    We have about 5-6" here in Milton and now it's sleet/ice pellets...
  11. Model T snowmobile meet this weekend, Feb 2-4 in Milton

    Pretty cool event! There were between 20-30 cars there, some Model T and some Model A. Never thought I'd drift on the ice in a modified Model A touring!
  12. They will be at Milton Town beach this year, giving rides and putting on a good show! Check out the link above!
  13. Snowier weather pattern coming in...let's HOPE.

    I hope we get some... The 5-8 expectation on Sunday went to 1"/rain...
  14. Club memberships & sled registrations

    Happens here more than I like as well! SNOW cures that!!
  15. Reciprocity weekend coming

    Seems to be that way every year, we have a major snowmelt just before that weekend... It ruined my plans last year.
  16. I think $248 is a good "learning tool".
  17. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    We had SO much snow until this weekend, went from 18" to bare spots in 2 days. Now it's going to freeze up harder than woodpecker lips and NO riding is to be done. Sometimes I hate "HER".... You know who I mean.
  18. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    Aaah yes, those beautiful bulbs... Thanks, PC!
  19. Coming soon

    Well written article
  20. Milton Club Ride this Sunday

    There is a current plan to have an informal club ride this Sunday 1/7/18. We will leave from Three Ponds Tavern @9:30 am. Do a system ride and show folks the way around our system and some of the surrounding area as well. We might possibly ride long enough to find a spot to eat lunch or something. The idea is nothing formal just some riding and visiting we'll try to cover most of our system in one manner or another but people are certainly free to just do part of the ride or the whole thing The exact route will depend on conditions and peoples desires. Gary does a great job with Breakfast so show up early and hungry.
  21. So, why aren't people happy?

    BEAUTIFUL conditions! If you're complaining then you shouldn't be riding!
  22. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

    Sorry to confuse; the Lovell Lake trail is closed, and also the trail from the Irving Station west over Rte 16. All other north/south trails are open.
  23. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

    Basically if you go south on Lovell Lake from Wakefield, you'll find the gate closed. No access south from Lovell.
  24. Hello, everyone!