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  1. This year's radar run/sled drag pics!

    Yeah, that seems to be the consensus around NH....
  2. Lets see some pics of the lakes region trails.

    We paid $35000 for it. It has already paid for itself WELL over. We're putting one of those boom style brush cutters to go where the bucket is now, like the highway dept uses to cut brush on the side of the road. It will eliminate a lot of trailside cutting wit hweed wackers, etc.
  3. Lets see some pics of the lakes region trails.

    Here's a pic of the excavator we just bought for the club going over a newly built I-beam bridge. Held up very well during the floods!
  4. Spring Trail Work

    OK, that's cool! Who owns the railbuggy?
  5. Just saying "Hi"

    Stopped in to check out the site. I'm the webmaster and volunteer for Evergreen Valley snowmobile club in Milton. Looking forward to getting some good info as well as posting some of my own!
  6. Just saying "Hi"

    I maintain and update the club,s website (I just added a link to this site on there). We maintain to the south part of Lovell Lake, where you cross to get to the Poor Peoples Pub. We also groom to the top of Moose Mtn, Mt. Jesse, and over to Devil's Den area.
  7. This year's radar run/sled drag pics!

    Yeah, it's usually advertised as the Milton Winter Carnival, so we don't usually get too much advertisement. Also the last couple of years it has been held on the same weekend as the Winni derby, so this year we're going to change it. We put a few posters out last year, but we're going to try to get more word out at a farther distance this time.
  8. This year's radar run/sled drag pics!

    Thank you! The Rupp got voted the best sled by folks who attended the show. Well deserved IMO!!
  9. Wikipedia / Snowmobile

    Interesting link!!