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  1. Checkout NHSA WEBSITE!!!!

    Hi Skip, I am by no means discouraging posting about the latest issues, NHSA included, but sometimes we have 3 new posts in one day about the NHSA. People PM me calling the site SledNHSA because of the stuff. I read every post that's made, but I think one or 2 posts will cover all that's said. Look at the post history and you'll see what I mean. I have no "personal feeling" on the subject. My personal opinion is that posts can be added to, not create new ones every day for the same thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've merged many threads as an Administrator on for years, and people thank me for it.
  2. Checkout NHSA WEBSITE!!!!

    I understand what it IS, but we don't need 5246 NEW posts about it.. Sheesh. Look at posting history on this site... Do we REALLY need a NEW post every time??
  3. Checkout NHSA WEBSITE!!!!

    I hope this all works out! Then MAYBE we'd have some chatter on this site OTHER than NHSA conspiracy again...and again...and again. No offense of course
  4. Memorial Day

    Memorial Day parade in Milton Mills Monday at 10AM, VFW, Legion, etc pay respect to the fallen.
  5. Registration Increase

    I can see Maine from my front window, and will go there from now on.
  6. New Sno-Traveler

    SO????????? I think it's pretty cool that it's on the Mt Washington. Considering the cruise season doesn't even start until May 14th!
  7. Skimming....Put on your real BIG BOY PANTS!

    I'd hate to hit one of those "just under" rocks!
  8. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I guess it's just a losing battle. How do we prevent it? We need to sign all the trails. We need to enforce the rules. I get it believe me. It doesn't really happen around here, other areas may have a bigger problem. I guess the part that gets to me is how people say these folks use the snowmobile trails during the winter and don't contribute.
  9. Fat Bikes in the news!

    The "conspiracy" I spoke of is that yet again, the NHSA has to be brought into every thread on this site. Gets old. Only one or two do it, but you know who you are. I understand that if there are rules against the bikes, then they need to be enforced. But as far as contribution goes, we'd better be getting money from EVERYONE.
  10. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Well, the conspiracy theorists have ruined yet another post... I saw at the drags that the NHSA had just hired Snowdon in their trailer to hack our phones and sell the stuff to Russia!! Fat bikes do NOTHING to harm, as stated, "OUR TRAILS"! They're not ours. People need to relax.
  11. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I don't think BICYCLES tear up the trails too much for the extent they are used on them! Unless the trails are posted against use, people can go on them! I know I don't put a fence across my property once the snow is gone, mainly because I don't mind outdoor recreation. If it's a dirtbike, ATV (motorized) then I'd care.
  12. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I should probably put out a sign on our trail system: NO fatbikes, or snowshoers, or dog sledders, or hikers, or dog walkers on OUR trails!!! How DARE they use snowmobile trails for multi use activities?!?!?! Sheesh. If you're categorizing bicycles with motorized vehicles, this sport is F**ked.
  13. Wow... That's an incredible read. Horrible what can happen when conditions are just right for tragedy.