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  1. Bravo 250 fitting help

    Buy some small brass tube and drill that plastic piece to press fit the tube into!
  2. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I guess success comes with problems! GOOD problems to have! Ready to go next year already!
  3. Some offseason upgrades

    Those shocks look pretty cool!!
  4. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Not too late to petition!
  5. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I went yesterday, got there at around 930, it got busy really fast. GREAT show on the water, RaveX as usual was a crowd hit, although for the third year in a row, their PA system sucked, cutting out, etc. Really glad I went and that it was so busy this year. Snowmobiling certainly isn't dead in NH!
  6. * official old pic thread*

    Good pics!! From the olden days: 2009 Rochester Xmas parade
  7. So lets keep this forum positive...

    I agree with all of you. Frankly, you all know as I've made my voice heard. I've gone on to greener pastures since this site became SledNHSA by a few here. There is WAAAY more to snowmobiling than turning every topic into an NHSA post. There are really a LOT of great people here, and I look forward to another good snowmobile season I hope.
  8. New Sno-Traveler format

    It's ok... We could have a free newspaper, free memberships, no cost at all from the NHSA, and they would build all our trails for free and buy us all new groomers, and the NHSA would still be at fault. It's too bad a select few have ruined SledNH. AS I've said before, look haw many threads over the past 2 years were started just to bash someone, or some group. I've had enough. If you couldn't bitch about the NHSA, would you even post????
  9. New Sno-Traveler format

    I really like the magazine style format!
  10. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    RIP and Godspeed...
  11. Final Mileage for the 2017-2018 Riding Snow Season

    540, not bad for southern NH.
  12. Evergreen Valley SMC (Milton) trails

    Well put Keith. Took one last 20 mile ride this past weekend on our trail system. Kudos to the hard work done by all.
  13. RIP

    Voltage regulator caused it on my 550 fan. Got hot, caught it/wiring on fire, lit fuel.
  14. March 13 storm

    12-14 all day here in Milton and still falling
  15. That's it right there. It's Spring in southern NH, so this is going on dirt/mud, then 40's after that. Annoying.