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  1. Parade of Lights

    OK that is AWESOME!!
  2. I'm back

    I remember you too! Where ya been?
  3. I understand Capitalism, but...

    I've stayed at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield many times! Beautiful place!
  4. Chris Egan injured in sled chase in Pittsburg

    Too bad, hope for a full recovery.
  5. Registered 5 in December. Got free club membership for helping out
  6. Snow Traveler

    I got just one.
  7. Snow Traveller

    It has really come a long way, like a national magazine format now. Like all the articles as well.
  8. Not enough snow?

    Interesting read! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Trail signage issues

    I think a statewide standard is a great idea!
  10. Trail signage issues

    Went on a great ride today on the west side of the state. Thank God I had the NHSA Trail App. MANY trails were poorly marked, or not marked at all. The App was super stable and got me back to where I needed to be. Many signs did not annotate fuel which was close by, etc. or some intersections had no signage at all. And I appreciate having a trail named (ie, John Smith trail), but PLEASE tell me on the sign WHERE that trail goes! Coming to an intersection on an unfamiliar system and seeing Smith trail to the left and Jones trail to the right can be an issue.
  11. Awesome ride today!

    Left from Meredith, took Corr 8 to Plymouth, shot over Corr 5 to Lyme and the VT border, south to Dorchester, Corr 24 back toward Groton/Hebron. Found Corr 11 back to Corr 8 and Plymoputh, ate lunch/fueled up and cruised back to Meredith. Most trails were OUTSTANDING. Did over 100 miles. NHSA Map App worked great! Great day overall, I've never ridden that side before, will definitely do it again!
  12. Merry Christmas!

    AND Happy New Year to all of you as well!
  13. Changing color of a plastic part, Wrap?

    Or Plasti-Dip works very well.
  14. Snow report?

    Almost a foot in Milton, sure to melt by the weekend with the 40+ temps and rain...
  15. How much air is in your spare?

    Or for that matter tried to lower the spare on their pickup? I have a chevy full size and have never had a reason to let the spare down, which is stored under the rear of the bed. Went to try it a few weeks ago and had to CUT the cable holding it. Glad I never got a flat!