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  1. Husqvarna snowmobile engine somovex

    I sent you a message-thanks
  2. I sent you a message

  3. Husqvarna snowmobile engine somovex

    I'd be interested in that............can you send me pictures & your location please? thanks
  4. Need input

    the skiboose could be worth picking up
  5. Baker River Area. Listen up

    the airport is behind King's mill, by Shawnee's store. It's a small private strip, but still an airport runway & is off limits for riding.
  6. free 06 crossfire seat

    pm sent
  7. Baker River Valley

    We are only open weekends, but if there's anyone at the clubhouse when you park you can get one there, We also carry them in the tucker so if you see it out working the trails ask the operator for one. Or you can have one mailed to you. The stores listed above carry our maps. Thanks for the comments on the trails-I always pass along to the grooming team that their efforts are much appreciated! if you sign on to our website you'll receive e-newsletters to keep you up to date as much as we can on conditions & happenings in the club. We also have a facebook page with the same info.
  8. Plymouth/Rumney area parking

    there is no parking at the rest area-DOT is partially plowing it for their own use-they have road projects in the area. There is plenty of parking at all the other spots mentioned. The Baker River club has 2 lots-1 at the clubhouse, and 1 just before it on the right.

    sorry-thought I had included the sled picture in the post here it is:
  10. POSTING FOR A FRIEND-WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU PASSED THIS AROUND..........Looking to see if anyone knows anything. I had my 2008 12' Gray enclosed clamshell trailer stolen this past weekend in Kingston, NH. It says Blizzard on the trailer portion, and the cap is lightly beat up on the back side. I have lots of identifying marks if you suspect someone does not own it. Also inside was my 2002 ZL 600EFI -Black with Green Belly Pan- trunk flap had a hole in it from mouse, and 2012 Arctic Cat xf800 white with orange seat- 18 miles on odometer. Thanks John 603-235-9111
  11. thanks again Armand-was a great day-and thanks to you & Roxanne for your hospitality as well! ev&vic
  12. thanks for helping out Armand-it will be nice to ride in the pack for a change & enjoy some other scenery! Heard back from some of the usual suspects who will be coming-see you sunday!
  13. Baker River Valley

    trail will be open tomorrow-more info here
  14. Baker River Valley

    we are working on a solution to open corridor 8 between the clubhouse & the green camp for the weekend. Your cooperation is needed-please-DO NOT RIDE this trail until saturday am when everything is in place! We are working very hard to get this done so that ALL may enjoy another weekend of riding here at BRVSC. Right now it is signed closed & is ribboned off, but still people are going through! The ground is bare between the clubhouse & the Thayer Bridge through PRIVATE land and that landowner has closed it off -please respect their decision and go around Cheever to primary 153 to get to Corridor 5-THANK YOU!