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  1. Skip has lost his mate!

    Skip .... so sad for your loss .. may she RIP .. she looks way too young :-(
  2. RIP

    When I see pictures of sleds burning I always wonder if it was because of mice nests. Saw a post on FB from a person that bought a brand new sled from 3A Motors in Chelmsford that ended up having a mice nest in it with chewed wires. I had a good size nest in mine this Winter when I checked it before riding. This off season it is going into one of those plastic bubbles they store cars in. I have 3 Harleys stored that way. Cheap way to keep them out. Rob .....
  3. Hookey

    Holy Crap .... Glad you and your Wife are OK ... I bet the other person was texting .... Rob .....
  4. For you NHSledding Refugees

    well my sledding season was taking the sled from my shed to my garage to get ready. Then is was over that fast ... Broke my left lower leg ( fibula ) in 2 places and my ankle in 2 places plus torn ligaments. Surgery was on March 1st and now on crutches for 3 months and another 3 months with limited pressure on it. Rob .....
  5. For you NHSledding Refugees

    I am stll using Paint Shop Pro editting pictures ... that group picture was from the BIG Rob Ride out of Gus’s house. I think we left around 9am and got back around 7:30pm or so. Gus was in the dog house because his son was suppose to be back long before that ... LOL ... I beleieve we did 184 miles that day. I will try to remember to post a bunch of pictures from that ride. I think we should get a ride together this Season Rob ...
  6. Drone video back in March 2017

    Well Paul updated his website and included my video. I feel honored.
  7. Drone video back in March 2017

    No ... that is why i posted .. I want constructive criticism because that is the only way i will learn. Ya that is what I figured ...but it is so hard trying to keep it to 2 to 3 min ... LOL ... Also I think they say it is best to try to do 10 to 20 second clips and fade to next one. I will have to write down the crop photo idea .. did not know that. Thanks .... Rob ....
  8. Drone video back in March 2017

    thanks ..... my first time flying not being in beginner mode .... plus my first flights longer than 100 feet from me. It was hairy at first having it so far away. I just wish I had the charger cord because I would have loved to take it to Back Lake and chase the sleds racing on the lake. Or even sit along the trail chasing any sled that went by. Cant wait for next Winter ... Rob ...
  9. OK ... so last March 2017 I bought a Mavic drone and took it up with me to Pittsburg, NH to film some video. Just for the fun of it. Was hoping to carry it in the backpack case but unfortunatley I forgot the charger cable for the controller but did get some AWESOME video ( about an hours worth ). Paul saw the raw footage and asked if I could do a video for his website. Mind you this is not what I had in mind at all when I brought it. My plan was to carry it while sledding and catch neat footage of people riding along the trail. I finally had the time to truly fully edit the video. IMHO ... it came out pretty kewl and can not wait to go back up again and get some really, really mind blowing video. Let me know what you all think. BTW ... Ramblewood (Paul) is going to use it for advertising on his Ramblewood website ;-) I can't wait until next Winter now .... LOL ...
  10. Sugar Hill, NH

    Beautiful up there Rob ...
  11. Nice ! Love it up there ! Rob ...
  12. Starting a go fundme for this...

    That is insane !
  13. Damm ... always late to the party .... Wife and I are prime Amazon members. Shop all the time on it ... will use your link Rob ....
  14. Haaa ... haaaa .... no but alot of pine trees that would love to eat a drone. Now no laughing at my video .... it is my first time. Decided to try it from my driveway. Well ... I am hooked ! It was a frigging BLAST !
  15. Well I got a bonus at work a few weeks ago and my Wife said to use the money to go rent a place up North for sledding. So I tell her I would rather spend it on a drone. Was thinking of a RC truck type toy to play in the yard with but still had in my mind a drone. This was because of seeing all the videos posted here on SledNH plus Nigel's Facebook page My Drone Friends. My Wife said she said to do what ever I wanted with it ... so I bought a drone and as usual I jump in with both feet. I thought it would just be unpack it and go out and play .... well IMHO to this old fart .... it is more complicated than I thought. I probably should have gotten a more cheaper one that might have been that way. But nooooooo .... Skully goes and gets a DJI Mavic Pro ... LOL .... After unboxing it and reading online and watch more YouTube videos about first time use I am still over whelmed :-( I did manage to get all the firmware updated and even bought a mount to use my full size Ipad with it. Registered with the FAA and set the contoller to beginner mode which limits it to a 100 foot height and radius from the controller. Going to try my first time flight this afternoon if it aint to windy. Rob ...