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  1. If conditions are good...

    Nice write up. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to this weekend after fridays storm
  2. Condition updates

    Thanks for the update ! Bow received roughly 5" in the woods and while the trails are covered they are thin. I tried to head out Concord way via Corr 11 and stopped before I hit Mast Yard as it was too thin to keep going if I wanted to keep my carbides.
  3. Condition updates

    Anyone have condition updates from twin mtn on up? NOHRSC page shows plenty !
  4. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Lowe's Gas station on Rte 2 in Randolph. It used to be a gas station but still has a small country store. Its on the map as a Snowmobile Parking area.
  5. Folks, Rode 117 miles from Lowe's to Errol, had lunch at the Subway and LL Cotes and came back yesterday. Trails were great. A couple of muddy spots where there is logging etc otherwise quite nice. Get your riding in while you can. Route taken was Lowe's to 11N to PT 109 to 117E up 19N to Errol and back.
  6. Today was a good day...

    Snorander, Goffstown? really? your right around the corner from me... I live in Bow right off Corr 11. Near Turkey pond. Holler when riding by.. oh and as far as the pictures go... thats awesome... My Kids have been riding since 6-7 years old... on old Arctic Cat Lynx's and Jaguars ( 70's vintage 340's) I just bought my grandson a 1974 Arctic Cat Kitty Kat to learn on.
  7. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

  8. I rode the CNHSC trails last year and they did a wonderful job, this year they are on top of their game. Fantastic trails that were groomed quite nicely. Rode there last weekend and this weekend. Also met Airtime on the trails there yesterday.
  9. Careful on Corr 11

    Went out riding last nite after work... several trails were closed. My connector from Bow to Corr 6 is closed (trail 372?) the route to Contoocook center is closed, and while following Corr 11 towards the Rail Trail we found rather abruptly that the swamp has been opened up to water by the groomer. We found several water bars on the trails but this was by far the worst maybe 30-40 feet of open water and ice chunks. Hoping it will re-freeze soon.
  10. We lost a fellow sledder ....

    Very sad day indeed. The sled pictured is one I bought off of him years ago. 14,000 miles on her and still running strong. RIP my brother.
  11. Saluda, Just don't, money disappears too quickly. LOL. Once you try FPV... its all over.
  12. Actually I love it... the damn thing is still too fast for me though. Only running it on 3S power and I can go up to 4S. I also have to get better in Acro mode... still playing it safe in Angle mode.
  13. Guess I have to chime in on this thread. Have a Vortex 285 race set up and two TBRC's. A 60 and just finished building a reflex 38 which I have to maiden soon.
  14. Christmas lights

    How did I miss this much fun ???
  15. Pics from sdr yesterday

    Lookin good Denny..