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  1. Special Meeting

    I feel the new bylaws cede all power to the board by the rules of business. While there is a 60 day notification necessary to change the rules of business, there is no compulsory notification to the clubs or members. Timed correctly, the rules of business can be changed without anyone but the board knowing.
  2. Online Membership Update

    I’m guessing the restructure of the bylaws will be interesting
  3. NHSA ANNOUNCEMENT The snow is definitely enhancing winter for all of us but the extremely cold weather is challenging many of you to accomplish the finishing touches on the trail system. We applaud all of your efforts in the daily maintenance and repairs that you provide to this amazing trail system that NH has to offer the snowmobile enthusiasts. I am reaching out to presidents of member clubs with an update on the recent events at the Association. Included in this correspondence is a document that is an agreement between the NH Attorney General’s Office and NHSA referred to as “Assurance of Discontinuance.” Dating back in September and November of 2016, the State received complaints against NHSA particularly relating to the operation of the Association’s online membership program as “allegedly violating state antitrust laws and state consumer protection laws.” These complaints enacted an investigation from the state with the subject matter particularly focused on “alleged price fixing conduct, and related unfair method of competition and unfair or deceptive practices.” Even though the Association was not presented the actual complaints, the Executive Board and Board of Directors voted and approved to hire council and meet with the Attorney General’s Departments of Charitable Trusts and Antitrust Divisions to discuss, research, negotiate and develop a plan for the betterment of the Association and its consumers. On behalf of myself and the entire board of NHSA, we are excited to announce that negotiations with the NH Attorney General’s office have been completed. In this process, we have furthered a positive working relationship with the Attorney General’s office to better the future business endeavors of the Association. In order to resolve allegations, the Executive Board and the Attorney General’s office met one final meeting on January 2, 2018 to draft an amicable agreement for the future business of the Association as a whole. With this in mind, this agreement opens many new doors for the Association and its member clubs. A Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, Executive Board and Past Presidents took place on January 8, 2018 for the sole purpose to present the Attorney General’s “Assurance of Discontinuance.” The document was reviewed, discussed and voted on with a supportive unanimous vote of approval. Effective immediately, member clubs that choose to utilize the NHSA online membership program have access to the Association’s “Online Membership User Agreement” being distributed in this correspondence, available on the Association’s website and if requested via mailings. This “User Agreement” is critical for the Association’s membership program to be accessible to participating clubs as it will provide contractual information such as clubs fees, contact information, and permission for the association to collect dues on behalf of the club including donations. Once the Association receives a completed “User Agreement,” the online membership program will be reinstated for the club’s members to access directly online. Additionally, in the very near future, the Association will address the remaining stipulations set forth in the agreement through methods such as enhancing the current business plan, expanding the current standards of operating procedures, and proposing a restructure of the bylaws. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email at nhsapresident@gmail.com Beth Horvath-Palmer, NHSA President Download Assurance of Discontinuance Download NHSA Online Membership User Agreement
  4. Maybe try this link instead https://www.gofundme.com/rockingham-recreation-trail-tunnel
  5. Checkout NHSA WEBSITE!!!!

  6. New NHSA Executive Director

    Here you go- The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association 614 Laconia Rd, Tilton, NH 03276 (603) 273-0220 May 25, 2017 TILTON, NH - The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association is pleased to announce Dan Gould as Executive Director. Hewill be responsible for executive leadership, communications, representation and administration. He will officially start July 1, 2017. Mr. Gould, who will be relocating to New Hampshire, was the multimedia and audience engagement editor at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and telegram.com. His stories and award-winning photographs have been published worldwide. He served as president of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts from 2003-2017, implementing a multitude of programs, forward-looking policies and key technologies within the organization. He has also held leadership positions in regional, national and international snowmobile organizations, and served on civic boards. As managing editor of On The Trails With SAM, he directed the transition from newsprint to a magazine format. He has been webmaster of sledmass.com and social media editor for 10-years, taking an active role in developing features that engage and serve the snowmobile community. “We are thrilled to have Dan on our team,” said NHSA President Beth Horvath-Palmer. “His wide range of skills and leadership experience will be a valuable asset as NHSA strategizes for the future.”
  7. Trip report of the "FU2" Any updates?

    I asked each of the my clubs attending members what was discussed. Their answer was "absolutely nothing". No current events were mentioned including the hunt for a new executive director. There was a speech about the way the Vice President would be appointed once the meeting was over. Bol
  8. New Sno-Traveler

    Better bring some benjamins if you want answers!
  9. I saw that as well, but I cannot find any "official" news release from fish and game.
  10. Super Bowl 51

    went to bed at the beginnng of the 4th quarter. Sorry I missed it.
  11. How much snow fell where you live

    3" of heavy wet stuff then misty rain. Not expecting it to last long. Would have been great to pack down as a base if it wasn't going to melt next week
  12. That seems like a long time!
  13. Sort of like your own pocket thermonuclear device? How much run time did you get in cold temps?
  14. Stupid question- is it something you put into your gloves? Maybe I should just google it.