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  1. Mount Shaw visit

    Took a quick run up to the top of Mount Shaw from Canoe King yesterday morning…always love that view. Trail gas just been groomed by Josh at BOT. Came down and took 19 up to North Conway. Railbed is fading fast with many rails and switches poking through despite the storm. Still nice to get out and put on some decent miles as we approach mid March, given the last few seasons in this area!
  2. For the second weekend in a row, the NHSA portal went off line for a number of hours. This prevented our club from processing memberships and resulted in a number of angry customers. The Fish and Game registration site remained stable. According to the NHSA director Dan Gould, it was the result of the NHSA server being “overwhelmed”. we were assured this would not be an issue. Did any other clubs/agents experience these same issues Saturday and last week? It will be a concern brought to our Carroll County NHSA team tomorrow. thanks all…just looking to see if this was localized or a state wide issue… Skip
  3. Hanging it up

    Interesting. I recently retired and going the other direction as I bought my dream sled last season and a new trailer. Going to spend most of my time riding in Maine now and have 3 vacation blocks reserved up there from February through late season. I’ll still ride in NH when/if conditions allow but I’m finding that Maine just has much more bang for the buck…Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!
  4. Enclosed trailer reviews

    That’s where I grabbed my Nitro…excellent price and service!
  5. Enclosed trailer reviews

    Nitro Trailers built over in Maine are also of the highest quality, and most models use pressure treated plywood for decking instead of the usual cheaper particle board. Extremely happy with my hybrid Nitro!
  6. Congratulations and well deserved!!!
  7. And so it begins...

    Let me know I’d be honored to ride with you!
  8. And so it begins...

    Nice! My new ride after 12 years…was blown away on my first ride out on the OVSC the other day!
  9. Riding reports…

    Nice seeing you posting here Larry…long time/no see…are you going to be at Easter Seals? Ill be up to ride it Thursday thru Sunday out of T & C. Skip
  10. NHSA trail app

    I have the NHSA and the BRP map apps…both are great. Tip of the helmet to Terry Callum at NHSA who oversees the NHSA map app, he was very responsive to corrections and updates last season and keeps the NHSA app as current as humanly possible!
  11. Admins

    We should be all set after Biden meets with Putin this morning and puts Putin in his place, I expect Russian interference to end by supper time! LMAO…..
  12. Registered two in NH in November and joined two NH clubs. Will be registering both in Maine as well when the snow flies and still deciding which southern Maine club to join. Quite frankly if you can’t support the meager registration fees and join/support the clubs where you ride, you need to find a different sport....IMHO
  13. Scrub Oak Scramblers trail info

    The trail at C19 is Junction F and going easy towards the Marina is the Silver Lakes Trail....
  14. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    Wow Armand...south of the notches the rumor was you went into Quebec and then they wouldn’t let you back in-country. Glad to see it is fake news!
  15. On a Saturday you are talking an all day trip especially if you plan to eat while up in Gorham. Saturday’s see extremely heavy use of C19, and while going up in the morning may be pleasant if groomed the night before, plan on a longer and bumpier ride home anytime after noon. It’s doable, what I consider an easy to moderate ride, and quite fun with fantastic views especially up in the notch!
  16. Grass Drags Cancellation Announcement
  17. Does the early and heavy snow cover in Canada convey to a snowy season for us in the northeast??? Early Snow Cover in Canada
  18. A little off the subject, but are there any sleds for sale on-line that haven’t “only been ridden in Pittsburg (or northern Maine)? Still in the market for a late model/low mileage Renegade.....600 etec preferably.
  19. # of properties to buy in NH compared to ME

    You’ve made your point. Ad nauseum. You’re going to Maine. Send us a digital postcard when you settle in (we don’t need to read six threads and twenty posts from you bitching about the price of stamps)...
  20. So, been a couple of years without a sled. New prices are insane but starting poke around for a decent used 600 ETEC. Partial to the Renegade but a nice GSX as well. Let me know if you see any great private or dealer offers out there.....thanks!
  21. Freedom to Evens Notch

    Polly’s Crossing would add about 20+ miles each way from the route you took.....I believe you must have parked down at Ossipee Lake Marina from your description
  22. Freedom to Evens Notch

    That is an extremely rewarding ride with majestic views at the top. Been a couple of years for me but would take 19 north from West Ossipee from either my camp or the Canoe King lot. Now that I’m back up here winter camping again, pretty sure I’ll pick up a sled in the off season and be making that run again next season!
  23. You do know that there are folks on here that aren't going to realize you are being sarcastic. Oops....guess I was tool late!
  24. Great time at the Scrub Oak Scramblers winter carnival yesterday at the old air strip in Freedom. These are a few photos from the drone portfolio I took.....
  25. Again, that's for the investigating officers to deduce and the court system to decide, if so challenged.