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  1. Coming soon

    I heard a rumor that tha Association has Chinese hackers on retention...maybe George’s form has been compromised??????
  2. Coming soon

    Agreed, I deal directly with the my club as well. I think that while the online portal serves a purpose, I would want my Club to encourage contact and club membership directly instead of through a third party. Very important for clubs operating on the margin....
  3. Coming soon

    That coupled with some comments made by at least one County director on-line shows, that early on, it looks like the message from the AG isn't getting heard appropriately. I have no problem filing a complaint if it continues....and letting anyone know (if they insists) who it is. Let's just hope that after those that have had their peckers stepped on recover from the pain, common sense prevails and they don't bring on yet more legal troubles for the Association!
  4. Coming soon

    Agreed. Jeff along with Larry, Winnocturn and several others have called this debacle correctly for a number of years, and been subject to much scorn here and elsewhere. In the end they were right, and both had offered constructive criticism and suggestions to fix this way before it spun so far out of control. Hat’s off to you guys...I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at one or two past president’s houses when the AG ruling was issued. I hope the pucker factor lingers,
  5. Online Membership Update

    I’m going to look at my copy over the weekend and offer some ideas. However, the influence of the past presidents need to be severely curtailed. Much of the legal issues and bad choices that got the Association to this point can be squarely blamed on them. Also, there needs to be a mechanism to turn the board over on a regular basis, and impediments put in place to prevent a new slate of executive officers need to be removed: Additionally the routine practice of the backroom meetings of the so called “executive board” need to be stopped, especially when these meetings result in financial decisions not decided on or ever brought to the full board. some more to come...but these things always stuck in my craw!
  6. Online Membership Update

    Well said. And let me add one more point. Even though it is sacred territory. It is well past time the Association at the Tilton level scale WAY back on the office time and effort spent on Easter Seals. Easter Seals would be better served by working with a county, or perhaps a group of clubs. But I was mortified at my time spent in Tilton representing a non-profit organization that was spending a significant portion of its time that should be devoted to its own mission (assisting and promoting sledding in NH) instead using all of its limited resources raising money for another non-profit. In my time in Tilton there was meeting after meeting where no actual time was devoted to sledding issues, but entire meetings were devoted to Easter Seals, the Grass Drags or both. I understand the fascination with the Grass Drags, especially by certain past presidents and several board members that profited handsomely from their ties to the Drags. But in my humble opinion when a non-profit loses focus on its mission by concentrating too much effort on fund raising for another non-profit, something needs to change.
  7. Online Membership Update

    When an association (or any business) can force its customers to belong, and then force the price, their is no incentive for that organization to market itself to its customer base. Those of us that have insisted for years that the forced membership and dues were illegal and led to an organization that no longer marketed itself to its membership have been vindicated. Now the Board needs to accept the AG's findings and reinvent itself so that folks what to join, and know what the benefits of joining are. Otherwise, the NHSA will see a significant drop in membership and along with it member dues. I think it is well past time for some of the LONG time sitting board members to step aside and let new blood in. I also think that a rewrite of the bylaws that significantly reduces the influence of the past presidents is very long overdue. Finally, a rethink must be done on how the annual meetings are conducted so members believe that attending actually has an influence on the direction the Association is taking. Truly the AG's decision is a significant win for the snowmobiler in NH. Now we need to see if the new administration and the present board actually take this information to heart and invoke long overdue changes that many have fought for over the past decade!
  8. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Look at your trailer side harness wiring. You’ll find that the ground wire is screwed into the frame somewhere within a few feet of the trailer tongue. Because you have a wishbone trailer, and one side of your trailer lights work while the other side is bavkfeeding further convinces me that frame corrosion has interrupted the ground path. Somewhere near the tongue of your trailer run a ground wire from that part of the frame back to the frame near your bac light assembly. Tack (screw) both ends of this wire into the frame and I’ll but you a beer if this doesn’t fix the poroblem!
  9. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    You definitely have a ground issue. The symptom above shows that. The right side lights may be solidly grounded to your frame, but there probably is a problem between that portion of the frame and up near the tongue where you have the plug grounded to the front of the frame. Its a hassle, but when I rewire a trailer I never ground to the frame, especially with clamshells, but actually run a ground wire all the way back to the rear lights, and always make sure I place a ground strap on the shell to the frame. On a side-note, a lot of light issues on the clamshell itself is due to the fact that many manufacturers don't run a separate ground wire or strap between the clamshell and the frame below. One way to isolate the issue would be to run a temporary ground wire from the front of your frame where the plug now grounds to right near the rear of the frame where your left tail light is grounded. Is this a wishbone frame?. Lots of times corrosion will form between the sections of that type of frame interfering with a good ground path from the tongue area to the rear of the trailer.
  10. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    You are absolutely correct. Its one thing to read an RSA or Rule, quite something else to interpret it properly. And yes....there's a lot more to that story....but this is "SLED NH"....not "ATV NH"....and we'll leave it at that!
  11. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    Agreed. Like most clubs we routinely use not only ATVs to access the trail for repairs, but also backhoes, dumptrucks, pickup trucks and I think even a golf cart on one occasion. Even on trails marked “no wheeled vehicles”. Even on occasion with a trails bureau or F&G officer present. Never received a ticket (or warning) yet. Anyone else out there ever got in trouble for utilizing the necessary vehicles that are required to keep your trails open????
  12. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    My first exposure to the OVSC was many years ago as a complete newbie showing up to a work party and not knowing anyone. As much as a loudmouth extrovert that I am, I was scared to death that first trip! But I soon made many friends, some I hope are life long! Not to repeat Viper, check the website or FB request closely and don’t be afraid to call ahead. Any decent club will usually provide you some tools, safety gear and if a really great club, a meal (or a beer) after work is done. However, I always bring a small cooler with water and/or soft drink and some snacks to carry me throughout the day. I’ll never forget my first work party, and the friendships that evolved from that day. Do your’s soon, someone as interested in the sport as you will only regret that you didn’t do it sooner!
  13. OVSC Workparty

    Went out today with George and Russell to string up 300’ of snow fence at the Silver Lake RR on Corridor 19 in Madison. After we went up in Tamworth to brush out 1/2 mile of the Fowler’s Mill trail. Still much more to do before snow flies, especially with several large washouts that need repair!
  14. Once again the annual OVSC thanksgiving weekend swap meet and vintage show is just around the corner. This year promises to be as exciting and fun filled as ever, so make sure to stop by,
  15. Winter is just around the conner?

    For every cold winter weather prediction, someone else has the flip side. Recent warmer seasonal prediction from NOAA: Climate Prediction Center - Seasonal Outlook.url