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  1. So, been a couple of years without a sled. New prices are insane but starting poke around for a decent used 600 ETEC. Partial to the Renegade but a nice GSX as well. Let me know if you see any great private or dealer offers out there.....thanks!
  2. Freedom to Evens Notch

    Polly’s Crossing would add about 20+ miles each way from the route you took.....I believe you must have parked down at Ossipee Lake Marina from your description
  3. Freedom to Evens Notch

    That is an extremely rewarding ride with majestic views at the top. Been a couple of years for me but would take 19 north from West Ossipee from either my camp or the Canoe King lot. Now that I’m back up here winter camping again, pretty sure I’ll pick up a sled in the off season and be making that run again next season!
  4. You do know that there are folks on here that aren't going to realize you are being sarcastic. Oops....guess I was tool late!
  5. Great time at the Scrub Oak Scramblers winter carnival yesterday at the old air strip in Freedom. These are a few photos from the drone portfolio I took.....
  6. Again, that's for the investigating officers to deduce and the court system to decide, if so challenged.
  7. They can. But it doesn’t matter as responding officers evaluate each response on an individual basis and use their discretion to level punishment, if any at all.
  8. Actually they were on an unplowed road a 1/2 mile from the authorized corridor trail system. The conservation officer speculated that the road may have been a groomed trail in the past. According to the article it is believed they erroneously followed their GPS to get where they shouldn't have been.
  9. The boys in Green....the AAA of the backwoods!
  10. User help

    Isn't John Rowe (ADMIN) a tool?
  11. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    That's it. That's my new excuse for my temporary hiatus. Can't go 80 on the trails. Of course there's hundreds of bodies of water where I can stretch it out legally, and safely, if I need to scratch that itch. But no 80 on the trails? Damn, I'm going to Maine! LOL.......
  12. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    ^^^^^^WELL SAID RENEGADE08^^^^^^
  13. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    Well said 'Vipe....couldn't agree more!
  14. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Thanks Dennis...and thanks for taking my phone call the other day with the myriad of questions I had. Enjoyed the chat!
  15. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Well said. But what’s interesting is what I’m reading on social media, especially from folks up north. There seems to be a fairly significant group that would like to see it go away. Most reasons I see is that it attracts to many people to a very small area up north resulting in trashed trails. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, however it seems like a no brainer that it has a detrimental effect on businesses that banked on the extra traffic....feel real bad for them given the narrow winter window of opportunity they work with. Armand, what are you hearing up there?