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  1. Attn Attn Attn

    I heard a rumor that to reduce costs for the website, John tried converting to LED bulbs. Apparently they don't break as easy.........
  2. Snowy winter on tap?

    Snowy day this morning on Ossipee Lake and over at the Canoe King (OVSC HQ) in Tamworth...
  3. 2000 Trail Roamer

    That's cool!
  4. NHSA having legal issues again.

    Any more info on this Jeff?
  5. Well said Jeff. Unfortunately the big government solution is always to throw more money at the problem, rather than solve the problem. I would better understand a rate increase if I was convinced that all other options on the table had been exhausted, and a comprehensive impartial study had been undertaken. But a select group of people meeting in a back room with little to no public/membership input does not constitute, in my opinion, an all options discussion. And the tired (and completely irrelevant) argument that people pay more to ski does not seem to me the comprehensive study that needs to be taken. In the end they'll have their way. Rates will go up substantially. Less riders (particularly families with multiple older sleds, the back bone of clubs such as the OVSC) will register and the membership death spiral will grow exponentially.......
  6. Does the early and heavy snow cover in Canada convey to a snowy season for us in the northeast??? Early Snow Cover in Canada
  7. What a nice memory. But that was Dave. Reminds me of the time I was riding about a half mile from his house. I came across a rather "portly" gentleman that was riding an old unregistered Polaris. Sled had died, he was local and only out for a "short" ride, so he had no tools and wasn't properly dressed. I got him on the back of my sled and brought him up to Dave's. Dave then made arrangements to get the broken sled back to the owner's house and let the gentleman warm up in his home before Dave took him home. I bet that fiasco took the better part of a Saturday afternoon as well. He will be sorely missed.....
  8. 600 ETEC Mileage Recommendations

    Awesome....thanks All!
  9. OK, I'm seriously looking into a sled for this winter. Haven't ridden for two years since I sold by 2010 etec 600 Renegade (big mistake). No way am I paying the current price for a new replacement. But I love the 600 etec motor. Looking for some expert opinions as to the mileage limitation I should be looking at where I might seek a discount as the etec might be approaching a top end rebuild. I've heard everywhere from 5k up to 8 or 9K. Don't want to by a sled only to have to rebuild the top end in a season or two. Thoughts and any links to a great deal on a 2012 or greater used etec, preferably a Renegade, would be much appreciated! Skip
  10. A tremendous loss not only to our club, but to all the other civic and volunteer associations he was involved with. And no one knew or appreciated our landowners as Dave did. Dave was the patriarch of a fine family that together have given much more to their community than taken. God bless to Betty and all the kids...
  11. Attached is a link that will bring you to a twenty minute report presentation. I would encourage all to watch, listen and then express their ideas and/or concerns with their club president and county director: NHSA Report Presentatiom
  12. At our recent monthly OVSC meeting our club president broached the subject of a possible substantial increase in sled registrations fees along with major changes to the winter and summer grant programs. While it was stressed that the ideas in a recent report released to the NHSA are not carved in stone, there seems to be a belief (by some) in Tilton that major changes are needed to the structure of the sport in order for it to survive with the ever decreasing number of folks registering in our State. The numbers thrown about for sled registration were somewhere well north of $100 per sled, even after the club discount. I haven't seen the report to offer a constructive opinion of it. However, I do know that if faced with a sled registration of well over $100, I would probably abandon NH all together and sled in Maine. Living near the Maine border both at home and at camp, it is a luxury I can afford. Have any of you here seen/read the report? Can you offer more details, especially in regards to actual suggested (new) sled registration amounts? And what about the suggested changes to grant in aid, especially in regards to the purchasing and maintenance of grooming equipment? I think this is a topic worthy of discussion, given the short and long term ramifications it will have on the clubs and riders across the State.....
  13. Fish & Game announces the end of Reciprocal Weekend with Maine & Vermont. Reciprocal Weekend Ends
  14. VD NUMBERS IN BLOCKS from NHSA to Club?

    Yikes...the NHSA is giving out blocks of “VD”? Wonder if my med insurance still covers penicillin shots???!!!
  15. I’m going to start a go-fund me page so we can cover the cost of attaching a third arm to Dave. That way he can pat himself on the back while still eating, swimming, snowmobiling or signing autographs at “Hero’s” bridge!