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  1. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    You are absolutely correct. Its one thing to read an RSA or Rule, quite something else to interpret it properly. And yes....there's a lot more to that story....but this is "SLED NH"....not "ATV NH"....and we'll leave it at that!
  2. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    Agreed. Like most clubs we routinely use not only ATVs to access the trail for repairs, but also backhoes, dumptrucks, pickup trucks and I think even a golf cart on one occasion. Even on trails marked “no wheeled vehicles”. Even on occasion with a trails bureau or F&G officer present. Never received a ticket (or warning) yet. Anyone else out there ever got in trouble for utilizing the necessary vehicles that are required to keep your trails open????
  3. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    My first exposure to the OVSC was many years ago as a complete newbie showing up to a work party and not knowing anyone. As much as a loudmouth extrovert that I am, I was scared to death that first trip! But I soon made many friends, some I hope are life long! Not to repeat Viper, check the website or FB request closely and don’t be afraid to call ahead. Any decent club will usually provide you some tools, safety gear and if a really great club, a meal (or a beer) after work is done. However, I always bring a small cooler with water and/or soft drink and some snacks to carry me throughout the day. I’ll never forget my first work party, and the friendships that evolved from that day. Do your’s soon, someone as interested in the sport as you will only regret that you didn’t do it sooner!
  4. OVSC Workparty

    Went out today with George and Russell to string up 300’ of snow fence at the Silver Lake RR on Corridor 19 in Madison. After we went up in Tamworth to brush out 1/2 mile of the Fowler’s Mill trail. Still much more to do before snow flies, especially with several large washouts that need repair!
  5. Once again the annual OVSC thanksgiving weekend swap meet and vintage show is just around the corner. This year promises to be as exciting and fun filled as ever, so make sure to stop by,
  6. Winter is just around the conner?

    For every cold winter weather prediction, someone else has the flip side. Recent warmer seasonal prediction from NOAA: Climate Prediction Center - Seasonal Outlook.url
  7. Got my Snow Traveler Yesterday

    Have not received mine yet...but only sent in my dues a few weeks ago. Hopefully soon!
  8. Craig Mayo receives award!

    Yes, you are correct....he was receiving the award on behalf of the Club...thanks for the clarification!
  9. And our own Russ Neal is looking equally dapper in this photo!
  10. John makes a good point, as I haven't attended a Club meeting in several years and am getting my information third hand. I have since rejoined the Club and hope to make the October meeting to see first hand if their is a way to work around this issue. The issue started when a landowner, after many years, closed his property after last season. A major re-route was started and after much money and effort was expended, two key landowners that would need to grant permission for the reroute to cross their property have also stated that permission would end after this season, giving no (current) viable access to continue the reroute. As pointed out, the trails left isolated would still be accessible by trailering to key parking areas. Hopefully, over this season, a plan can be effected to mitigate the loss and possibly find a new access to these cherished trails!
  11. Black Pond Road is the main trail that exits White Lake State Park and brings you west into the main part of the OVSC trail system, and eventually connecting you to the Sandwich system and points further west and north, such as Squam and the Plymouth areas. OT, I think it was a combination of factors including off trail riding, litter, damage done by ATV and illegal mudders, and sadly some politics revolving around the CMI raceway in Tamworth. If the Club eventually folds due to lack of trails, I wonder what will also happen to the dog sled races and cross country ski events that relied heavily on the Club to keep the trails opened and groomed? The domino effect could be quite drastic!
  12. I've been a long time member of OVSC, and let my membership lapse for a few seasons when I sold my sled. I had just rejoined last week and am looking for a new ride when the notice below was posted on their website today. This is very sad news. The OVSC consistently provides some of the best riding conditions and scenic vistas in their area of the State, and I always considered them to be the gateway club to the White Mountains. I plan to roll up my sleeves and get back involved with those that hope their still might be a way to get a viable workaround trail. Sadly, I think these drastic land closures will become the norm for many clubs south of the notches..... From the OVSC webpage: • TRAILS UPDATE As most of you know, last year one of our landowners informed the club that he would be closing his land to future use by snowmobiles. He said that we could use it one last time for that year – 2016-2017. With that in mind, we spent a lot of time looking for a way around his property. After many walks in the woods and making contact with new landowners, we were able to flag a trail so landowners could see where the trail would cross their property. All landowners agreed to allow a new trail on their property. Last year, with the help of a lot of members, on the weekends and during the week, we were able to cut and brush out a 2.7 mile trail before the snow came. This past spring we applied for a grant from the state to complete this trail, and were awarded the grant. I can’t thank you all enough for your time and hard work to make this happen. Now I have to be the bearer of bad news. Over the past several weeks, we have been informed by two other landowners that they will be closing their property to future use next year. This is a big kick in the butt. This property would have been the continuation of that 2.7 mile reroute. Without access to this property, we would end up with a trail to nowhere. All the time and hard work by everyone – only to have this happen. When we heard this, we started looking for a way around this land, but as of right now, there is no way around this closure. So what does this mean for our trails? First, you will not be able to get to any trails beyond the gate at the end of Black Pond Rd. leaving from Canoe King or White Lake State Park. That gate will remain closed, as will the two gates where the trail crosses Rte. 113. You can still get to Barton’s Motor Sports. As for the trails going to the Fire Tower, James Pond, Wonalancet, and trails to Sandwich, we are looking for parking in those areas, and as we find available parking, we will keep you informed. We have a few areas in mind, but need to check them out. You can still get to Corridor 19 north and south and Corridor 15 to the Castle. As far as grooming is concerned, we will still be grooming Corridor 19 and Barton’s Cutoff, White Lake State Park, and down to the turnaround by the gate on Black Pond Rd. before you go into the woods. We will make every effort to get a groomer to the rest of the trails that have been cut off by the closures. As we get more information, we will put it on our web site. Thank you for your patience. We still have over 50 miles of trails, and we will continue working to find a way around this closure. Thank you George Kaye, President
  13. Interesting. As I read more about the director of the veterans charity being accused of diverting non-profit funds for personal gains, a certain past county director of the NHSA pops immediately to my mind. I guess if enough time passes for some, the villain can become the hero depending on what side of an issue they stand on today....another reason the murky depths of the NHSA remain impenetrable by the AG or the handful of members that question the organization.
  14. Very nice (as usual)
  15. That is great news...hopefully it will start to filter out over time to the general membership!