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  1. So, why aren't people happy?

    I'm not happy about Friday's weather forecast.
  2. Soo decent day turns really bad

    Sorry to hear about your crappy day, but glad you're ok. I have my trailer on my auto policy.
  3. Looks great! Is that a Renegade Enduro? How do you like it? Which engine? I'm starting to think I should have gotten a renegade. My shorty MXZ in the XS chassis is terrible in the powder. I swear my '99 MXZ with a 3/4" track was much better in the powder.
  4. Wow! Nice work! Looks brand new! MAJOR Dad points for that!!! Enjoy the maiden voyage. Hopefully the huge grin on your face seeing her ride it for the first time doesn't get frozen on your face with the cold!
  5. Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year everyone!
  6. Local riding- good stuff!

    I agree. I got my first ride of the season today right from the back yard and it was great! Cold as hell though!
  7. On a snowmobile....

    Love it! Thanks for posting!
  8. Sno-Traveler articles

    Got my new snow-traveler today and there are a couple of great articles... At the risk of starting WW3, there is a great article about why you shouldn't use hand signals. Should be required reading for every snowmobiler. Stay right, and always anticipate an oncoming sled. It's that simple. And as always, there is a great article about trailside cooking from our resident trailside gourmet Bruce. One of my best snowmobiling memories was cooking hot dogs on the side of the trail when I was younger. These articles inspire me to get a cook stove and do that again. Thanks for writing them Bruce.
  9. Southern Nh Trails

    Andover has started grooming. Our Trail Master is supposed to post an update tonight on our FB page here.
  10. Sad news...

    Yes, billsdoo. He doesn't post much.
  11. Sad news...

    No, different Bill.