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  1. Apparently I was competing for the "lowest mileage award", because I did a pathetic 366 miles this year. If you add in the small amount of mileage on the vintage sleds, I'll say 380 miles for the year total. Sad...
  2. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Our club is very proud of this event, and very thankful to all the people who come out and support us. Without them we wouldn't have a show! And we are also very thankful to the Andover Fish & Game Club, which allows us to use their clubhouse every year. It's great to have a warm building to serve food and have a place for people to warm up. We also have vintage snowmobile videos playing non-stop inside, which people always love. Steve, the guy that owns the Sno-Jet display that you're talking about didn't come this year. Not sure why... He was at the NHSMA show the day after though, and his sleds looked just as good as ever.
  3. And we even had some vintage muscle sleds battling it out on the railbed...
  4. We had a GREAT turnout with almost 60 vintage machines on display, and many of them were riding around enjoying the snow and great weather. Saw lots of old friends, made some new ones, ate lots of good food, with vintage sleds riding around everywhere. About as perfect a day as it gets... Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the day with us!
  5. PS: Beautiful Rupps Pathfinder! You always have some amazing machines!
  6. Sunday, February 18th is our 33rd Annual Winter Rally. Located at the museum. Over 20 trophies to be given away! Featured sled will be "Orphans", which is anything produced by someone other than the current 4 big manufacturers. There will be games, bonfire, and a vintage ride. The Uncanoonuc Mountainers Snowmobile Club from Goffstown will be supplying the great hot food. The museum will be open, and will have lots of great sleds on display. This event is free!
  7. Sorry you guys can't make it Saturday. We always have a great time, and this year we expanded our ride permit to cover the Kearsarge Mtn trail, as well as the usual railbed and Highland Lake. Not only will you miss some great vintage sleds, but more importantly my World Famous Pepperoni Pizza Chili !!! (ok, 'world famous' might be a slight exaggeration) Lol
  8. Done snowing and I measured 9" in Franklin
  9. I would say about 7" in Franklin and it's changed over to sleet here too. We had a hardpack / solid ice base though, so this should get the trails back into good shape.
  10. Snowmobile & Super Bowl

    I was thinking early 90's Formula Plus. I'm not ready to talk about the Super Bowl yet though...
  11. Looks great Airtime! It will be even better after today's snow! Nice sled too!!!
  12. Trail Side Cooking Time....

    Looks great! I love your stories about trailside cooking here and in the Sno-Traveler. Would love to join you some time if you would like the company (and if we get more snow).
  13. Our Italian Buffet is this upcoming Saturday. We could use all the support we can get at this event. After many years of being very lucky and having very few problems, we seem to be having the lion's share of groomer problems this year. And even though we have had lots of help from many club members, local businesses, and people from neighboring clubs, the bills are still well into the thousands so far, with more bills still yet to come in. At this point we have both groomers back up and running (not that there's any snow to do anything with them), so hopefully our troubles are behind us and we can move forward from here. Anyway, it would be great to see some of you there. The dinner is usually a good fundraiser for the club, and 100% of the raffle table money gets donated to Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo, so that's a great cause too. Thanks.
  14. Need IQ ski.

    I don't, but there is a guy in Franklin that is always posting on CL about parting out Polaris sleds. Search the atv / snowmobile section for "parting out polaris" and you should see a few posts from him. Worth a shot to ask him...