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  1. Some offseason upgrades

    Looks great! I'm not really doing any upgrades this year, I've already upgraded everything I think I need to on mine. But I am replacing my carbides and sliders this year. Gonna pull my skid out and inspect everything while I'm at it.
  2. Very sorry to hear. RIP to him and prayers to the family.
  3. Snowy winter on tap?

    I sure hope so!!! <---- (my snow dance)
  4. HK Powersports Hooksett vintage show & swap meet - 10/27/18
  5. Join a club, get it out of the way

    Did mine last month.
  6. Wow! Where'd you find that? A museum???
  7. Well I tried to go today but wish I hadn’t. Made it almost there, but with 2 miles left we hit bumper to bumper traffic. After a half hour of barely moving we still had 1.5 miles to go, so at that rate it was going to take 2 hours just to go the 2 miles. Decided I wasn’t willing to wait that long and turned around. Can’t even imagine what the crowd must have been like there with traffic like that. That was a waste of 3 hours of my time and $20 of gas. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again.
  8. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    I guess I don't get it... Why can't NH just change their date too? Because it's "the law"? So change the law... And even if we can't change the law in time for this seasons weekend, why does Capt. Walsh say "there is no way to have a reciprocity weekend going forward"? Can't we at least change the law for next year if it's too late for this year? It doesn't matter to me personally because I don't utilize that weekend, but I know a lot of people that do, and it just seems like BS red tape to me.
  9. Looks great Steve! I knew that windshield would clean up nice! Nice job!
  10. Plastic welding?

    Wow! That sounds great! Thank you! I have the fittings on order to make the new tank work for me, but honestly I would much rather have the original tank in there since my Elan is completely original. I have read that the old tanks are HDPE, but I really have no way of confirming that. The leaking area on the tank is very easy to get to, but I should probably also mention that it looks like it was previously welded at some point in it's life (I'm the second owner). It leaks around the area that was previously repaired. I can send you some pictures if you want, and if you think you can repair it I'll bring it over whenever it's convenient for you. And of course just let me know how I can pay you for your time. Thanks again!
  11. Plastic welding?

    I was going to cut a piece off an old dipstick I have (which should be the same type of material I would think) to use like a welding rod, and melt it into the crack. Definitely gonna order the grommets and fittings for the new tank tonight, and as long as they fit properly in the existing hole that's in the new tank, I'll go ahead and drill the second hole. Thanks.