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  1. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Congrats Steve! That’s awesome!!!
  2. I'm planning on bringing my sleds.
  3. I understand Capitalism, but...

    Might be further north than what you're looking for, but I recommend 45th Parallel Cabins. 45th Parallel Cabins - Northern NH Getaway Cabins - Motels | 45Parallel (
  4. Here’s a video from this year’s event...
  5. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    I was coming up the hill on the power lines on 345 just as you were leaving “the view”. Saw you pull away so just missed you...
  6. Snow Totals

    About 5” in Franklin, and 6” in Andover from this last storm.
  7. This event is only a week away! Here is an updated announcement with a little more info than the first one... The Andover Snowmobile Club will be hosting our 16th Annual Highland Lake SnoFest on Saturday February 16th, 2019 at the East Andover Fish and Game Clubhouse located on Snowmobile Corridor 2 (Railbed) and Highway Rt. 11. Event will be held from 9am - 2pm. Event is open to all antique and vintage snowmobiles and is FREE to register and attend. Trophies will be awarded to 4 different categories, People's Choice Antique (pre-1969), People's Choice Vintage (1970-1994), People's Choice Most Unique (Any year snowmobile), and our chairman's award, The George Burdick Memorial Award (Any year Snowmobile). We also have a trail permit to allow trail riding to snowmobiles 25 years and older with no state registration. NEW THIS YEAR will be a snowmobile poker run. The poker run will be approximately 10 miles and is open to snowmobiles new and old! Cost of the poker run will be $5 per hand and prizes will be awarded to the winning hand. We will also be doing a 50/50 raffle throughout the event. Winners for the poker run and 50/50 will be announced before the trophies are awarded at 2pm. Winners do not need to be present. We will have hot food, drinks, and a warm clubhouse to relax and enjoy vintage snowmobile videos and stories. Food and drinks are Donation Only. Dig out those old snowmobiles or just swing by to check out some awesome snowmobiles from yesteryear! We hope to see you all there!!!
  8. Hope to see you there Dave! Yes, Leon’s cheeseburger chowder is amazing. I’m going to make my pepperoni pizza chili as usual too. There will be lots of delicious food!!!
  9. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    How about a video??? This was Saturday in Andover.
  10. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Yup! That was me!
  11. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    My new(ish) sled hasn’t even left my yard yet. With working 12 hour days, club activities, dealing with a flooded basement thanks to Mother Nature, etc, etc, I just havent’t had time. But I did have about an hour of “free” time today, so with conditions the way they are locally, I decided to ride my ‘72 Olympique up to Andover and back. It has bogie wheels, so no worries about melting sliders with the icy conditions. Here’s what it looked like when I got back. So much fun...
  12. The Andover Snowmobile Club would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our annual Italian Buffet last night, and to AEMS for allowing us to use the school for the event. We had a great turnout, with well over 200 guests! The dinner was a great fundraiser for our club, and the raffle tables made a record amount of money for Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo which will be delivered to the Easter Seals Ride-In next weekend. Also, thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make everything happen. This event wouldn’t be possible without all of your support.
  13. Anyone using a vintage plate?

    Steve, The plate on my TNT is mounted on the dash behind the windshield, and is held on by a few small strips of 3M hook and loop tape (the "Velcro" type stuff). It works great. My Olympique plate had already been drilled and bolted on to the trunk by the previous owner, otherwise I would have used the 3M tape for that too.
  14. Snow Totals

    About 7” in Franklin, and about 9” in Andover.
  15. 172 mile ride on Saturday

    Wow! Nice ride! I tried to make it to Old Hill Village on Thursday night but turned around for lack of snow. Should be in real good shape now after yesterday’s storm though.