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  1. Pittsburg trails this past weekend

    Heading to Quebec Friday, so worth the drive.
  2. Anyone planning to ride

    Open tomorrow
  3. Anyone planning to ride

    Absolutely, going to SDR
  4. # of properties to buy in NH compared to ME

    What about taxes? Taxes are higher in Maine
  5. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Sounds like they will be handing out even more speeding tickets this year....
  6. trail conditions?

    I'm hitting Nash tomorrow
  7. trail conditions?

    We are staying on back lake, trails in Pittsburg are frozen but being chopped up by the groomers. We rode last night and it was good. Groveton is thin but I would say you can ride it and go north.
  8. The trails were nice Saturday, was doing at least 46 mph a couple of times!
  9. We met up with one of the officers on our way back to Groveton, he must have been writing the ticket for the guy who stopped. He stopped us to ask if we had seen the persuit.
  10. Clamshell cover pistons

    Just tell them what size trailer you have.
  11. What are you riding this season?

    Still running the 16 MXZ X 800 etec
  12. Oquossoc/Rangeley,Maine

    ITS 84 will look like a trail with 2' rollers the whole way. I actually usually ride into Maine when staying in Pittsburg EXCEPT this weekend. Get out early ride till noon and then stay in till 6pmand then ride till the cows come home.
  13. Pics from sdr yesterday

    Rode out of the park today, it's passable but thin. Definitely need more snow hopefully the rain doesn't kill it.
  14. Pics from sdr yesterday

    Denny how bad is it getting out of the clubhouse? What are they saying for weather on Saturday ?