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  1. Trail signage issues

    Well, IMO a statewide standard is one thing - but I believe we're missing a big root cause and that is getting signage out on the trails to begin with. Many trails lack signage, or is out of date - so we need a solution to that.
  2. Freedom to Evens Notch

    Great - I thought that we would be ok - Thanks for the reply!
  3. Freedom to Evens Notch

    Is there a need to get a Maine registration for the part of the trail 19 which passes over into Maine?
  4. Happy Birthday Tim!

    HAPPY B-Day youngster!
  5. URGENT - RTP program needs your help again

    Done - Thanks for the heads up Dave!
  6. Snow Stake Cam

    I'm glad to see the avitar hasn't lost any of its appeal!
  7. Snow Stake Cam

    Regardless of the tilt factor - I appreciate that the stake is there and lets me know that my trip to NH this weekend won't be in vain! Sounds like the incoming snow storm is just what the trails need! Thanks CKF!
  8. WTB: Arctic Cat 9 Tower Primary Clutch

    If you still need one, let me know. I have at least two of them. Both good shape - spares for my old sleds. Steve 603-387-7525
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ossipeelake

    Thanks - I do appreciate it!
  10. Toolman's day

    Happy Birthday Tool!
  11. Ossipee Lake Ice Out Contest

    April 18th
  12. To generate some laughter!

    Great job Toolman!
  13. Ethanol and getting toys out of Storage

    Thanks for the suggestions guys - very informative and thanks Legend 700 for the insight into the intorduction of E-10 to the Ossipee area. I don't recall the E-10 sickers on the pumps when I filled up last fall. The Nautique has a water separator on it - so it should be good to go. My concern was the vette and running down the road at 80 and sucking up a load of separated water/alcohol/fuel mixture - leaning out and boom! The tank was full of Mobil Super and I should be all right - no air vapor = less water vapor. I'll drain off half of it and run it in the truck (E85 motor anyways), take it easy for a while and top it off with fresh fuel. Should be good to go - THANKS again!
  14. Ethanol and getting toys out of Storage

    Legend 700 - interesting point on the E10. I don't remember the E10 posting last fall when I bought the fuel and it was indeed from the Ossipee area. Do you know how long E10 has it been in the Ossipee area?
  15. After reading up on the current Ethanol problem and the separation of the gas and alcohol/water in a tank over time - What are the recomendations for getting the summer toys (car and boat) out of storage. I filled the tanks in the fall and fortunately didn't put any stabol in them (usually do - but it would have been the wrong type anyways - with what I know now). Drain the gas out of the tanks - is it any good? Suggestions.......