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  1. I have a part that is currently black, I want it red. It's part of the Windshield brace on a G4. Was looking at Wraps, but I don't see anything for that piece. Looking to accent the machine, not change it totally. Doo doesn't make it in red that I can see. Suggestions?
  2. I was thinking about it last night, finally realized I could probably get the wrap online and do it myself. Youtube here I come!
  3. I went up north last weekend and saw these trees and was wondering what's the story. Anyone know? I believe it's in Colebrook, or very close.
  4. Christmas bulbs

    Happy, Happy!
  5. What's the story with these trees

    Thank you all for the info. It is definitely eye catching.
  6. Attn: Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiasts

    Bear Brook Snowmobile museum?
  7. A little video of the Air Force Ospreys supporting snowmobiles in the field.
  8. I have it as June 1st. Northwood Watercross June 2nd.
  9. I wonder if the Formatic has a feature like the BR180's. On one of them you remove a bolt/cover, push a pin in, and then flip the cover over to disengage the drive motor. The older machine there's a larger plate that you flip over. We've only had to do it with the new machine though.
  10. I've seen "Formatic" groomers, never this model before. There's one called the "Frosty". Interesting machine. Sorry you had to drag it out. Any idea what went wrong? (Engine, hydraulics?). Great idea on the bed liner.
  11. I've wondered about this myself, and the SxS craze. There is barely any trails in Southern NH, Almost nothing south of the Notches, but they are everywhere. I know some are getting Spec Comm plates, but that's not the intended use and they are getting pulled. Are these facts disclosed? I guess it would only be for newbies.
  12. So need to verify as this is an electrical part, Ski Doo 500F, 2BPS195282V111111. The 2 in the 10th position means 2002, right? The voltage regulator is of course twice as much as the 2001.
  13. Old map

    I didn't know the "Can Am" club groomed Pawtuckaway. That parks have change some.
  14. Old map

    Thank you!
  15. Old map

    Hey, can you open up the Rockingham one and share? I'd love to see it.
  16. Attn Attn Attn

    You are too kind. I have no problem sitting in the seat and dreaming of the diesel hum and white gold
  17. Attn Attn Attn

    All I want for Christmas is a new groomer fleet,
  18. Attn Attn Attn

    Are you looking for my Xmas list? I'll send it right over
  19. NHSA having legal issues again.

    Maybe they don't know why they are being sued (Like when NHSA sued the AG?). It seems most companies when being sued go in "No Comment" mode, but I'm guessing the suit will be public when it works itself through the courts so it won't really matter.
  20. Fixing up a Bravo 250, think it's an 85. I broke the elbow connector on the back of the carb, fuel line I believe. Yamaha microfiche doesn't show a part number (Other than part of the main body). Suggestions on fixing?
  21. Bravo 250 fitting help

    Ugh, I just realized I came out as a Yamaha owner. Can I still give you crap Rob? I'll look closer. Thanks for the help guys.
  22. Bravo 250 fitting help

    I was thinking I may, but the thought of paying $75 for really just a $1 nipple is killing the New England cheapskate heritage in me.
  23. Pretty good show and a fair amount of parts. The bikes were pretty interesting.
  24. I was talking with someone about the good ole days, and I mentioned going to oval races out towards Bedford NH or somewhere. I was 7ish, froze my butt off. It was neat though. Anyone else have more info, maybe pictures?