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  1. the new season

    Our (SNHSS) memberships run through the end of July. We will be actively seeking memberships after the board rejoins Monday night.
  2. For all you Classic sled fans
  3. Litter

    Spent 5 hours in BB on tractor. I will need to go back on foot to pick up stray Bud Light cans. I used a old town road to access a different section, cans everywhere. Bud cans 9-1. Just crazy
  4. Registration Increase

    Sadly I think our oldest machine is newer than most clubs newest.
  5. Registration Increase

    We have 4 machines: 1997 BR180, Bear Brook (Bought used) 1997 BR110 Pawtuckaway (Bought used) 2001 Skandic Small section of trail that our other machines can't reach. (Bought Used) 2005 BR180 New (may have been demo) Tower Hill/RR Bed
  6. Fat Bikes in the news!

    If I can remember, and have time I plan on asking the writer to post an article on being a good winter citizen. Things I hope to bring up: 1. Not all trails allow multiuse 2. Warm weather. We have one area that drives the Mushers crazy because the erratic tracks they leave in warm conditions make it hard to mush through. 3. Supporting groups that groom trails, it aint cheap and it's a lot of work. Other thoughts?
  7. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Wow, great advertisment for Fat Bikes. I enjoyed the "Groomed snowmobile trails provide miles and miles of winter riding." comment. Hey fat bikers, I do it all for you. enjoy.
  8. I don't watch it, but when they were bought out that was what everyone was expecting to happen.
  9. Where's the Drone footage?
  10. S.O.S. groomer

    They happen to all of us. The only difference is the $$$. Good luck.
  11. S.O.S. groomer

    What happened? So far some blown fuses on the hydraulic controls have been our biggest issue (knock on wood).
  12. trail conditions?

    When I rode more, Jericho area was one of my favorites. Last time I rode there coming face to face with a large SxS on the wrong side of the trail was definitely an 'oh crap!' moment. I went off trail, they kept going. Inconsiderate people suck. I can't imagine running into them on a tighter trail.
  13. Groomer age requirement?

    Thanks guys. I agree even a 21yr old can be hard to hand the keys too. We do have a candidate that will be a great operator, and has operated a lot of equipment in his 18 years. We do have a Skandic.
  14. Anyone know what this is? I assume it's either 18 or 21? Set by insurance, State, NHSA?
  15. Loudest trail can?

    You bunch of trolls!