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  1. Bravo 250 fitting help

    Ugh, I just realized I came out as a Yamaha owner. Can I still give you crap Rob? I'll look closer. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Bravo 250 fitting help

    I was thinking I may, but the thought of paying $75 for really just a $1 nipple is killing the New England cheapskate heritage in me.
  3. Fixing up a Bravo 250, think it's an 85. I broke the elbow connector on the back of the carb, fuel line I believe. Yamaha microfiche doesn't show a part number (Other than part of the main body). Suggestions on fixing?
  4. Pretty good show and a fair amount of parts. The bikes were pretty interesting.
  5. I was talking with someone about the good ole days, and I mentioned going to oval races out towards Bedford NH or somewhere. I was 7ish, froze my butt off. It was neat though. Anyone else have more info, maybe pictures?
  6. f & G and un spent REG

    Can you post the source, or a link to it?
  7. Special Meeting

    I'm guessing that any agent that sells registrations (ie Dealers) will now have to enter all the info into the portal to get a valid ID number?
  8. Special Meeting

    So I looked over the current/proposed bylaws. It appears that the larger clubs will lose some power, and the smaller clubs will get a bit more.
  9. Special Meeting

    If the number of delegates is scaled down evenly across the state I don't think that is a bad thing. My thought is if Pittsburg goes from 36 to 8, it would seem most clubs will get 1 vote. Is there a list of what each club would get for delegates under the new system?
  10. Special Meeting

    One other item, fire the lawyer. The whole idea of suing the AG's office was asinine.
  11. Special Meeting

    Hey Dave, I do. I know that our Representative has done the best they can do for our county. The staff has turned out some great improvements this year, Facebook, emails , and website have been greatly improved. My problem is higher up. I feel our club needs to support an association, but one that is there for us. It seems those that run things at NHSA work hard at knuckling the club's under. The Two year wait to get back on the insurance plan is a great example. If a club doesn't buy NHSA insurance, because they want control of it, including Workers comp amounts. What happens if they go out of business? The club cannot get insurance from the NHSA company? So for a year the club shuts down until they can get insurance? The NHSA policy should be so friggen awesome that a club would be stupid to not join in. I do believe in an association, I would like to support an association that I truly feel is working for the clubs.
  12. Special Meeting

    It's seems that NHSA is really trying to consolidate the power into the Board. Instead of embracing the membership (clubs specifically) it appears to really be attempting to solidify control and pushing their agenda. I'm really thinking it's time for another association.
  13. I would love to hear what when on at last nights meeting. I wasn't able to make it.
  14. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    There is a Warming Hut in Jericho park. I can't remember what trail, but it it's west of Mt Forist. Edit: Scenic View trail.