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  1. Ski-Cab

    In the Bearcat video there is ton's of snow, but the drive down the plowed path. SMH
  2. I may go look at 2011 Summit 800etec. Any particular things to watch out for? Do they still use nuns? I'm so far behind in sled tech
  3. Winding up recoil spring for Bravo 250

    Thanks, that should help when I get that dam spring wound right. What a pita.
  4. Had to rebuild recoil starter, I was able to wind it up once, but had to take it apart again. Anyone have some tips or a video that is helpful?
  5. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    I here what your saying, but seriously, we don't go out unless landowners know. Rogue riding is an issue, trail workers are not. I'm sure F&G can tell the difference
  6. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    Awesome, Thank you. I hope to be in Goffstown this Saturday for the Uncanoonic Event
  7. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    Those will be a bit too small for this project, but we could use the longer ones for some markers in our parking lot.
  8. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    Awesome, if they are 5" or under and about 5' long they would be perfect!
  9. I need some 5" od pipe for some swing gates. Suggestions on where I might get some? Manchester NH area?
  10. Grass drags- who went?

    I've never parked so far away. It was worse than the deerfield fair without the shuttles. Other than that it was good. Didn't see a lot of club involvement (Weare, Umbagog, and of course workers). The drag racing was really good. That poor TSI guy. It was so loud talking with him.
  12. the new season

    Our (SNHSS) memberships run through the end of July. We will be actively seeking memberships after the board rejoins Monday night.
  13. For all you Classic sled fans
  14. Litter

    Spent 5 hours in BB on tractor. I will need to go back on foot to pick up stray Bud Light cans. I used a old town road to access a different section, cans everywhere. Bud cans 9-1. Just crazy
  15. Registration Increase

    Sadly I think our oldest machine is newer than most clubs newest.