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  1. Help with Union Leader cartoon

    The cartoon reminds me of the RR Bed near Lowes Garage in Randolph. There is a popular hiking parking lot and the trail crosses the RR Bed. I haven't been there in years, but I remember stopping a lot there for hikers.
  2. Would you happen to have any maps East or North from the way back machine?
  3. So awesome! I can't Thank you enough!
  4. I think it was the Canam snowmobile club that took care of Pawtuckaway. Looking for any maps of the area that people might share, or people familiar with the old trails. Thanks Dave
  5. Does anyone know if this is on and if so when?
  6. I was thinking about it last night, finally realized I could probably get the wrap online and do it myself. Youtube here I come!
  7. I have a part that is currently black, I want it red. It's part of the Windshield brace on a G4. Was looking at Wraps, but I don't see anything for that piece. Looking to accent the machine, not change it totally. Doo doesn't make it in red that I can see. Suggestions?
  8. Christmas bulbs

    Happy, Happy!
  9. What's the story with these trees

    Thank you all for the info. It is definitely eye catching.
  10. I went up north last weekend and saw these trees and was wondering what's the story. Anyone know? I believe it's in Colebrook, or very close.
  11. Attn: Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiasts

    Bear Brook Snowmobile museum?
  12. A little video of the Air Force Ospreys supporting snowmobiles in the field.
  13. I have it as June 1st. Northwood Watercross June 2nd.
  14. I wonder if the Formatic has a feature like the BR180's. On one of them you remove a bolt/cover, push a pin in, and then flip the cover over to disengage the drive motor. The older machine there's a larger plate that you flip over. We've only had to do it with the new machine though.