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  1. 91 Indy-Help!

    Thanks for the responses, I am going to disconnect at the fuel filter and run a line into a gas can. If I get fuel, its the line in the tank, if not I'll pull the pump. Bilbo, it does have a shut off. Merry Christmas-Happy Hanukah.
  2. 91 Indy-Help!

    Hey Steve, Merry Christmas.. rest of the lines look fine, new hose clamp at the pump so I think it has recently been rebuilt. Impulse line is still attached, and it will run if I can get gas in the line. Funny, we had a 71 Olympic that we had to do the same thing.
  3. 91 Indy-Help!

    Hi guys, I bought a 91 indy 500 fan for the kids about a month ago and it ran when I bought it. Now its not getting fuel, I think its the fuel pump. I put 5 gallons of fuel in it, fished out the intake (added weight to it as there was none) and blew air through the line. My question is shouldn't gravity alone fill the fuel line? If there line is cracked inside the tank, how do I replace it? Thanks
  4. I have a John Deere lawn tractor, 38" cut in great shape. It has the larger 13hp Kohler engine. For sale $500.00 or BO. The picture is too big to upload if you are interested I can email you the pic. Thanks
  5. Rode the area today, we were super impressed with the corridor and the snow. Didn't venture off because of lack of snow but certainly enjoyed our day. 115 miles for the day. Thanks to SNorander for the recommendation Caveat: 4 fish cops writing tickets all day. .
  6. Generators?

    3 years ago we had just lost power again, my wife was scheduled to be in the hospital that night to be induced with our 4th, my mother in law was staying the night with the other three. There was no way I could leave her with two small generators running extension cords and pig tails off the furnaces. I wired a 30 amp outdoor outlet to the panel, went to the local Ace hardware and overpaid ($1000.00) for a B+S 6200/8750 gas generator and made up a 12’ cord. The electrician owed me money so the labor wire and the outlet were free, the cord cost about $100.00 to make and again the $1000.00 for the generator. It will run almost everything, no central AC or wall ovens, but everything else. People in my area spend 8 to 10k on the whole house systems, it would be nice but that is crazy money. I agree with Old Thumper, it is a luxury and not a necessity BUT for $1100.00, it is well worth it. Brigs and Stratton has held up well, I just treat the fuel.
  7. rebuilding my trailer: 12’ open

    Thanks all for the info. I don’t want to put too much $$ into it, I’d like to buy an enclosed trailer eventually. While marine grade would be nice, I think I’ll go with the PT (it’s not aluminum) and reuse my slides. I’ll post pics when I’m done.
  8. I'm rebuilding my trailer: 10’ open. The plywood is gone, the former owner had installed plastic ski guides and plastic strips for the track, I saved these. They both work well; they are full of screws that will take a bit of time to remove and they all show signs of wear. Any suggestions for new plywood and/or guides/mats? Save the old? Thanks.
  9. Manchester

    Steve, went with George, Chuck and guy named Rene. Great time. Looking to go to Ossipee this weekend if you're around.
  10. Manchester

    We left from that parking lot near Massabesic around 9, rode 15 to Bear Brook, back on 15 to 360 to the Epsom Circle. We had some excellent riding and some horrible riding. Trails south of Bear Brook were great, some good trails through the park. North of the park was rough, bad logging roads and not enough snow. We couldn’t find 360 near the traffic circle, signage was tough, we turned around and went back 15 south. I think we did about 80 miles, all and all it was a good day, happy to be out riding. It sure beats working.
  11. Manchester

    Thanks guys. I'll let you know how it is.
  12. Manchester

    Happy New Year! Looking to do a quick ride Saturday morning before the kid’s hockey games. All I can find for the parking lot in Manchester is “Rt 28 Bypass”- can anyone give me a little more specifics on where that parking is? Thanks
  13. Vintage

    Hey SNorander, check this one out!
  14. Off topic-check this out

    [media] Unbelievable- this guy has some big stones…. />