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  1. Snow Totals

    Got about a foot so far in Stark as of 9am on Sunday. Still coming down and snow not expected to end until mid afternoon.
  2. Merry Christmas, Happy New year

    Well said Jeff
  3. We have a bridge!

    I don't think that is too bad. If you had to build it with steel, you would need heavy equipment to set the beams plus a lot more wood for the deck and railings. Good job.
  4. We have a bridge!

    Very nice product. What is the total length and what did you pay for it?
  5. 2000 Trail Roamer

    Thanks to everyone who called or emailed but the Trail Roamer has been sold.
  6. 2000 Trail Roamer

    Added sweetener to the deal. Free delivery anywhere in New England!
  7. 2000 Trail Roamer

    I already have 6 machines and so I will have to pass on your offer. For anyone else who may be interested, the clutch can be turned easily by hand so the motor is not frozen.
  8. 2000 Trail Roamer

    Pathfinder. I will deliver to Pittsburg if you want to buy it!
  9. 2000 Trail Roamer

    2000 Trail Roamer for sale. Has not run since 2004 but has been kept in a barn. Has 4-stroke Koehler motor, twin tracks, heater and stereo. First $2,500 takes it. Get it running and its worth $5k. Located in central MA. Willing to help you load it on your trailer. Email: larry@twolakeslodge.com or call 508-561-6398.
  10. Just curious

    I find this interesting given the fact that Lt. Saunders teamed up with the Stark Town Constable Bill Joyce in February to try and close down the Corridor D ATV trail that runs along town roads in Stark. Read more about that here: https://www.milantrailhuggers.com/page-18092/5981197 Fish and Game has a grant program that allows local police departments (and Sheriff's departments) to apply for grant funding to do OHRV patrols. (OHRV means Off Highway Recreational Vehicles which includes ATV's, Side-by-Sides and dirt bikes but does not include snowmobiles). Since some of the local towns do not have their own Police Departments, the Coos County Sheriff applies for grants to patrol in these towns.
  11. Modern sled with traditional ride

    I have a 2005 Venture and a 2006 Rage. Neither of them steer well. But that 3-cylinder motor is bullet proof.
  12. Modern sled with traditional ride

    2014 Arctic Cat XF 7000 Cross Tour with Yamaha 3-cylinder 4-stroke motor with fuel injection. Has a 141-inch track but steers like its on rails. Get a medium height windshield and you will have the combo you are looking for. I own two and love them. You can also add a rear seat to make it a two-up machine. We have ours configured with quick release pins so when we need the extra seat, it's easy to put on and then we can take it right off again when are guests are gone.
  13. Special Meeting

    Our ATV club has a range of member ID numbers that we are responsible for. We split the range into two groups. The first group are numbers that are assigned automatically when a member registers using our online system. The other group of numbers is pre-printed onto membership forms that are held at our retail locations. When a member comes into the retail location, they fill out the membership form and the agent uses the member ID number at the top of that form for their ATV registration. The form then gets scanned and sent to our membership person where the data is entered into our database and also into NHOHVA's database. Fish and Game can contact NHOHVA at any time to ask if a number is valid. Very simple system that can be easily audited. NHSA is not telling the truth about what is possible so they can extract $10/member from the clubs. Shameful.
  14. NHOHVA has no problem at all. We changed the bylaws last year. When a rider joins a club, they can also join NHOHVA for free by checking a box on the registration form and NHOHVA gives the voucher numbers to the clubs for free. The club controls what their membership fee is and contributes $10 to NHOHVA for each member that joins their club. As the total number of members goes up, the amount per member goes down. Each year, the clubs vote on the NHOHVA budget. Once the budget is approved, the budget amount is divided by the total number of members to determine the amount per member. The more members, the lower the amount per member. Its a very simple system and prevents the runaway spending that is happening at NHSA. Also because each club has one vote, they have much more of a say in what goes on.
  15. NHSA bylaws changes

    I agree completely. Having been on the board of NHSA and NHOHVA, I have to say the NHOHVA is much more caring about the needs of the clubs. After what happened with the Attorney General investigation, I would have thought they would change their ways. Instead they are trying to get around the AG rulings. Its amazing to me but proves the old adage: "It's all about the money".