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  1. Riding reports…

    PT109 is now open between Stark and Berlin.
  2. Riding reports…

    We trailered over to Nash Stream and did a 35 mile ride in that area. Since there is a major logging operation at the end of Nash Stream Road, the entire length of Nash Stream road is shut down except for one small section that is shared. The only really good trail in the system is West Side Road and that was perfect. The groomers did as good a job as possible with the available snow, but there just is not enough snow to fill in the dips on the woods trails right now. Were were right behind the groomer and we were ticking off rocks here and there and bumping through water bars. After the woods trails get any amount of weekend traffic, they are going to be rough. I recommend anyone going north to trailer over to the Pontook Dam parking lot on Rt. 16 and leave from there. Millsfield has 40 miles of logging roads and one logging operation and while they don't have much more snow than Nash Stream, there is a lot less disruption to their trail system from the logging operation. The good news is that all area clubs were out today: Groveton, Stratford, Berlin and Gorham. PT109 has a logging operation near York Pond Road and so that trail is only open from Groveton to South Pond. After that going south is closed all the way to the Yamaha Connector in Berlin. The word is that this logging operation on PT109 should be done by the end of the month. Don't forget that on Saturday 1/22, the White Mt Ridge Runners in Berlin is having their annual lunch fundraiser and their new Tucker will be there on display.
  3. Snow totals

    We received 7" of dense snow from the 1/17/22 storm. We had about 6" of hard crusty snow on the ground so this should be enough for the groomers in Berlin, Gorham, Jefferson, Milan, etc to get the woods trails open.
  4. Riding reports…

    At this point, we are not planning on attending.
  5. Riding reports…

    Just got back from a 45-mile ride around the trail system that surrounds Millsfield Pond. We trailered to the end of Newell Brook Road, unloaded and drove the snowmobiles up Newell Brook Road about a mile before hitting groomed trail. From there all logging roads were pretty much perfect: Newell Brook Road, Metallak Trail, Millsfield Pond Road, Loop Road, Signal Mountain Road, etc. We tried following PT110 east over towards Cor. 18 because we were thinking about riding up 112 towards Pittsburg, but we encountered thin conditions and ice patches in the woods and we decided it was not worth the effort and turned around to get back on the logging roads. I printed a map from the Umbagog Snowmobile Association Facebook page that had many details on what was open, logging operations and where the bad spots were. I highly recommend anyone riding tomorrow or Saturday get a copy of this map. I found it to be very accurate. I did not see any signs that the Groveton groomer had come in from Cor. 28. Not surprising since there is a section of trail near Trio Ponds that needs a couple of feet of snow before it can get groomed. Also did not see any signs of the Berlin groomer coming up Cor. 19. Also not surprising since several sections of Cor. 19 follows woods trails and not logging roads. Hopefully the storm forecast for Sunday-Monday will come through. We have a good hard base in most areas (even on the trails that have not been groomed), but need more snow is needed to fill the water bars, cover rocks and build approaches to the bridges. We did not see any other riders during our two hour ride even though there were other vehicles and trailers in the parking area. But we did see a dozen turkeys and 2 grouse which was nice and not something we normally see when there is normal snowmobile traffic.
  6. Riding reports…

    Here in Stark, there is about 7" of crusty snow on the ground. A good base, but not really enough to do anything like filling water bars. The only decent riding will be where there are logging roads. I would head to Millsfield, Swift Diamond or Pittsburg where the majority of trails follow logging roads. Avoid woods trails until we get more snow. I know Groveton is trying to get some trails open, but they have a logging operation going on in Nash Stream that will knock out some of their road based trails. White Mt. Ridge Runners in Berlin has two problems. A lot of their road trails are also ATV trails that have been getting heavily used this winter by ATV's so not much snow on those roads right now. And their woods trails which are some of the best in the state don't have enough snow to do water bar filling. Both of those areas need a good 1-foot plus snowstorm to get things going.
  7. LANCASTER — A Massachusetts man has been charged with reckless conduct and vehicular assault in the ATV collision that seriously injured N.H. Fish and Game Conservation Officer Matt Holmes last June. A Coos County grand jury has indicted Ryan Gingras-Jodrie, 24, of Groton, Mass., with reckless conduct. The Coos County Attorney’s office also charged Gingras-Jodrie with the Class A misdemeanor count of vehicular assault. Holmes was running stationary radar in Dummer on the Dummer Pond Road, which is open to cars and trucks as well as OHRVs. He was attempting to stop two ATVs when his patrol ATV was struck from behind by an ATV operated by Gingras-Jodrie. All three ATVs were traveling at an estimated speed of 60 miles per hour, faster than the 25 mph posted limit for the road. Holmes was ejected from his ATV and landed several feet away. Fish and Game Conservation Officer Robert Mancini, who was working speed enforcement with Holmes, dragged the unconscious officer from the middle of the busy trail and called for emergency medical help. Several riders who came upon the accident stopped to assist Holmes. Holmes was transported from the scene by Gorham Ambulance to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin and then transferred by helicopter to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. He suffered broken ribs and numerous cuts and bruises. Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan, head of law enforcement, said the department is happy to see charges filed against the driver of the ATV that hit Holmes’s patrol ATV. He noted it has been almost a year since the incident. Jordan said Holmes could have been killed in the incident. “We were very lucky,” he said. Jordan said Holmes was out of work for about a month and then was on light duty for a while. He said the other two ATV operators involved in the incident pleaded guilty to charges in district court. Jordan said they were waiting for the driver of the ATV that hit Holmes’s patrol ATV to be charged. Holmes is familiar to viewers of the television show “North Woods Law” as one of the N.H. Fish and Game conservation officers followed by the television show. A crew from “North Woods Law” was filming when the accident occurred.
  8. Condition updates

    We got 2" of new snow overnight in Stark, but by mid-afternoon today, most of that had melted. Trails in our area are not looking good. Lots of dirt showing at all road crossings. We are all done riding for the year. We took our last ride on Monday 3/8 and it was a bit disappointing. Even though all the trails were covered, they were rough. I talked to a groomer operator in Berlin and they were out the same day we were riding but the snow was so frozen, the drags would not move it. Even with the blade down they were having trouble loosening it up. By Wednesday, temps were in the 50's and the base was melting fast. We never really built up a good base this year since just about every storm was powder and that did not pack very well. We had 7 consecutive weeks of great riding so I am not complaining. But with a good base, and a cold March, we have ridden on Easter weekend in past years.
  9. Parade of Lights

    On Saturday 3/6 we trailered up to Pittsburg and participated in the 2021 Parade of Lights. Below is a link to a video of last years event which inspired us to go. When we got to the lake, the fire department had their ladder truck on the edge of the lake with a giant American flag hung from the extended ladder. As we approached, we were directed to line up behind other sleds. The sleds were lined up 10 wide. Each line had its own team of volunteers. One person was taking names and phone numbers (for a mailing list). A second volunteer had colored cellophane that they taped over the front light of our sled. A third volunteer was carrying a firefighters boot for donations. Sleds lined up from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and many of them had elaborate light displays on their sleds. Some people were towing trailers with lit up Christmas trees and all other types of displays. The lines kept getting longer and longer until we could barely see the sleds at the end about 1/8 mile away. Not sure exactly how many sleds the were but I would estimate about 1,000. At 7:00pm they played the national anthem and then the sleds fired up and someone started leading certain lines forward. Eventually it turned into 3 lines of sleds all winding their way around the lake in a predetermined pattern. Someone told us it was supposed to be a heart shape but we could not tell if that is what it was from our vantage point. There was drone in the air taking a video so that may provide better evidence of the shape we were making on the lake. After a couple of turns around the lake, they lined all the sleds up in the middle of the lake facing the American Flag on the shore and they proceeded to light off an excellent fireworks show. We watched that for a half and hour and then headed back to the trailer and drove home. It was a great event and we really enjoyed getting out to a social event after months of being locked down. We are definitely going back next year.
  10. Condition updates

    Being reciprocal weekend, on Saturday we decided to try riding in Maine. We trailered up to the parking lot at Chickwolnepy Road in Dummer. This is at the southern end of the Milan All Weather Riders club system which is in Dummer and Success. We took Trail 114 to Cor. 12 north to Cor. 18 east and then connected with ITS 182 in Maine. As soon as we crossed over, it was apparent they were using snowmobile groomers and drags with the trails being dish shaped from side to side and having these long humps that are actually pretty fun to ride if you don't go to fast. The larger trails are about 10' wide and the smaller trails were 5' wide with lots of twists and turns. It kind of brought me back to the mid-80's when we first started riding in New Hampshire on the trails in Grafton county. The Maine trails were very well marked and they had maps posted at some intersections which was very helpful. We did about 30 miles in the trail system south of Upton, Maine. I would rate the trail conditions we rode in Maine as good. We headed back to NH and decided to make a few loops though the Milan All Weather Riders system. When we first started, Cor. 12 and Cor. 18 were a bit choppy. Once we got off the numbered trails and into their club trails, conditions were excellent. The groomer had just been through on several of these trails and it was speed limit riding on these trails. During our 62 mile ride we saw a total of 65 sleds. From there we trailered up to Pittsburg and participated in the Parade of Lights on Back Lake. If you want to see more about this event check my new post about this topic.
  11. Condition updates

    I suggest you go up Nash Stream Road (Cor. 5) to Cor. 28 and then ride the trails in the Millsfield area. They have been fantastic all season (so has Groveton's trails). The trail down from Dixville Peak to Trail 134 (Nathan Pond Trail by the Balsams) is a mess until you cross under Rt. 26. Its 5mph for over 2 miles due to the bumps. That section of trail needs major excavation work. I don't think 5 feet of snow would allow it to be groomed. I was told most of the trail is granite outcroppings so to fill in between those with snow is just about impossible. To head north of Rt. 26 you should take the Flume trail. From Millsfield, follow the signs to Log Haven. Take a left at the last intersection before Log Haven onto Primary Trail 113 and that is the best route north. Check out this great interactive map on the NHSA site to plan your trip: https://nhsa.evtrails.com/#
  12. Condition updates

    Did a 100 mile ride today starting from the Rt. 26 parking lot in Dixville up through Swift Diamond and Pittsburg territory. Saw 160 sleds and two groomers during the ride and I would rate the trails as follows: 25% Great, 50% moderate, 25% rough. I think these two clubs are still trying to repair the damage from the massive amount of sleds that were up there last week and also the warm temps of Monday. We went west in the Pittsburg system and tried to ride up Indian Stream Road, but did not see any signs of recent grooming so we turned around and headed east and north and made a loop around the northern end of Second Connecticut Lake, staying more in the center of their trail system. I spoke with a couple of riders who told me the trails to the east of the Connecticut lakes out to the Maine border were all in good shape, but we did not actually ride those trails. It was a perfect day for riding. Cloudy all day, temps in the mid-20's with snow flurries all day. Between last night and today we picked up about 2 inches of new powder. It was a nice ride and the good news is that the warmup gave the clubs much better snow to work with. Where they have groomed, the base is now solid packed snow instead of the loose dry powder we have had all winter. The forecast has changed and now it is supposed to be very cold on Friday and Saturday. That will reduce traffic plus give the clubs great weather to continue their grooming.
  13. Condition updates

    Monday was in the mid-30s with light rain. Monday afternoon the sun came out for one hour then all hell broke loose with snow squalls, falling temps and very heavy winds. Temps bottomed out in the single digits this morning and the trails looked icy with no loose snow for sliders. We did not lose much snow with the warmup. Power was out for most of Tuesday morning and even the paved roads were icy plus covered in evergreen needles and small branches. We did not ride today, but we did see that some groomers went out in the Berlin area. We plan on riding tomorrow (Wednesday) in the Swift Diamond and Pittsburg area. With temps expected in the high 20's, the icy surface should break up enough for slider lubrication and cooling.
  14. Condition updates

    Yesterday we had a one day warmup yesterday with temps in the 40's. Unfortunately it did not get that cold last night and we paid the price today when we went riding in Swift Diamond and Pittsburg where many of the trails were in rough shape. Most likely the groomers were not able to get out yesterday or last night due to the warm temps so we picked our way through the system on Primary Trails and tried to avoid the Corridor trails. After 40 miles of bumping around we worked our way back south to the Millsfield area and got another 20 miles of riding in there where trails were in better shape. There were a lot of sleds out. I did not count but we surely passed over 150 sleds. This is on a Thursday so I cannot imagine what it will be like for the next 3 days. We also saw tons of sleds at LL Cote's and Log Haven. It really looked like a Saturday. Some good news - we got 2"-3" of flurries this morning when the cold front came in. Sled activity should drop off next week after NH school vacation week is over but warmer temps are expected so we will have to see how this all plays out.
  15. Condition updates

    Over the past week, we have received about 6" of new powdery snow. Conditions almost everywhere up in Coos County are very good during the week and bumpy by the end of Saturday. But if history serves as a guide, many riders will stop riding at the end of the NH school vacation week (2/27). So usually there are a few weeks of really good riding at the end of February and into mid-March. Fingers crossed that it stays cold and we don't get any rain. The base is still very thin and it will not take much warmth to kill off riding on many trails, especially the ones that go into town services.