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  1. Trail Report

    We received about 10" of new snow from Tuesday's storm in Stark. Light fluffy stuff that will probably pack down to a couple of inches. Should keep the March sun at bay for a few days, but this time of year, the snow goes fast. Not riding this coming weekend so will not be able to report conditions. Hopefully some others report.
  2. Trail Report

    It snowed all day adding another inch to our totals. We rode the Berlin trails and they were all groomed nice at the start of the day, but heavy traffic and temps around 30 were taking their toll. By the end of the day, some brown spots were showing up in open areas. More snow is forecast for this week and that is going to be needed to keep up with the strong March sun. Get it while you can.
  3. Trail Report

    We arrived in Stark on Friday night to 4-5" of new snow. The snow had some consistency to it so it should pack well. East of us in Berlin and Jefferson, they got 10" plus so that is where we are heading today. Driving up route 3 it did not appear that the west side of the state got much from the last storm. Only a few inches at the most. Will report back later on conditions.
  4. Trail Report

    After doing an inspection from the road, we decided there was no good riding to be had south of Rt. 110 so we decided to trailer over to Millsfield. Great decision. The trail elevation in Millsfield averages about 2,000 feet vs. average trail elevation in the Stark/Milan area of around 1,200 feet. Most of the Millsfield trails had an ice base with a few inches of corn snow on top. Temps topped out at 40 degrees with a warm sun so even on these trails, dirt was starting to show up in open areas and on south facing hills. We did 55 miles in the area and I would rate the riding at an 8 out of 10. There is snowstorm forecast for mid-next week. If that shows up, then I think the clubs between Rt. 2 and Rt. 110 can get back in the game . Otherwise its over for the season for these clubs. and the clubs north of Rt. 110 will not be far behind.
  5. Sno-Traveler story

    NHSA is living in the past. Snowmobile ownership has peaked and is slowly declining. Clubs have had to tighten their belts and its time for NHSA to do the same. They need to think about downsizing in a big way so more money stays with the clubs and is not spent by them. NHOHVA is a good model to follow. They are operating with a virtual office and quarterly meetings are held at schools or public buildings in various locations around the state. All communications are done via the Internet. The current system of county directors should be scrapped and replaced with direct input from the clubs. They can outsource the grass drags, get rid of the SnoTraveler, dump the office, have staff members work out of their homes and the entire operation can be run on less than $100k per year using the profit from the Grass Drags. No money at all from the clubs.
  6. Trail Report

    Unfortunately the Sunday snowstorm was a dud delivering just a couple of inches of snow. Not enough to make up for the meltdown that happened last Wednesday. Time for a snow dance. In the meantime, strap on some ice skates as lakes and ponds have some nice smooth ice.
  7. Trail Report

    After a picture perfect ride on Monday, temps went into the high 30's on Tuesday, but heavy fog and clouds kept these temps from doing much damage to the snow pack on Tuesday. Wednesday was another story. Temps started in the 50's and reached 64 in mid-afternoon with lots of sun before dropping back into the 40's in the late afternoon. Wednesday night temps went down below freezing but the damage was done. In open areas, we are down to bare ground, but in the woods there is still pretty good coverage. Most trails in the Stark and Milan area still have a base but it is very icy. We really need a storm to get back in the game, hopefully wet snow that will adhere to the ice.
  8. Trail Report

    Saturday we rode Stark, Berlin and Gorham trails. By the end of the day, it was getting icy in many spots and one of our riders did a 360 on Cor. 19 just south of Camp Loop Junction. Luckily no one injured and sled was not damaged. Saturday night we got 3" of new snow. Just what we needed to help cover up the ice. Sunday was great riding and several groomers in the area got out on Sunday night. We had what I would describe as a perfect ride on Monday through the trails in Nash Stream. All trails flat, no ice showing and clear blue skies. Monday night it rained with temps in the upper 30's. Today (Tuesday) it's still raining with temps in the low 40's and even warmer temps for Wed. Not sure what will be left. Will report back once the warmup is done.
  9. Trail Report

    You guys have done a great job this year. Having the Moose Brook trail closed does not help either. I was wondering why there were so many rental sleds at Northeast. Any idea why they closed their other rental locations?
  10. Trail Report

    Good news: We received 2-3" of new snow last night and today. Bad news: Trails are hammered. With the soft snow we expected things would not be that good so we decided to stay local and ride the trails in and around Jericho Park. Other than Camp Loop and Scenic view trails, it did not look like any trails south of Rt. 110 had been groomed by WMRR since Wednesday's storm. We headed to Gorham to get some gas and the Gorham club had groomed Cor. 19 and Cor. 12 last night. They were the best trails we rode today but they had seen a lot of traffic so they were far from perfect. 55 miles of bump and grind, but with the fresh snow, the scenery was outstanding. I expect the groomers will get out this week and pack this new snow down so it should be much better riding from mid next week on.
  11. Trail Report

    Did a 55 mile ride through the trails in Nash Stream Forest and the Stratford Bog area. Conditions were really nice and we ran into one of the Groveton Groomers out by Stratford Bog. Only problem is that the snow is very soft and it was already getting beat up with just a few yahoos following the groomer. But at least we have it and we are going to get out early on Saturday to enjoy it before it gets really torn up.
  12. Trail Report

    Arrived in Stark to a foot of new snow that had fallen since last Sunday. It's all powder but it gives the groomers a lot to work with. I saw that both the Twin and Groveton groomers had been out. Looking forward to a great ride tomorrow.
  13. Trail Report

    Snow totals: Twin 5", Whitefield 2", Lancaster 0", Groveton 0", Stark 4", Berlin 4", Gorham 2", Jefferson 3". Groomers were out and trails were great in Stark, Gorham, Berlin and Jefferson. Only beat up trail: About 5 miles of Cor 11 south of PT118. Looks like the groomer did not get to it when it was soft so moguls and stutter bumps are now frozen in place. Other than that 5 mile section, the other 70 miles we did today was perfect. Kudos to the clubs in this area for a job well done. Looks like they had the groomers out late last night and early this morning since the snow only finished yesterday afternoon.
  14. Trail Report

    Overnight in Stark the temps went into the 40's and it got very windy. The inch or two of crusty snow that had been covering up our icy base disappeared leaving glare ice in many spots. I would not recommend riding until we get some snow. Even if you can make it up the hills there will not be much loose snow for cooling or sliders. We are supposed to get some flurries this week and hopefully a storm on Friday. We need snow bad.
  15. Trail Report

    Headed south on PT109 to Cor. 11 and then took the power line trail to the Mt. View Grand for lunch. PT109 was still in great shape. The northern end of Cor. 11 was in great shape. The woods section of Cor. 11 was a little beat but not bad. The southern section of Cor. 11 past Pond of Safety had just been groomed by the Waumbek Club and was perfect. As we went south on Cor. 11, the main trail was plowed for logging so the snowmobile traffic was routed onto an alternate trail that runs next to the plowed road. This alternate trail was rough in several spots due to washouts. Once past the plowed logging road and back onto the trail, we started to run into ice until we hit the Rt. 2 crossing. I recommend avoiding this section of Cor. 11 for now by going to Lowes gas station and coming up 12A to get to Cor. 11. Once on the RR bed it was a speed limit ride on perfectly flat trail to Whitefield. We left the RR bed and took the powerline trail west. We met the Whitefield groomer on this trail trying to pull snow in to cover the ice. The powerline trail was flat but extremely icy. By the time we got to Mt. View Grand, our machines were overheating due to lack of loose snow. Had a great lunch then headed back east to Gorham. From Lowes gas station to Gorham, the RR bed (Cor. 12) was pretty bumped up but not terrible. We then took Cor. 19 north through Jericho Park. It also was also bumped up but being Sat. afternoon on a busy weekend, it was not unexpected. Overall we did 100 miles with 80% on great trails. I think the trails held up so well because they have a hard base. If we can get some new powder from some flurries this week, it would help a lot.