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  1. ATV / UTV tracks

    Can anyone tell me what the current laws are regarding the use of ATV's with tracks on snowmobile trails? I understand there is a width limit. I assume side by sides with tracks are off limits? Thanks
  2. Wanted

    Wanted, Propane tank 120- 300 gal ASME certified.
  3. 96 Doo parts

    Bunch of 96 vintage parts, including nice hood & complete chaincase with reverse. $250
  4. 1979 Yamaha 440 Exciter

    sold, thanks
  5. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    Nothing to add? Don't agree? Speak up, put your Big Boy Bike Shorts on & talk to us. This isn't HCS.
  6. 1979 Yamaha 440 Exciter

    Sled was completely gone through about three years ago, ridden little since. $995
  7. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    The trails would not be useable for them without grooming, so they should contribute in some way. To those of you that have no issue with it, tell me that after you come up behind a group of them going 5mph & they ignore you rather than let you pass. Happens on the roads every day in summertime.
  8. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    I don't see why they should be allowed without contributing to the trail system. And if they ride the trails like they do the roads, ( not getting out of the way ) I expect problems. Last summer I followed a group down the road, I was cautious in passing because two were riding side by side. They went down a hill & clicked pedals, one almost went down, had I been passing at that time I would have hit him. They should get the hell outa the way !!
  9. Crossfire cover 136"

    sold, thanks
  10. 20 year gun

    Very nice, the knife also. Post pics when you get them mounted.
  11. 75 Kitty cat ignition switch problem

    Alpha sports . com for Kitty diagrams back to the first, 72.
  12. Crossfire cover 136"

  13. Bed liners

    Done the others, rubber mats now, & NO HAND SIGNALS !!
  14. used 15x136x1.25 track

    Thanks & nice to meet you !!
  15. used 15x136x1.25 track

    pm sent