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  1. Hi all, It's been a while since I've visited SledNH, but you guys have always been a terrific source of info. I am hoping to head north from SOS/OVSC system to Gorham tomorrow (saturday, the 2nd of March), and wanted to know if anyone had input on the trail conditions along the way. I rode a short distance on the corridor 19 rails last weekend to get over to OVSC, and they were brutal due to low snow. Have they improved since last weekend? Would you recommend the ride all the way to Gorham, or am I better off staying local to OVSC and SOS systems? Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!
  2. could the snow finally be starting to fall??

    OMG, this post is awesome. I'm going to interpret it as "it's gonna snow like hell". Just watch out for the "cat poop"
  3. I'm planning a sledding trip to the Pittsburg area with 3 other guys (a total of 4 of us), and am looking for some good recommendations on places to stay. Historically, we've rented rooms in the lodge at Sportsmans Lodge, but they don't rent rooms in the lodge anymore. Can anyone make additional recommendations? We'd love a place that served meals on-site, but can do our own cooking if need be (but that is definitely not ideal). I would like to get 3 rooms (two of us would like to have our own room and two will be sharing a room). Trip Dates: March 8/9/10 for two nights (Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th). Any suggestions?
  4. Ossipee to Gorham

    Hi everyone. I am planning on heading to Gorham from Ossipee. I seem to recall that it is 19 all the way up, but haven't done the trip in a few years. Any hints, suggestions, and/or cautions from anyone? How about suggestions on places to eat once I arrive? Thanks in advance for the help
  5. We have been all waiting!

    Hoping it made it up north. About to head out and clear my driveway in Wellesley MA of what looks like about 18".
  6. Thanks for the great reporting. I had never been to the PRR or SDR systems until this year. My 5 best days of riding this season were all up your way! Thanks to everyone who helped with grooming, warming hut duties, trail work, trail reporting, and everything else that goes into supporting a great trail system.
  7. Officially official

    I agree. It is DEFINITELY Dave's fault.
  8. Is winter over?

    Ended my season on Saturday with a 160 mile ride around PRR and SDR trails including a trip to the Snowdeo. Awesome trip, but brought my sleds in to the dealer for summerization on Sunday. I'm done. Bring on the boating.
  9. Hey Lotus

    Great ride with both of you guys. I know it was a rough finish to the day, but I certainly feel like I got my money's worth for the day.
  10. 2009 Ski Doo 1200xr 4-tec X-package . . . Mint!

    He means that if he had a Ski-doo XR when we rode the 160 miles in the 'Burg on Saturday instead of his F6, he wouldn't be in such bad shape today that he starts crying every time he has to walk up a small set of stairs.
  11. 2009 Ski Doo 1200xr 4-tec X-package . . . Mint!

    I felt great on Sunday! Time to upgrade, Dan.
  12. From Last Season Riders in the OVSC System

    Wow, can't believe that was almost exactly one year ago!! I found this picture from last winter of my camp in Freedom a couple of weeks before the video was taken. Winter WILL return some day!
  13. who esle is going up this weekend

    Be there on Saturday for the day....
  14. First Connecticut Lake Weather & Trail Report.

    Unfortunately, I will only be able to come up for Saturday when the rest of the world is there. However, I'd rather be riding in traffic on beat up trails than sitting on my ass THINKING about it.