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  1. Livingston's is the best. I have bought from other NH Cat dealers in the past but will travel over an hour to them for their service and knowledge. I have purchased many sleds from Steve. Good honest company.
  2. For Sale - D&D Turbo Power Can Stage 1 for 2009 - 2010 Z1 Turbo. New in January 2012. Excellent condition. About 500 miles on it. Stock sound but adds 12HP. Ceramic Coated $200.00
  3. Have a Happy Birthday.

  4. If you buy a Quebec trail pass, the $500,000 liabilty insurance is part of that. Most policies in the states that I am aware of have $300,000 liabilty limits but probably have higher limits available. Someone with insurance knowledge may be helpful with this.
  5. Quebec is also having a free weekend, Feb 11-12 2012. You must have public liability insurance of $500,000. More info on
  6. I owned 2 F-7's. One was an 03 Sno Pro and the other was an 04 Nightfire. I put over 4500 miles on both sleds w/ very few issues. I put Powder Pros on both sleds w/ 7.5" Shaper bars and handling was greatly improved w/ this set up. Also had 4th wheel kits on both. They come through oil rich but if you know how to adjust the oil, they use considerable less oil without issues. As mentioned let them warm up completely before becoming throttle happy. They are very fast w/ my 03 having a little more top end. They do require rider input but that adds to the fun. I consistantly got 12-14 miles per gallon w/ both sleds. Looking back they were fun but you knew you were on them after a 200 mile ride. Having gone to rider forward, I would never go back - but I am alot older now.
  7. 1374 hours
  8. 1995 Malibu Response. Color is white , black and 2 tone blue. Engine is Mercruiser 5.7L Tournament Ski, fuel injected, 265 horsepower. This boat has many accessories and options. Included is custom trailer, cover, Joystick wakeboard tower, barefoot boom, Perfect Pass Digital Pro Version 6.5NG, 2 outlet heater, 4 speaker stereo CD, Fat Sack is available for wakeboarders. Boat has been meticulously cared for and have maintenance records. . Freshwater use only. Boat has been always on a lift in the water. Gelcoat is in great shape, no bubbles. Interior is in great condition for a 15 year old boat. If you are a competitive skier, the slalom and trick wakes are first class. Add the fat sack and the boat is a capable wakeboard boat. Asking $11495.00
  9. April 1 (April Fools) Just like this year's snowmobile season!!
  10. I have an older set of /cat saddle bags that will probably fit. They are about year 2000-2002, excellent shape. You will need new buckles that attach to skid - most Cat dealers have them. Will let them go cheap if you want them. Send me a pm.
  11. Sold!!
  12. Price reduced to $3600.00
  13. 2004 F7 Nightfire EFI One owner, 4300 miles, many extras including ISoVibes, 4 wheel kit, 7 .5” shaper bars, , spare belt, mirrors, new hyfax, trunk bag, Premium Nightfire cover ( not canvas) , ODS Clutch Kit . 12V acc, Plug, cross country grip plates. All updates & service bulletins performed, shocks rebuilt @ 3600 miles, Every thing in excellent condition. $3900.00 .