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  1. Christmas bulbs

    Please …. I wanna break some bulbs !
  2. Slowly collecting parts

    Nice work snorander, you sure do take great care of the old gems
  3. Pittsburg Snow Machine.

    Probably 4 feet now, best conditions I have ridden in years for a Saturday this past weekend, lots of people went to the Snow fest, parade of lights was also a huge success Tip O' the helmet to all the groomers and club volunteers that make it all happen
  4. Attn Attn Attn

    Sweet ….. breaking Christmas lights !!!!
  5. Trails in the Swift Diamond riders area are open today with good to great conditions ! Only SDR is open as of today, no riding in the Burg, Errol, & Ski Bees trails yet. Please obey all trail closed signs. There is also a logging operation at the clubhouse, please use caution around the logging vehicles.
  6. Youth rider

    If the sled has heated grips, you don't want thick gloves or mittens. I would also stay away from gauntlets at that age. Dexterity is very important, gloves with insulation on the back of the hand are the best, use chemical hand warmers as a supplemental heating source also I put them in my pockets activated before I ride, if your hands get cold you can stop and put your hands in your pockets and warm them up quickly . I also use them for my cell phone and camera in my pockets.
  7. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I was not that impressed this year, I was going to go on Friday, but plans got changed. Got a late start yesterday, got off exit 6 on 101 around 9:30 ... made it almost to Martin road and traffic was almost not moving, had to park in the last field and walk a mile to the back gate, only one ticket booth open. Took around 45 minutes just for that. No Eklunds Motorsports this year and they changed the layout of the event, did see some PS1000 qualifying, and some of the Rave X show, I don't recall seeing any water skip races ?? Looked at the new sleds and bought some items I needed from a few vendors, by 2:30 you almost could not move around, it was that crowded, we left, and there was a line of people still trying to get in and still traffic on Martin road. I will not be going on Saturday again, and I will not be going with a group again. I forgot to mention the mud, my buddy camps every year, they had to get towed in and probably will get towed out.
  8. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I am going on Friday this year, hoping for less of a crowd. PS100 shootout qualifying is around 4:00 pm
  9. * official old pic thread*

    The Burg, trail 112 ?? Here is one of my trusty old 700
  10. I remember 20 years ago when Nascar races where hard to get a ticket at any track …. fast forward to today, you can get a good ticket day of the show anywhere .. change the rules, and the hierarchy and a generational change to boot .... poof … sport is changed forever, and not for the better. JMO I only plan on riding a sled a couple more years and, then I am moving south … politics in anything is BAD … period. I will support my local club only, whatever it costs. Not the NHSA any longer. I don't need your discount Thank you concerned member
  11. Put mine away this year with 1440 miles for the season
  12. Drone view of fireworks show

    Me too, a great perspective on the area thanks for posting it
  13. NHSA bylaws changes

    ,Reading the latest Sno-traveler, it seems the bylaws are being restructured due to the Attorney generals findings It says they are in the final steps, and the NEW bylaws will not be available to the public until they approve them, and then a special meeting will be held in the later part of April. At which time they will be publicly presented, reviewed, and voted on... all at one meeting ? Will there be membership/club input before the vote ???
  14. NHSA bylaws changes

    Thanks for that reply Larry I am unfortunately at the point where I don't care what happens .. It is unfortunate that the dedicated, hardworking members are left in the dark .. This sport needs a new leadership and focus on using the registration money for what is best for the sport period ... and not based on membership dues. The income from these 2 recreational sports is really important to northern NH. The North country and Concord are on two different paths. IMHO I am a member of both associations .. while the ATV/UTV people are still new to this game, the NHSA has been around for a long time and knows the game We need to put local concerns at the forefront and move forward as one group of dedicated supporters
  15. Drone view of fireworks show

    Nice work rossi46, that is really well done
  16. Hope this storm gives the Burg more than a few inches ... the lower elevations need it bad plenty of snow in the northern part of the system for good riding left, put on 150 miles Sunday and Monday morning came back across Lake Francis and brought the 1200 up to 100 for a bit, glare ice with a dusting of snow .... felt great Back Lake shootout March 17th ... 600 HP turbo's on the entry list ... I just cracked 1000 miles for the season, hope to add a few more this weekend
  17. lights

    yeah I wanna break some light's ...
  18. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    Today's update sucks ..... other than some really cold temps for opening weekend hopefully the lake will be in play .... plus the weather forecasts are subject to change
  19. Looking ahead at the forecast, nothing really exciting to report at this time ... temps look better for sure. I am being optimistic that I will be riding in Pittsburg on Dec. 16th, only done it once before, last year ... I will be there either way, new tradition, boots on the ground opening day... got to put on the early season skis, in case its a little bony.
  20. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    After looking at the post again I would say yes ... way north and west of Rangeley
  21. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    Probably gonna need it... there is always Back Lake if there is enough ice, that is my back up plan. just saw that people are riding north of Rangeley Maine already ...
  22. What to look at in a 2011 Summit

    I am not familiar with the Summit, but those 800 P-Tek motors need to be checked over, ask me how I know. mileage, maintenance, appearance and overall general condition are the best indicators, and any modifications in general should be dealer quality. Mountain sleds can lead rough lives... IMHO
  23. Ski-Cab

    Since the unit is on a Bearcat, I would think it is for the trail grooming sled user... not recreational use.