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  1. Is this a weather forum-website or a SLED forum?

    The weather has a lot to do with this sport....... ummm..... as a matter of fact it has everything to do with this sport dont like the posts ....dont read them ....
  2. If you stayed home this week end this is what you missed

    Pics from this past Sunday & Monday in the Burg
  3. If you stayed home this week end this is what you missed

    I have no business interest up North .... except snowmobiling stay home and complain ...there is no riding anywhere, the internet has it's advantages & disadvantages I put on 370 miles in SDR & Pittsburg from Saturday till yesterday, if its winter, there is riding up in the mountains about 25 miles were crap .... in town. There were plenty of people in town for vaction, gas at Youngs and Dorman no problem ... hopefully the snow forecast will open up the state and get the non business areas of NH some riding ...... If you need to be told the conditions are good ... save your money ... try golfing
  4. Many thanks to Keith and all the groomers, you guys always amaze me Just got home after 3 days in the Burg, 370 miles 90% on perferct flat as a pancake trails today we got first track up 5 north to 145 east, 144 west, and back around to a freshly groomed boundry pond trail !!! Keep up the good work and pray for snow !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I would say more people see it under the general forum ....
  6. Go Pats!!!

    Interception 31 - 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If you happen to be in Pittsburg this Saturday, stop by the clubhouse for a great meal !! Turkey & all the fixin's, soda, coffee and desert The Pittsburg Ridge Runners clubhouse is located on Dickson Lane off Back Lake road by the Artic Cat dealer on RT# 3 Hope to see you there
  8. What are good snowmobile gloves for cold weather ?

    Ski-Doo has some new ones for 2013 they look real nice, they are clear on top so you can see the switches $55.00
  9. Grampy's Drive-In (Pittsburg)

    I ate there Saturday, steak sub and chilli fries, my buddy had a double bacon burger, the food was great the location is great and being able to use the cell in the Burg is a welcome addition !!! It looks like its going to be a popular spot this season, I wish them the best of luck and a big thank you for the cell phone service !!! I will be back for sure
  10. Thanks Keith, and thanks to all the groomers and PRR staff I cant wait to get there this weekend
  11. I would put fresh gas in it with some sort of stabilizer in it, I use Marvel Mystery oil start it up and let it run for a while, if it idles and revs Ok you should be all set ride it, dont waste your money
  12. In doing a little research, a week or so ago 12" snowfall events are not very typical around First Connecticut Lake, maybe 1 per month, up in the elevation probably more often 15" acumulations almost never happen, chance is around .01 per month this is based on 20 years of snow data from NOAA if Pittsburg does get 12+ inches, we will definitely be above average for December the historical data center seems to be down right now, or I would post the link Anywhoo ... I will take what ever mother nature has to offer, I will be up Friday night for some early season riding this weekend, that reminds me to pick up a Turkey for the new years dinner, and drop it at the clubhouse
  13. Thanks for the updates Mark, sleds are loaded and ready for next weekend !!!!
  14. WoHoo - Game On!

    Lets remember boys and girls, this is early season riding .... YOU will be the first ones on the trails and find all of the hazards first, yes, the groomers can open a trail but conditions change by the hour up north, and and with no real base set up yet the trails will be fragile, so please ride with care and keep the track spinning for later in the season...... Also please support the Pittsburg Ridge Runners, club memberships are great but donations can be done anytime, the groomer jar is great way to say thank you for a good ride
  15. Katahdin Gear

    I have had my Katahdin jacket for several years, paid $100 it still looks like new and keeps me plenty warm The truth is you do not need to spend $200-300 a piece for decent gear IMHO
  16. who got a new sled for the season?!!

    I have a new to me 2008 MXZ X 600 SDI, after my brand new short block 800 blew up on me, for the second time last year, I had to downgrade from a 2010 to 2008. I am hoping to have this one for a few years
  17. The boys 06 Crossfire

    Nice .... I can see the Superman seat grabs already .... very handy when hanging on for dear life LOL Now lets get thru this storm with no damage and get a nice deep frost going ....
  18. 2013 NHSA Super Raffle..

    The Pittsburg Ridge Runners are raffling off a new Ski-Doo
  19. Trailer 2004 Sno Pro V-Nose

    How much you asking for it
  20. I believe you can call and have the registration forms mailed to you, and then mail them back. I have some friends that do this every year. It is also in plain english in the rules document ..... Registrations may also be purchased at Fish and Game Headquarters or through the mail by contacting Fish and Game at 603-271-4300.
  21. ATV topic

    More news about the effort to get the Northern loop open County Urged to Market ATV Trail System October 16, 2012 Barbara Tetreault The Berlin Daily Sun LANCASTER – As efforts to make Coos County a destination place for ATV riders move forward, a key proponent of the sport is concerned that no agency is overseeing marketing the trail network. Harry Brown, of the North Country OHRV Coalition, said the ATV trail network in the county represents the single greatest economic development effort underway in the county today. At last week’s monthly meeting of the Coos County Commission, he urged the commission to take over marketing Coos County for ATV riding. “This is truly an economic development effort,” he said. Brown noted that the various clubs are working to develop an ATV loop that will allow riders to travel from Berlin through the Thirteen Mile Woods to Pittsburg and then through Stratford and Nash Stream Forest to Berlin and the Jericho Mountain State Park. Umbagog National Wildlife Manager Paul Casey reported that Fish and Wildlife Service has reached an agreement with the state Division of Forests and Lands to do a land swap that would allow the trail between Success and Errol to go through. The refuge would swap an approximately 80-acre parcel on the proposed trail for a super easement on the 130-acre Big Island State Forest in Wentworth Location. Casey said the agreement is now undergoing legal review by the parties. Brown updated the commission on connecting trail work underway in the Pittsburg-Colebrook region and reported he will be meeting next month with the Nash Stream Citizens Advisory Commission. He said the clubs have made huge progress on the loop and there are just little steps left to complete. But he emphasized it is important to get the route complete as soon as possible so it can be listed on promotional materials. Brown said Coos County offers ATV enthusiasts a unique experience that simply can’t be replicated in the southern part of the state. He said unlike the 500-mile Hatfield-McCoy Trail system in West Virginia, in Coos County riders can drive right to motels and restaurants on their ATVs. He said the county has an awesome opportunity to attract riders from across New England. Commissioner Paul Grenier said there is a significant effort underway in Berlin, where he serves as mayor, to provide ATV access. He said there has been little resistance. Grenier said the N.H.Trails Bureau oversees constructing and maintaining trails. He said he believes the N.H. Grand marketing effort and the county’s chambers of commerce should head up the promotion of the sport with the county playing a role. Grenier suggested all the ATV clubs form a Coos County conference and work with the state Department of Resources and Economic Development and N.H. Grand to develop a coordinated marketing effort. Brown noted there is an ATV collation but said it is concerned mainly with putting together the trail system. He said the clubs are stretched thin creating the trails or what he termed the playground. He said is up to some other entity to promotion the county for ATV users. Commissioner Tom Brady noted the loop does not extend to the southwestern part of the county. He said if the county is going to spend county dollars, the effort must be county-wide. Brown said he feels some entity needs to take the lead on marketing the ATV potential of the region. “I think it’s a huge opportunity,” he said. Commission Chairman Burnham Judd said there is agreement about the economic potential ATV use holds for the North Country. Brady said as part of his family’s business, he travels to a lot of camping shows. He said gets a lot of questions about ATV trails in the county. Sheriff Gerard Marcou said there needs to be some changes in state law to allow the use of side-by-side ATVs on state ATV trails.
  22. Whoa.....Quake!

    Here you go ....
  23. Mass Snowmobile Expo

    I went with a group yesterday, everybody came out with a bag of snowmobile stuff, it is not a large show, but there are deals to be found if you look. Plenty of used sleds for sale, vintage display and a few dealers. I will keep supporting the show as long as they have it, but I only live 15 minutes away.
  24. nh grass drags

    Had a great time today, good food, plenty of racing and tons of snowbiles & gear !! The weather was fine and tomorrow looks good. A big "Thank You" to all the volunteers, clubs, vendors and the NHSA for putting on a great event.
  25. nh grass drags

    Will do .... I will have my Doo Crew t-shirt on, and my HCS hat that says Nor'easter on it. say hello if you see me.