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  1. Oil and coolant

    Those sleds will run non synthetic Ski-Doo oil, and any type of generic coolant, Peak, Prestone etc.
  2. Grass drags- who went?

    I was there Saturday, too warm and dusty for me in the afternoon, before noon it was great though Plenty of deals and good racing
  3. Winter is just around the conner?

    Innacuweather I will start caring about the weather pattern in December
  4. Great video ckf, amazing colors already !
  5. Official SledNH weather thread

    Was chilly in the Burg Saturday morning, felt like fall for sure, some trees starting to show some color
  6. Litter

    Went out on the UTV this past weekend in Pittsburg, there was a lot less trash this year compared to years past. Bud light cans were the #1 choice up here
  7. SLEDNH plate

    I saw this one at the SDR warming hut a couple of years ago .. the person with the plate is not a member here
  8. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people will be with children with them, If your are a very experienced rider who wants to do a little exploring... I guess I can understand that, but I personally don't like off trail riding, nor do I encourage it, but when you drag a bunch of children who don't know any better into it .. that is just plain stupid. IMHO
  9. Ny guy lost in the burg

    Missed you at the turkey dinner Mark, Helga was busy as usual... Many thanks to all the club volunteers, I for one truly appreciate it
  10. Ny guy lost in the burg

    Saw his mother and father at Young's Sunday morning, they were very thankful to everyone who helped with the search, Including several of his family and friends that drove up to Pittsburg Saturday night and went out on snowshoes and sleds to find him. I was very happy to hear of his safe rescue, brought tears to my eyes talking to his parents, everyone is capable of making a mistake on the trails, at least he had the common sense to run the machine to keep him warm, had to get towed back because it ran out of gas.
  11. Fatal snomobile accidend, Boundry Pond. 1/26/2017

    Just read about it on Masslive website 21 years old from Franklin Mass very tragic, RIP
  12. Whats up Denny ... hoping to put a few miles on myself this weekend
  13. Favorite sled of all time?

    Awesome pic sledaholic .. love the flames
  14. Early start in The Burg !

    Several people reported good conditions for early season, and not much traffic in the Burg this weekend a few guys got over 100 miles in one day
  15. Pre-studded track vs studded!

    Several riding buddy's have the prestudded tracks and have no complaints about traction, plus you eliminate the chance of traditional studs tearing out or breaking IMHO unless you are a frequent lake racer, the prestudded tracks are the way to go
  16. Early start in The Burg !

    Quite a few clubs are using Facebook to post conditions, it is the new normal in the digital age. Even if you don't have a FB account you can check most club FB pages from a link on their club page There is a FB link at the very bottom of the PRRSC website, and larger one's on any page other than the home page
  17. Dootalk

    Worked fine for me this morning
  18. Favorite sled of all time?

    My favorite sled is the one I own now ...2016 1200 Renegade best riding sled I have ever ridden, quiet & comfortable ... the old bombers were fun but just cant compare to the new tech
  19. Weather prediction 16/17

    Did someone say Nor'easter ???? I like the sound of that
  20. What are you riding this season?

    Nice looking sled John, say hello to Larry for me if you see him .. only put 325 miles on my 2016 1200 last year, hoping for much better this year
  21. Fall Foliage at 1st CT Lake

    Nice work !
  22. Out of touch

    I would say the price is not surprising, 1 off, Hirth mod in perfect collector condition ... probably not many like that one
  23. Trailer Spring Broken

    Nice work leaf springs often stress crack like that after they get old had the same thing happen on my buddy's old camper on the side of RT. 290 on the way to New Hampshire speedway had to micky rig a cable style come along to get back on the road
  24. The "NEWEST signs in NH !

    Nice work