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  1. lights

    yeah I wanna break some light's ...
  2. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    Today's update sucks ..... other than some really cold temps for opening weekend hopefully the lake will be in play .... plus the weather forecasts are subject to change
  3. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    After looking at the post again I would say yes ... way north and west of Rangeley
  4. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    Probably gonna need it... there is always Back Lake if there is enough ice, that is my back up plan. just saw that people are riding north of Rangeley Maine already ...
  5. What to look at in a 2011 Summit

    I am not familiar with the Summit, but those 800 P-Tek motors need to be checked over, ask me how I know. mileage, maintenance, appearance and overall general condition are the best indicators, and any modifications in general should be dealer quality. Mountain sleds can lead rough lives... IMHO
  6. Looking ahead at the forecast, nothing really exciting to report at this time ... temps look better for sure. I am being optimistic that I will be riding in Pittsburg on Dec. 16th, only done it once before, last year ... I will be there either way, new tradition, boots on the ground opening day... got to put on the early season skis, in case its a little bony.
  7. Ski-Cab

    Since the unit is on a Bearcat, I would think it is for the trail grooming sled user... not recreational use.
  8. Oil and coolant

    Those sleds will run non synthetic Ski-Doo oil, and any type of generic coolant, Peak, Prestone etc.
  9. Grass drags- who went?

    I was there Saturday, too warm and dusty for me in the afternoon, before noon it was great though Plenty of deals and good racing
  10. Winter is just around the conner?

    Innacuweather I will start caring about the weather pattern in December
  11. Great video ckf, amazing colors already !
  12. Official SledNH weather thread

    Was chilly in the Burg Saturday morning, felt like fall for sure, some trees starting to show some color
  13. Litter

    Went out on the UTV this past weekend in Pittsburg, there was a lot less trash this year compared to years past. Bud light cans were the #1 choice up here
  14. SLEDNH plate

    I saw this one at the SDR warming hut a couple of years ago .. the person with the plate is not a member here