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  1. Joining club

    Can go to a dealer and do it or do have to do it by email ?
  2. O/T motorcycle service

    Just did Rob thankyou
  3. O/T motorcycle service

    Yes Rob why what's up ?
  4. O/T motorcycle service

    Anyone have info on service work MOM'S of Manchester good or bad experiences dropping bike of there not sure of there work tho Thanks
  5. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    They shouldn't be allowed period pay a fee or just stay off I'm not a kid im 46 yrs old and been riding since i was a kid but we the snowmobile have to walk on glass when we pass people like this and they give us no respect I'm sick of all the do gooders. They want to ride our groomed trails then pay a club fee and trail pass just lume us to the clubs for there time in the groomers rant over
  6. Good trailer dealer?

    X2 for Tilton trailer Joe is great
  7. You can go to the Caribbean... or...

    Ha I just came home yesterday from the carribean an rode today went from 85°with 80% humidity to 20° cold weather never felt better to be home
  8. boots

    Snowmobile boots sorry
  9. boots

    Who makes a wide boot ?
  10. Many unregistered trail users...

    To some it's cheaper for the fine than it is to register and take the chance of a fine its not right but today people don't have the funds to reg and take the chance if they get away with it then they rode for free this year. me i have 3 sleds and one wallet not easy but there's nothing like being legal
  11. G Max helmet for sale

    Thankyou still have if anyone is interested
  12. G Max helmet for sale

    Can somebody fix my pictures I can't turn them thankyou
  13. G Max helmet for sale

    Size large worn one season double shield bag from non smoking / pet home son out grew $75 obo thanks dave 6039309032
  14. Everyone is riding.

    haven't even registered yet.
  15. sled ramps

    I think it will void warranty but I want it for my 3rd sled(youngest son ) witch is a 380 with no studs it's a lot cheaper than buying a 4 place look at the Web page it might tell you about studs and they have a video