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  1. I promise it will be worth your time. July 16th & 17th at the Lancaster NH fairgrounds.
  2. Anyone order a new sled?

    If the right F8 deal comes along. RADs loaner made me a believer in the Barney. Since I bought the 2004 Legend for Ricky, I need a sled to go with him. Not about to head for parts unknown on my 79. But just so you know I am still a vintage nut, I am working on obtaining this Scorpion Sidewinder. Because I dig it.
  3. Anyone order a new sled?

    I want a Thundercat so bad I can taste it. But responsible adulthood has it's drawbacks, chief among them being financially stable. I will settle for a decent 2008 and up Barney F8. They ride and handle well enough for the money.
  4. Back in the hospital

    I am very happy for you Rob. You are a fortunate guy to have beaten the odds. Live well, long, and have fun doing it!
  5. No way North from Wolfeboro & south?

    I am not certain of where the rails will be closed, but I was offered club passage on a road that runs parallel to the tracks from the crossing on old 171 south to a point behind the RV store. (Used to be Winnipesaukee something?) If that land is still owned by that person, I am positive he would sign a trail permissions slip. If the 7 lakes trailmaster wants to pursue it, PM me.
  6. http://maine.craigslist.org/snw/4983087402.html
  7. Moultonborough Snow?

    I haven't been there, but Tamworth should end up with 12 to 13 inches or so....guessing Moultonborough will be in the 10 to 12 range by the end.
  8. Moose Mountain Vintage Show

    I would......except I have 44 plowing accounts...
  9. Potential Big Storm

    Snow to sleet to ice to maybe rain is what I am seeing. Oh well, at least I can go sand. The 24th is supposed to be a rain to snow event?
  10. Moose Mountain Vintage Show

    BTW, we might get a good dump around the 24th..which sucks, because all I have is an open trailer. Not about to lug the Tigger 25 miles in slop and salt on an open....
  11. Moose Mountain Vintage Show

    My 79 F/A 5000 El Tigre. Not the best one, but I love it to death!
  12. Moose Mountain Vintage Show

    I hope to be there and go on the ride. If the trails are worthy. Might even run the hill on the 5000.
  13. Polly's crossing road will be plowed for logging operations this winter. Pass at your own risk.
  14. 20 year gun

    Awesome! 20 years....?
  15. Would need to bear that in mind when fabbing the track system, for sure.