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  1. * official old pic thread*

    January 5, 2007 slednh group ride, (fast group)
  2. Thank you everyone for your kind words everyone. I cleaned the aluminum up with lightly running a Scotchbrite pad over it, then some steel wool (lightly) and then polished it with Mothers Aluminum Polish. Mostly by hand. Cleaning these things up for my kids is how "relax" I did an 04 REV 600 a few years ago for my older daughters
  3. Hi guys and gals. I have been going through a 2000 Polaris 340 that I bought for my daughter over the summer and recently finished. She is coming off a 2004 Polaris 120 with a few upgrades (clutch, gearing, in-take, jetting, etc.) but she got too big for it so it was sold. The new sled was in rough shape when purchased. It sat under a tarp for three years on a trailer and made a nice home for many small woodland creatures. We added a little fresh fuel sprayed a small blast of starting fluid and she fired, even idled (kinda'). The electric start worked as did the heated grips and all the lighting so $450 later she was in the back of the truck and headed home. After the eviction of the aforementioned woodland creatures the transformation began... The only parts replaced were the slides, carbides and grips. I figure I have between 30 and 40 hours into making her what she is today. This weekend should be the maiden voyage.
  4. Snow in the forecast, and I am totaly not ready

    If it makes you feel any better I haven't gotten my sleds out of the trailer yet. I have been getting my daughters new to us 200 Polaris 340 cleaned up and ready to go for the past month. I never even finished doing my leaves!
  5. Wanted: Polaris black plastic skis

    LOL Great observation noxorc! Coolers for the boat in the summer, a fridge is just outside of the frame of the picture. Thanks for worrying about me though! LOL
  6. Wanted: Polaris black plastic skis

    I picked up a 2000 Polaris 340 for my 12 year old daughter over the summer and am just now finishing up getting it ready. The steel skis currently on the machine are in good shape but if I am being honest.... I loath steel skis. With that said, does anyone have a pair of black plastic ones that will fit and they are willing to part with?
  7. CABIN RENTAL in Central NH Baker River Area...on trail.

    Use my sleds...ummm... nahhhh..... LOL Thanks for getting back to me though. What town is your cabin in/near? I used to live in NH and am failrly familiar with most of the state but its been 15 years so I am drawing a blank with the "Baker River area description
  8. CABIN RENTAL in Central NH Baker River Area...on trail.

    I may be interested in the cabin for myself at some point but currently a friend of mine is interested but would need to rent sleds for the family. Are there any places close by that rent machines and gear?
  9. Hi David.  I rented from you a few years back and was wondering if you are still doing this.  I, along with friends of mine are interested in renting.  Please let me know.  Thanks,


    Mike DeLuco

  10. My desk view today

  11. I have had this same unit for years wtih the RAM mount. awesome awesome awesome product!
  12. Polaris

    link didnt work?
  13. Little ride in southern VT this past Sauturday.

    The yellow 04 Rev ran great. It took a lot of elbow grease tho to get it to look the way it looks today. I bought it from an old highschiool friend of 20 years ago. It spent the last 2 years under a tarp ina barn and was covered in dust, pine needles and cobwebs! It was his kids sled and didn't ride it much. It had 2130 miles on it when I bought it. Mechanically I replaced the boots and reeds and fixed the kill switch which was nonfunctional. I added the skid plate, rear bag and a new flap and it was good to go. It ran great and handled good as well.