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  1. Another bust of a storm in Southern NH.  I can't justify the decision to increase registration fees again when there is barely any snow, and fish and game have not fulfilled their promise to get online registration up and running. Ii'll be holding off on registering in NH until there is snow on our clubs trail system. :unsure:

  2. I am horrified by this Jeff. The freight train is coming. And HQ wants clubs that want to use there online sales to sign off that no matter what happens, you agree not to go to the ag office, state of NH, F&G or anyone other than Tilton brass to discuss your issue. Then you will be considered a problem, and ignored. Registering in Maine only, is looking better and better.
  3. Apparently its over, the clubs just got a giant f you from NHSA and NHF&G. Our notification came from the Tilton brass on Thursday that only the NHSA voucher will be accepted as proof of membership for the registration discount. There goes 50% or more of our satellite sales member source . We do not want to buy devices to put at all the locations and can't expect the agents to deal with that part of it. This is the beginning of the end for many clubs and sadly it seems that our association is single minded in there quest for total control of all the clubs, and anything related to rules and registration. I was scolded once before for making negative comments about the association and told that there is a proper chain to address the issues. Well see how that works, many people rallied against this rule and showed the impact on the clubs, trying to stop the impending freight train of power hungry people. The system does not work. I am disappointed, and having a tough time staying positive about the NHSA, and the NHF&G. Thank you to all who lobbied hard to stop this ruling, and most importantly good luck to all the clubs in dealing with this obstacle.
  4. NHSA Bonus Program

    The $12 rate has been paid to the money trailer people for a few years now. I asked the president about it several years ago , and she also was unaware of this policy at the time.. That must be why the event is budgeted for a $12 rate, by the board.
  5. Special Meeting

    I am disappointed with the outcome of this meeting. As always the vote passes, the good old boys and all there 66 sheep are happy. The rest of us are supposed to be happy with the process and outcome once again. So sad.
  6. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    I just don't know what to say. Bob was a great man. He truly was an ambassador for the sport, and one of the best guys out there. Peace be with him and his family.
  7. Sooooo where are we now after the 4/4 meeting with F&G? Do we need to once again figure out how to proceed with membership business moving forward ? Its getting old trying to come up with a new solution every time the association tries to push there agenda. Why not concentrate on unifying the association and clubs and stop pushing the issue of ultimate control over everything.
  8. Skip has lost his mate!

    Sorry for your loss Skip.
  9. Special Meeting

    What is everyone's feelings on voting in the new revised by-laws for NHSA. This is a critical vote and we can not afford to be misguided on this item. I like most of the by-law rewrite but the fact that the rules of business are not part of the vote is very suspect. The rules of business should be part of the package we are voting for. If this goes through as is, the board would be able to change any rule they want without it going to the clubs. How do you feel about this?
  10. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    Thanks a lot all you off trail riders who think that its ok to ride on private property! Your selfishness just cost a club there valuable trail. Good job. Lets here you guys rant about how you have a right to ride wherever you want with no repercussions!! Ridiculous!!!!!
  11. Club membership requirement

    Am I understanding this correctly that there is a snafu with the association charging $10 per member as well as the $30 club membership fee. I may be way off base on this but the wording on item 24 of the states discontinuance order has me confused. The order seems to apply to the online side of the portal. What about the tons of members I have entered into the portal that are not from the NHSA online system. Not trying to create a war here but I need some clarity for our club.
  12. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    Mill Steel in Manchester. They have everything steel you could ever need.
  13. Grass drags- who went?

    Really, lawn mower racing. What does that have to do with snowmobiling ? And to dump the sno-cross crew for that. Sometimes changes ruin a good thing. The water cross was second to none.
  14. NHSA membership portal

    George, it turns out that we were frozen out of the entire system,( not just the online sales side ). It was NOT for non payment but because the system was updated and now without warning, any membership administrator who is still using there personal e-mail as the login for there club AND has that same e-mail address listed for there own membership will be frozen out of the system. So any membership administrators who have been doing the same thing, you need to set up CLUB e-mails to access the portal system. If you have this problem call Stephanie at the office. She will help you with the solution. Luckily our club had just assigned new club e-mails to all our officers so we are halfway to the permanent fix.
  15. NHSA membership portal

    Rob, our check was sent with the club information packet the same day I received the mailing from the office. Previously I attempted to physically go to Tilton and pay our club dues in person. Luckily I called first and was told they can not accept dues until the packets were mailed out from the office and filled out completely. Good thing as I would have been livid to drive all the way up there only to be denied.