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  1. Dave Copland

    OK Rockingham County members its time to rally and flood the board meeting with support for the director we voted in!!!
  2. 2010 NHSA Annual Meeting update

    I agree, the meeting was well run and planned. Our club still is not comfortable with the issue of what a member in good standing really means and who can and who can not determine that status. The by law change which drastically restricts eligibility to run for VP or President is also very controversial and was obviously a must pass issue with the EB. I hope that over time we will agree with this change and there will never be a situation where the assoc. shows what this change was really meant to do! Thanks to all the delegates who traveled from the southern clubs to be a part of a great meeting! Brian P. SNHTB
  3. Another Pittsburg fatal crash

    I am a subcontractor working for G.Lopes Construct. at the Salem Lowes project. I just found out today as I met for a project meeting at his site. I only knew him for a year but I felt he was a great guy, well liked and respected by all his employees and contractors. I am glad I met him and my deepest sympathy goes out to his family, friends and employees. RIP Brian P. SNHTB VP
  4. All the proceeds from the event will go to our groomer fund. Come on down and help us out. It looks like it will be a good turnout so come if your buying, selling or just checking it out!!
  5. 2009-2010 Membership

    Have any membership commitee people got your new NHSA cards yet? My whole club is asking me so they can get there low regist. numbers locked in.
  6. Rockingham County meeting 11/24/2008

    Shawno, I think that Rock.County has made a statement by unanioumosly voting to see you be nominated. I hope to see more counties behind your effort and help to TAKE BACK NHSA !! Lets go members and help make a difference!!
  7. Is anyone else but me bothered by the fact that Obama publicly refuses to salute our flag due to his religous beliefs? How is it possible that the media or McCains people have not jumped on this? By the way I am not a fan of McCain either. Just a concerned voters thoughts.
  8. When will they learn?

    I enjoy reading the sno traveler and understand the importance of advertising income but maybe the association could save a ton of money by downsizing or eliminating it altogether. Look at the papers track record in the annual financial report, I dont belive that it has ever made money or even supported itself. That $3 per membership would be better spent on the trails where it makes a difference. It would be unfortunate to those who advertise there businesses in the ST but you always could advertise on !
  9. When will they learn?

    Our county came to the annual meeting this year with plans to get this out in the open, and try to begin to make ammends with some of the issues last years exec. board created. The moment that our county director arrived the pres. and v.p. whisked him to the back of the room informing him that he could not even speak about any of the issues that he had. They made sure nothing bad would be said about them and said that those issues are no longer a concern. One of our club members spoke briefly and emotionaly about how the former grass drags committee was duped into a situation in public and fired the director with his wife present. Is that how a family friendly organization works? As far as running for an office at the NHSA level , I would rather plunge a sharp stick in my eye than play there control game. I am involved in my club and county actively and proudly. All we need is time, remember, what goes around comes around.
  10. When will they learn?

    Skip you could not be any more correct or respectfull of this situation. I am a longtime supporter of being an ambassador for the sport of snowmobiling and this grass drags/ NHSA mess has set the sport in our area back 30 years. After attending the annual meeting as a delegate for my club it made me sick to my stomach to watch the NHSA lovefest of awards presented to each other while it was blatantly obvious that there was a growing battle line of opions between the northern and southern counties. This needs to stop! We are supposed to be a united state, all of us are in this sport because we love it. We need to stop the bleeding before it stops everything that so many people have worked years to accomplish! Brian P.
  11. I am looking for good action screensavers from snocross, hillclimb, watercross, grassdrags ect. All the screensaver websites have very lame snowmobile stuff or nothing at all. Can anyone help me in the right direction ?
  12. Derry Pathfinders

    Hi Jim, Its Brian from the SNHTB club and Pand. Const. Hope all is well and see you soon. I just joined this site. Think snow!