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  1. New Trailer

    ordered mine on Wednesday, hope to have it in early January.
  2. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Just a few from this last weekend
  3. We have a bridge!

    Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club in Milton had a trail closure because of a bad town bridge in Union. We had lots to do, and it took several weeks, but with the hard work of many, including folks from other clubs, we have reopened corridor 26 from Milton to Moose Mountain.
  4. We have a bridge!

    Not at this point. Two abutting land owners don't want a trail on their property. Unless that changes, we are unable to reroute.
  5. We have a bridge!

    Its a little over 58 feet long with the ramps and the cost was expensive, but the town required an engineered bridge and this fit the bill nicely. I think we will be into this for close to 20k when all is said and done.
  6. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    The Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club with trails in Milton, Milton Mills, Middleton, Union, Farmington, New Durham, Brookfield and Wakefield, has an extremely generous member who is offering an 8x10 up to 10x12 custom built shed with 2 screened, vinyl windows, a 4 ft wide double door and a ramp. The lay out can be determined by the highest bidder of the shed. We are always looking for help in maintaining the trails and our equipment and this is a way for you to get something in return for your donation. We would like to have all bids in by the end of August in order to allow time for your new shed to be delivered and built before the snow flies. These sheds usually retail in the 1500$ range, remember that EVSC is a nonprofit organization and a tax ID can be provided, if requested. Please send your bids via email to klarmie@twc.com
  7. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    winning bid was $2200.00!
  8. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    New high bid as of 6/10/18 is $1400.00
  9. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    high bid as of 6/2/2018 is $1200.00
  10. congrats

    New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Groomer of the Year goes to George Kaye of the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club
  11. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    Bob was a good friend to the snowmobiling community. His generosity and knowledge will certainly be missed. He was always around the local events and loved showing his vintage Arctic Cats. God bless his family.
  12. Evergreen Valley SMC (Milton) trails

    We will be in the process of closing gates, starting from the south and working our way north towards Moose Mountain. Some gates will be closed this weekend and others will be closed next weekend. The Moose mtn area still has rideable snow and would be my choice if you were looking for a place. Please understand that a gate is closed for two reasons, number one is to protect the land owners' property. Without their generosity, we have nothing. The other reason is for YOUR safety. Please respect this when you come upon a closed gate and do not go around it....turn around. We all hate this time of year, but we've done our jobs the best we can. We hope you had a chance to ride this year and look forward to next season. As always, we need your help, please visit our Facebook group, check our webpage, or join the email list to keep up to date with everything that happens with the club through out the year. Thank you for your support!
  13. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

    We have some difficulties this season. The biggest issue is us not being able to get through Union. As of this moment there is no legal way through Union. The Union meadows and Milton Mills areas will need to travel the opposite direction to Milton to access trails further north. We are working with the State to get through Union, but we are at their mercy right now. Those who are using the side of Route 16 are not only risking a ticket, but are risking any chance we have as a club to have a connection to that side of our system. Add logging on the Siemens access ( the trail between Applebee rd and North East Pond) and we have even more issues on this ONE trail. We lost the trail to Lovell Lake due to inconsiderate riders. The land owner went through great expense and effort to keep snowmobilers out of his property this year as well, installing a fence, moving our kiosk and putting signs up along the fence line. Please stay on the trail, or just stay home couldn't be more true this year than ever. All it takes is one.
  14. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

  15. Evergreen Valley (Milton) trails

    the trail from Moose to Milton is unaffected. Only when you try to cross Rt 16 in Union is where you will encounter trail closure.
  16. Local riding- good stuff!

    did about 100 on the sled this weekend and probably about the same in the groomers........we need snow, but they aren't terrible either....a bit of snow will do wonders
  17. Another Trail Issue

  18. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    Our club supplies all that is needed to do trial work except blaze orange and work gloves. If you want to bring your own saw, or hand tools, we wont stop you, but we have that stuff. One person with a pole saw can keep several people busy hauling stuff off the trail, two guys with saws can keep half a dozen folks swamped in thick brush. We have hammers and stuff to build bridges, if that's what we are working on that day. We honestly really need your muscles and really appreciate the fact that you thought enough of us to give us a hand. One day or fourteen days a season...doesn't matter to us!
  19. Grass drags- who went?

    I got a good deal on bibs and jackets for me and my daughter. Got boots for her and mirrors, fuel tank and storage for my sled. Didn't save HUGE money but still saved some. I was happy to see the groomers represented, even bought a few things there too. I always save money by waiting to buy there. Some years there were more selections than others, this year was not as good as others, but deals could definitely be found, if you looked and shopped.
  20. Grass drags- who went?

    we were there when the gates opened on Friday. Stayed most of the evening. Back again on Saturday from 1ish until 5:30 or so. Spent lots of money on gear and stuff. Had a blast, talked to a lot of folks and watched a lot of racing on all sides. Probably one of the best events they have put on.
  21. Registration Increase

    Until they make it hurt to be unregistered, then I see more folks taking that chance. I will not register my FIVE sleds....I will only do two, So they'd be out that.
  22. Thoughts from Nascar nation

    When you're worth @300 million, you can choose your own terms usually. Good time to get out and enjoy it while he can.
  23. Summer Fun????

    Did I do the Alignment to that when it was first restored in Stratham?.......1994-5ish?
  24. Evegreen Valley SMC Poker Run

    Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club Poker Run.pdf
  25. Groomer age requirement?

    We can send these "kids" to battle in a 8.9 million dollar M1a2 Abrams, but God forbid we let them take a groomer out....