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  1. Skip has lost his mate!

    My condolences to you and your family Skip.
  2. Trail side - camping

    "Just remember the more calories you eat the more water you need to drink. People loose stamina and get cold/hypothermic because they don't drink enough water to process the extra food they eat. " Does it have to be water, or will other liquids suffice? Our neighbors had a bear stick his head into their tent. They chased it off by bopping it on the nose with a container of baby wipes, their only weapon. Next camping season, they bought a shed to sleep in!
  3. Trail side - camping

    I'm not saying that, but if you try it and it works please post your results. I think it's more about being comfortable and surviving long hours in the cold. You will burn more calories just trying to stay warm.
  4. Trail side - camping

    The secret to successful winter camping is intake of massive calories. 5000 recommended. What's not to like about that!
  5. ATV club theft

    Here is a thpught. Why not have one club audit another. You can't have the club you audit do yours. Clubs do it for free for one another and presumably have specialized expertise on what's legit and what's not. They are independent, but not professional auditors. Likely to find problems and mistakes before they become criminal. One club could learn from another, especially if they are more experienced. Volunteers are likely to make mistakes unless coached.
  6. Online Membership Update

    Kudos to the activists that pushed the issues, against great resistance, took abuse, yet prevailed to effect the initiation of change.
  7. Quite the accomplishment! How did you polish the aluminum so nicely?
  8. Southern Nh Trails
  9. ATV / UTV tracks

    In NH there is a width limit. 54" if I recall correctly which is the same as a snowmobile. Tracks seem to increase the width of any machine, but I'm not sure how they measure width for legal purposes. Have heard differing interpretations. Fender to fender, track to track. 54" would rule out most side by sides except the RZR 50" unit, and perhaps one or two other models. Most utvs are 60" with tires and a few are wider. You need an additional registration sticker to the standard ATV registration. It registers as a sled, and costs $16. For the extra cost of the ATV tracks at about $3k, many folks just buy a good used sled which will always out perform an ATV with tracks. Tracks on an ATV have gear reduction that reduces the speed, and increases engine rpm. You have to be careful not to over rev the engine on some setups. On groomed trails in cold weather a wheeled ATV will not tear up the trails unless the rider intentionally horses the machine around. A Sledder horsing around can tear up a groomed trail just as easily. You probably want to read up on the RSAs before making any investment or confronting riders. My comments are from memory from the RSAs when first written a couple years ago. Considering how many tracked sxs I see for sale, especially in VT I suspect there are an increasing number to be seen on the trails.
  10. New NHSA site, looks good!

    The old one was a turd. The new one looks decent. No online snotraveler though.
  11. Ski-Cab

    At 64" wide it would not be legal in NH. 54" is max, and it's probably over the legal weigh as well. The model from the OP looks legal, but unwieldy with its high "catch the crosswinds" profile. Looks more like a retrofit to a standard sled rather than a ground-up design. Saw a single seat all enclosed sled at LL Cote's once. Very James Bond looking. I probably would not have fit in it. Side by side UTVs used to seem silly for those on an ATV, but they are all the rage now. Consider the safety value of having your wife next to you telling you to slow down! Having a heater would be a nice plus, and those bucket seats look cool. Suspension in the whoops would probably kill you. Still, I'd love to take one for a spin. The later model that is, not the first one.
  12. Ski-Cab

  13. Ski-Cab

    Air-bag and seat belt will prevent any injury. Or, you can order the optional ejection seat. Parachute is not included.
  14. The SnowDog

    Cross country skis!!
  15. the new season

    MSC links go to a blank slednh page for me, at least on my cellphone running Firefox browser.