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  1. What's the story with these trees

    It is Colebrook. The next time you stay and ride from the Northern Comfort Motel ask them, they are across the street
  2. 11 Degrees, Tow Job, Vintage Sled, Funny Stuff!

    See, i moved here from the deserts of Calif when i was 42 in July 94. I learned in OCTOBER to wear/take warm clothes with me everywhere.
  3. Electric recreational vehicles

    I guess, if you are using it just on a farm/ranch/something in that nature you would be fine.
  4. Electric recreational vehicles

    I'd rather run out of gas out on the trail than run out of battery
  5. New Trailer

    YUP. Bought ours in 2014. GREAT place and people
  6. Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    I will say this. We have a 2017 RZR with 5200 miles and all ARE northern NH and 130 Eustis miles.
  7. Something different

    Puts a new meaning to "off trail"
  8. Hello, again

    YUP, been gone awhile and back now. Things have changed a tad now, retired and not a gunmaker anymore. Moved to a much quieter place and enjoy it more. Still riding the Crossfires and have a sxs RZR that we have put 3100 miles on this year alone. Life is pretty good. OH, and Barney the Dodge has passed on, guy i sold it to totalled it.
  9. So,in the future, next year, when you register your sled, signing it acknowledges you know off trail is illegal. It also states, if caught your registration is pulled for the year, sled impounded, and there is a fine also. This is my thought. Sure you are going to lose sleds to Maine, but you are keeping trails open. JMO
  10. Littleton area is great

    Shifty, hear rumor there was a bad accident today down your way. Wife didn't know if it was sleds or auto
  11. Snow Totals

    West Stewartstown i got about 3