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  1. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Rode there myself last Saturday tracks were freshly groomed started at Whales Tale went south then west to the power lines and Bog pond and then over through the notch to Twin and Back aon the trail at 8 am and loaded up at 12:30. Ran into a radar trap on the straightaway by Cannon. Officer was a nice young man let me off with a warning stated that the speed limit is still 25mph there and got me at 51. Was just giving it the gas after being behind a tour group through the Notch. Then returning from Twin he almost got me a again! But a Red jacket in the woods caught mu eye just in time.
  2. Trail conditions

    How was your trip? You riding next week end?
  3. Bear Notch still has lots of snow

    Rode there Sunday with the wife exc lent conditions and over 3'of snow that was before the last storm.
  4. Finally going riding

    186 miles in 6 hours of ride time, not bad for 2 grandfathers !
  5. Finally going riding

    Hey I am riding also want to meet. Been looking for some to ride with was going to twin or Lowe's garage and ride
  6. Going up someplace to ride on friday January 19th. Open to any area in New hamshire or Maine.
  7. Riding Jan 5 2018

    Will be going riding Friday January 5th looking for someone to ride with for the day. Thinking about heading to Twin mountatin.
  8. Support your local tracks. Some of the best racing for the money.
  9. Riding march 18th

    Will be riding somewhere this Saturday anyone else headed out? Looking to find someone to ride with anywhere in the state is fine. Was thinking of going out of canoe king or Twin.
  10. Looking to ride with someone on Tuesday was thinking in ossipee. But will ride anywhere.
  11. Riding feb 2nd and 3rd

    Going up to either Coleman state park or groveton on Thursday looking for someone to ride with. Will also be riding out of groveton with shifty and clasicdmax on Friday.
  12. riding wednesday jan 18

    I am up for a ride on Wednesday. But think Coleman state park may be the best place to start
  13. Fri Jan 6/Sat Jan 7

    My updated contact info is on the sled nh rider list
  14. Looking for some one to ride with on Saturday 12/31/16 planning on going up to the ossipee park at canoe king and rid ossipee valley area. Will be the between 7:30 and 8 am. let me know if you intrested
  15. Fri Jan 6/Sat Jan 7

    Friday sound good for me will. BE coming from northern mass about a 3 hour drive for me.