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  1. NH needs to significantly increase the fine for off trail riding. I believe the fine currently is $75 The fine should be $500 for first offense, $1000 for subsequent and upon conviction the sled etc should be confiscated by fish and game. Committing certain hunting violations allows Fish and Game to confiscate all related equipment. why not off trail riding?
  2. Moultonborough Snowmobile club has lost acess to Red Hill due to Off Trail Riders. Great Job!
  3. Medium windshield G4 Ski Doo

    I am selling a complete Med height windshield for a gen 4 Ski Doo. I had this on my 2019 850 for one ride. $125 located in Billerica MA and sometimes Moultonborough NH
  4. Attn Attn Attn

    There back !!
  5. Sold 2014 Ski doo MXZX 800

    Sold Grass Drag weekend!!!!
  6. I went today, got there at 09:00Am was able to drive inland got parking very close to the gate. We had no problem walking around etc, stayed until 12:30. Had no problem leaving traffic coming in and out was very light. I guess everyone went on Saturday.
  7. Sold 2014 Ski doo MXZX 800

    2014 Ski Doo 800X 1700 miles. Machine is in excellent condition. Sled is studded, has heated shield, additional accessory plug in glove box, Quick adjust suspension, Ice scratchers, tunnel bag, dual carbides on front skis, extra belt, extra DSS Key, Ski Doo cover, mirrors shock covers, owners manual. This machine would be great for a person looking to get into sledding, but does not want to shell out $13000 for a new machine. Do not waste my time with absurd low ball offers as I am not desperate to sell this sled. $7500
  8. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    This is sadly going to be the future, out of state people, with different views, with lots of money able to purchase vast tracks of land, then close them off. These type situations are changing NH lifestyle one parcel of land at a time. My wife and I have owned land in NH for years and always allowed people to use and enjoy it. A few years ago we bought our retirement home. We bought in NH because we loved the ability, to hunt, shoot, snowmobile hike etc. Sadly it seems the ability for these types of activities to continue is dwindling away.
  9. trail closure ?

    This was p[posted on the Winnipesaukee forum forum: Now to be the bearer of more bad news. The Seven Lakes Club thought they had a re-route around the section of Corridor 22 closed by the RR just south of Rt 171 (Old Granite Rd) down to behind the Big Moose RV where the trail jumps off of the rails, and back onto dirt. Last Spring the club Trail blazed a re-route to include the building of a bridge, to get us around that closure. Many man hours volunteered, and money spent. Found out over the summer that the new trail and bridge are not acturally on the owners land that gave permission. Miscalculated by a few feet! The owner of that land does not want anything to do with snowmobiles, and will not allow the trail to be on his land by even an inch. So there is still no way north or south from Ossipee down to the Cotton Valley RR trail to go to Wolfboro, Moose mountain, or elsewhere, without going all the way around to Wakefield via Corridor 19, and still having to depend on four lakes, Sandy Pond, Balch Lake, Lake Ivanhoe, and Great East Lake, being frozen. Sucks for me cause I live on the Cotton Valley Tracks (corridor 22&26)
  10. We lost a fellow sledder ....

    That's awful, never met Matt but remember his post's. Caner sucks!!!!!
  11. Favorite sled of all time?

    I had a 03 F-7 700 sno -Pro and loved every second on that rocket!!!
  12. Favorite sled of all time?

    I had the same 1985 Yamaha SS440 loved that sled .
  13. Help with HCS

    Thank you CKF
  14. Help with HCS

    IM having a bitch of a time getting back on his as well. I just e-mailed the moderator