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  1. * official old pic thread*

    2011 Shifty Ride!
  2. &$%*$$# MICE

    Its been a banner year for these pests.Been catching one at least every couple days all winter.Just when I think I've got them all I catch another.I stopped catching,but still heard them in wall.Maybe pb goes bad.I cleaned up a few traps and put out some more new ones with tomcat bait mix.When that slowed down I added some smoked gouda and caught 4 in 6 hours.Nothing for two weeks,I hope they are gone for now.I'm tiredof cleaning out the silverware drawer.
  3. Gourmet Trailside Dining

    Oh,we did have to trailer to east inlet,tough sleddin out of snowfields.So I guess it wasnt trailside.
  4. Gourmet Trailside Dining

    4-24-11 Did 80 miles out of east inlet that day Youngs store rib eye and potatos on Snowfields cabins charcoal grill,Bacardi select with beer chasers.Good way to end a great day! Hope we are still riding this time next year! h
  5. Proposed new trail

    So much Opportunity för expansion in this most scenic area of tie state!the Mountain divison Rail line through crawford notch is state owned and would be the most senic Trail in the state.Mom World be pissed with the sled traffic by the house,but dad(the only crawford notch (harts location)"native" of Voting Age(81) would be fine with.Damn it would be great to Ride Home legally.the state owned Land in the notch woulds make alot of the of those "backcountry"riders cry.
  6. Proposed new trail

    Bear notch Connector Trail,not that thus is the same thing,but the amc is proposing adding a Full service Hut up by ethan pond.they have Met with the usfs and nh state park People.No apparent public Input.seems fast Trac Project,kind of secretive to me.Seems like a done deal,the surveyors were in crawford notch thus Week,the new Trail has been flagged.Does the amc's lawyers have more Pull than the NHSA.How many hoops have the snowmobile Clubs had to Jump through and för how long to Connect bear notch to the system?How can they Add this Trail of Theirs and a new Overnight Full service Hut without the public input that the snowmobile Clubs have to go through.This new Hut of theirs is in the Edge of the pemigwwssuit Wilderness Area which was Designated(stolen from the public use ) by a false designation of Wilderness(by their own rules,to be Designated wilderness,land has to be substancially unchanged by man)pre Wilderness designation, we rode crawford notch ,through ethan Pond and out Wilderness Trail(old Logging er)to lincoln.The Word is Quiet on the AMC expansion,WHY?Is it their big Boston lawyers?NHSA couldnt even Keep the Loop From Twin mtn(fabyians to Mt Clinton :-) without offending the AMC(on state owned er tracks) WTF ,Had to Vent,oh well Time för Another switchback!Scorpios Server 24 Oz glasses!
  7. Release form

    Bump,anything new on this subject
  8. Thanks

    Thanks to all the clubs trails I was fourtanate to ride this year.I was laid off in jan,this hasnt happened to me for 15 yrs.I rode from home trails(PMSC) north east and west,all season, midweek.Im now even more envious of those midweek riders.I just got into my 7th gallon of oil since feb.all trails have been excellent.The only poor trails I rode this year were last weekend out of jackman,the conditions there were from 18" of fresh and high traffic.Capped my season out of errol wendsday this week,from gorham to boundary pond,all trails were in epic conditionsThanks to all the clubs for there efforts this season!
  9. Who's still riding ?

    I was over that way via trio-pond trail wendsday,You should be good to go from there.
  10. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    Correction,tri-city bicycles and 1 individual bike rider donation
  11. New Snowmachine on the Trails

    PMSC got a groomer fund donation from the tri-city trailblazers(fat tire people)
  12. Trail conditions?

    Rt11 on pmsc sysrem groomed last nite
  13. Old guys,yer memory is slipping,6'6' ,I wish. I saw the biggest coyote Ive ever seen in gilmanton last season,I still think it may have been a grey wolf.
  14. Had a chunk come off today,it put the breaks on.It jammed up between the tunnel and track.
  15. March 4th through the 8th, Wednesday to Sunday

    Alex,Im staying at a friends camp in errol,at wilderness now.Will be riding,wave me down if you see me.