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  1. I asked the same question on the PRRSC Facebook page a couple years ago.  Donna Haley Jordan of the Colebrook Chronicle posted this reply:


    Donna Haley Jordan Yes--I know. That property was part of the Northern Comfort Hotel lands, when the hotel was owned by the Brunault family. Mrs. Brunault lives in the white house near those trees and still owns the land. She sold the Northern Comfort (in the early '80s I think) to the Kenney family. Those trees were planted by Mrs. Brunaults husband waaaaaaay back in the 1970s.
    • Donna Haley Jordan
      Donna Haley Jordan By the way, they looked REALLY cool when they were little and first planted.
    • Donna Haley Jordan
      Donna Haley Jordan Jim and Lisa Kenney bought the motel from his parents, John and Alexandrae, around 1990; John and Alexandrae bought it from Isabelle Brunault in 1985. Isabelle's son, John Brunault, sold that piece of land with the funky trees to Jim and Lisa Kenney, who added it to the Northern Comfort parcel.

  2. Anybody interested in this sign?

    It is 3' X 5'

    It has an aluminum frame, and both faces are painted plastic.  It holds 4 fluorescent tubes.

    You can see that there is a small hole in this face at lower left corner.  The back face has 2 larger breaks/holes.

    I'm not looking to get any $$ for this thing, just trying to make it go away.  It is currently located in Kensington, NH.



  3. I've been sledding for 18 years now, and so far I have only needed to be towed out of the woods once.  Dave Bowles was the one who came by while he was grooming and helped me out.  I had heard of him often before that, but it was the only time I got to meet him.  Dave was a good man.  Between getting my sled to a spot where we could load it on the trailer, and driving me to get my truck, Dave spent at least 2 hours helping me that day.  I tried to offer him some compensation for his time and fuel, but he would not accept.  He suggested that I purchase an OVSC membership instead, which I did as soon as I got home.

  4. I did not know Robert Cicchetto, but learned about his passing from a friend this morning.

    Apparently he was on his way north for a sledding weekend on Friday.

    This was posted by his daughter on his Facebook page:

    " Last night while trying to go North for some snowmobiling, he and a friend encountered icy conditions that had them needing to detach the trailer from his truck. Some hold let go, and the trailer ended up running away somehow dragging my Dad underneath. "

    According to the post, he was taken to Dartmouth and initially they thought he would be Ok.


  5. 3 hours ago, ljgomes said:

    Thanks for the acknowledgement skip, but it already appears that NHSA is breaking the law again.  If you check the Online Membership User Agreement it says:

    The Club gives permission for NHSA to retain $10 per club membership transaction from the monies
    received on behalf of club from Online Membership Sales.
    This is in direct violation of item 24 in the Assurance of Discontinuance.
    Again its all about NHSA extracting money from the clubs instead of helping the clubs to survive.  I just don't get their thought process.

    I would consider this to be reasonable IF it was spelled out that, the NHSA Membership Portal is only intended for those who want to join the NHSA along with their club membership.  Those who want to join a club ONLY can just do so through the club website, or in person with a club agent.  Personally, I prefer to join a club only, and I would not expect to be able to process my club only membership through the NHSA Portal.  I did it directly with the club I chose to join.