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  1. The Disaster Continues!

    Fortunately only 1 Yamaha was damaged in the melee.
  2. Freedom Award

    A nice award goes to the company I work for. From Foster's Daily Democrat: Saturday, August 4, 2007 Turbocam honored by Department of Defense DOVER — Turbocam, a Dover based business, has been awarded the 2007 Freedom Award by the Department of Defense. This award is given annually to businesses that go above and beyond what the law requires for their employees who are in the National Guard and Reserve. Specifically, Turbocam has funds that their employees who are overseas can access and use to buy materials and things that are not readily available through other channels. The Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the U.S. government to employers for their outstanding support of their employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. Other winners included the New Hampshire State Police. The Freedom Award will be presented during a formal ceremony on Sept. 12 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. Previous recipients include Starbucks Corporation, American Express, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, The Home Depot, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Las Vegas' MGM Mirage, the State of Vermont, Strategic Solutions Incorporated, Sprint Corporation, and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.
  3. -1 new messages

    You read 1 more message than you actually received (and you BETTER not do it again! That kind of activity WILL NOT be tolerated here!)
  4. What's up fellas

    Jay? Are you Grey Jay? The one that's always hanging out at the junction of trail 112 and 143 looking for crackers?
  5. What a crock! That really sucks Rob. :sad: Don't move too fast while collecting feeders - they might be hiding out there with a radar gun
  6. Weather Net Thread

    A pretty intense storm just went through Nottingham. We had hail the size of grapes coming down.
  7. HCS

    So Denny, What's with the lavender skis ??
  8. What is it?

    Just another of the many strange things to come up north from New Jersey (check out the reg.) Actually - it's pretty cool. An outboard PWC.
  9. trailer tires

    Check the clearance between the top of the stock tire and the underside of the deck. When I bought my 2 place trailer I upgraded to 10" wheels, and there isn't much room for suspension travel before the tire contacts the plywood decking.
  10. Tires

    I put the Michelin LTX M/S tires on my truck at the start of last winter. Stock tires were Goodyear Wrangler's. I had less than 40k on the Goodyears. I am happy with the Michelins.
  11. Bear Sighting

    Get some 9mm moth balls and fire at will
  12. Gas prices.

    From Fosters
  13. What do you usually bring with you on a ride?

    They also work as a come-along if you're stuck
  14. Gas prices.

    Where did the $4.50 figure come from? Is that the current forcast of where we are headed?
  15. Gas prices.

    I paid about $60 to put 8 gallons in my rental car this morning (I'm working in England for 2 weeks) Prices back home are sounding pretty nice.
  16. How was your season?

    I find that snow condition and temp has a big affect on mpg
  17. I'm no shed hunter, but I bet it was in exactly the same spot where it was found today. But there may have been a tad more snow on top of it.
  18. Weren't you concerned about Momma bear getting aggressive with you being that close to the cubs?
  19. May 1st ride

    I know a couple that got locked in a few years ago. There were out cruising around in their truck. They found a way out - but it took a while.
  20. How many are going to east inlet??

    Doesn't look like fun to me. May is sportbike time !!!
  21. Grooming Pics

    Rare vintage groomer on Ebay. Located in Dunbarton. AC Quad-Trac 500 cc 2 stroke Groomer ???
  22. How YOU get started sledding??

    I do !!! That was also when a "Groomer" was the person that cut your dog's hair. I bought a Arctic Cat 292 (Panther ?????) one lunger when I was 16. Paid $200, and hauled it home in the back of Mom's Pontiac Catalina station wagon. I rode that around the local trails and fields near home (Kensington). One time a friend of the family took me over to Pawtuckaway State Park with his trailer. Wow - those were big time trails !!!! I think he said I got up to 35 mph WFO on the campground road (I didn't have a speedo). Man we were flying. I sold that sled after a couple of years. It wasn't until 2001 that I got back into sledding.
  23. What club(s)do you belong to?

    Southern NH Snow Slickers, & Pittsburg Ridgerunners