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  1. NHSA Open House September 7, 2016

    "Where all the magic happens" ... Is that referring to how they make your $10 "like it or not" membership fee disappear? Abraca-Freakin-dabra
  2. nothing

    Did mine 2 weeks ago.
  3. Todd Palin is home

    After listening to Sarah's blathering for a few hours, he'll probably wish he was back in the hospital...
  4. Earthquake - Really?

    Hmmm..... centered in Contoocook.... I'm thinking that Rivercat just tripped over the house-cat

    Anybody else find it slightly amusing that they get this thing up and running 2 days after the last trails in NH melt down to slush?

    Anyone know any of these people?
  7. Early Bird Discount

    The baby is possessed and the bathwater stinks....
  8. Early Bird Discount

    So let it be written. So let it be done! I'm in!
  9. 2017 Sled show THIS FRIDAY the 4th!

    BAM!!!!!! Nice shot Steve I'll pass. The last thing on my mind after this non-winter is a new sled. Besides, the Nytro still has many miles and registrations ( ) left to go.
  10. In Lincoln ?? I wouldn't think there would be enough snow to ride in Lincoln
  11. .... And he said that snowmobilers who have not built a bridge should have registered ALL OF THEIR SLEDS to "Save Our Sport"........ Ok fine - that is not exactly what he said...
  12. Throwing in the towel

    Your NHSA colleagues will be proud Dave. Do as I plead, not as I do.
  13. Any updates on online memberships???

    Well if there is no snow, and nobody is going to register, then it doesn't matter does it ?? All the more time to focus on more important matters - GRASS DRAGS 2016 !!!!! - Let the countdown begin
  14. Saving Our Sport "SOS"

    I always register in Dec anyway. It's part of sled prep, not part of the first ride IMO.
  15. Letter to clubs from Bureau of Trails

    Interesting concept. I think I have heard this before somewhere ... Nevertheless, I concur!
  16. Proposed NHSA Mission Statement: The NHSA exists as an organization for the purpose of honoring The NHSA, creating wealth for The HNSA, and supporting the officers of The NHSA.
  17. Off Topic / Anyone here in to Drones

    Rivercat DRONES on and on about most any subject...
  18. FYI, Trail to Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburg.

    Hot Dog!!! We no longer need to ride the "Hundred Yards of Hell" trail when staying at Lopstick.
  19. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Been there - done that - not doing it again ...
  20. NHSA Super Raffle?

    The prize for this years NHSA raffle is you get Rivercat as a houseguest for 2 weeks. How many tickets are you gonna buy?
  21. Fat bikers making an effort!

    I may be wrong, but I think the correct term is Fat TIRE Bikers ......
  22. That is some nice work. Well done boys!
  23. Coolant question

    I use Prestone, but mix it 60/40 for the sleds - and use distilled water. All manufacturers try to convince you that you must use their fluids, but I'm not buying it. Car companies are making their anti-freeze different colors so people will buy their stuff. Honda's is blue - Toyota is pink.
  24. Coolant question

    You shouldn't have any air issues if you are just topping off. It's when you do a complete drain and fill that you often get air trapped in the system.