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  1. Formal Complaint Filed Against the NHSA

    So ... A complaint was filed on Sept 30, and now it's Dec 8, and still nobody knows what the complaint was, or who filed it?
  2. Where did Rad go?

    He discovered the ULTIMATE Current Events media ...
  3. Duraflex Ice Scratchers

    I don't have a close up, but yes they are home-made.
  4. Front page!

    Nice shot DD
  5. Duraflex Ice Scratchers

    Yup - I have been running them for the last 5 years. They're great, I leave them down all the time. I love my Nytro, but the cooling system sucks. Scratchers and a temp gage were the best mods I could have added.
  6. New president

    8 years of spiraling decline ? Really? I don't know what world you live in, but in the business environment I work in 2008 was the lowest of the low, and things have been slowly improving since 2010. The company I work for has been buying machines, putting up a new building, and hiring people since 2010. Auto dealerships are putting up new buildings, the roads are loaded with brand new cars and motorcycles, the lakes are buzzing with brand new boats. Real estate sales are moving. Is everything wonderful? No certainly not. But 8 years of spiraling decline? That's not what I have been seeing.
  7. Loudest trail can?

    Brake disks only get rusty like that when they are never used. But if you never need the brake, then you're not going fast enough. Just sayin...
  8. Where did Rad go?

    I think he is Trump's new PR guy, which would explain why he is kinda busy right now .... JK - haven't heard a peep from him in a long time.
  9. Why so quiet on slednh.com?

    "Drip Trays" ??? I thought those were for Harleys ...
  10. Hand signals??

    To hell with sled control !!! Your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY MUST BE to in form me about the guy who is 10 feet behind you - ya the one that I am looking right at ......
  11. Why so quiet on slednh.com?

    A lot of people are probably alternating between watching election news, and puking their guts out. This situation may start to improve on Wednesday.
  12. Formal Complaint Filed Against the NHSA

    Freedom of Information in a NHSA thread We are sailing on uncharted waters here!
  13. Formal Complaint Filed Against the NHSA

    Or.... You join the SNHSS BTW - I bought a JD mower at a JD dealer, and I think it is just as much a turd as anything the Big Box stores sell. I should have gone with a Honda mower .....
  14. Formal Complaint Filed Against the NHSA

    Most of us had no clue that any club(s) were offering this option. I had requested this with another club a couple years ago and it was met with resistance.
  15. Formal Complaint Filed Against the NHSA

    Decision made! This year I am going to pay $96 per sled to register as a "Non Member".
  16. Where ya gonna ride?

    I really don't recall, but I don't think it was much.
  17. Where ya gonna ride?

    Did that a few years ago with a friend from the Milton Town Beach. Actually, I think we invited you, but you were not available - not positive on that. Some of it was great, some was brutal. Long day... Cool to be able to say that we did it, but doubtful that I would do it again. I am looking forward to a full winter of mid-week trips to the Great North Woods.
  18. Grass Drags

    No worries. In another 5 or 6 weeks you can see pics in the Slow Traveler.
  19. V.P. debate

  20. Is there ant water to cross? It's been mighty dry around here.
  21. Help with HCS

    LOL !!!! BAM !!! I love it. I got your "Current Events" RIGHT HERE ! That's too funny. So there are a couple dozen arm chair jockeys that have been copying CNN and Fox News stories for 4 months and they have nowhere to paste them. Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!
  22. Help with HCS

    What do you mean "Started from scratch" ???
  23. Help with HCS

    Still debating whether or not to bother with it. I don't post much on there any more anyway. I have totally abandoned Freedom Sledder. I don't get that crew at all.
  24. Sad day for a fellow sledder

    I first met Al & Jane Romanow when my wife and I got to go on the PRR club trip to West Yellowstone in 2008. Over the past few years I have met up with them a couple of times up in Pittsburg. If you were spending time with Al Romanow, you were having a good time. What a great guy And Jane is the sweetest sledder you will ever meet. It breaks my heart that the Romanow family has to deal with this tragedy. Our friend Chris (aka Dualmass ) has a lot to digest right now, and our thoughts go out to him and his family. Happy trails Crazy Al, you put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. Get well soon Calamity Jane Hang in there Dualmass... Losing a parent is a hard thing to go through.