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  1. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    So I guess this trail is gonna have a killer base in a couple days .. (photo posted on PRRSC FB page)
  2. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    HELL YA it's allowed ( if HELL YA is allowed)... 3 days ago there was good riding and nicely groomed trails statewide. Now it is a total Do-Over . Dammit indeed!
  3. Coming soon

    I would consider this to be reasonable IF it was spelled out that, the NHSA Membership Portal is only intended for those who want to join the NHSA along with their club membership. Those who want to join a club ONLY can just do so through the club website, or in person with a club agent. Personally, I prefer to join a club only, and I would not expect to be able to process my club only membership through the NHSA Portal. I did it directly with the club I chose to join.
  4. random photo thread

    Yes we had a good visit with them this evening.
  5. random photo thread

    My wife on Diamond Ridge this morning
  6. Coming soon

    Is there an English version available?
  7. So, why aren't people happy?

    Great riding in The Burg this morning. I'm happy
  8. Soo decent day turns really bad

    You can add coverage for the trailer to your auto policy or sled policy, and it is very inexpensive.
  9. Soo decent day turns really bad

    That sucks BigGuy. It kills me how so many drivers will just barrel down an on ramp into a busy interstate, ASSuming that the ongoing traffic will make a space for them. People no longer understand the concept of YIELD.
  10. Brand new (two-day old) 2018 Skidoo burns to ground

    Breaking is one thing.... Evaporating in a ball of flames 1 day after dropping $xx,xxx is a whole other ball of wax...
  11. Brand new (two-day old) 2018 Skidoo burns to ground

    It would be interesting to know if this turns out to just be an insurance claim, or if BRP steps up and replaces the sled. Total loss 1 day after purchase ?? Damn, that sucks....
  12. &$%*$$# MICE

    I have had good luck with mothballs over the years. The one time I tried dryer sheets, the mouse ate it. As for traps, these plastic snap traps that Victor has now work much better than the old style wood base traps. The mouse has to stand on the trigger to reach the bait. Victor Power Kill mousetrap The second wire loop lets you release the victim and reset the trap without handling the part that was in contact with the rodent.
  13. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    Portland Press Herald Article
  14. Riders List

    A link to the current list would be good...
  15. OVSC announces major trail system closure!

    Are these closures just because the landowners have new plans for their property? Or are they fed up with snowmobilers who don't respect the privilege of access to their land?