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  1. I did not know Robert Cicchetto, but learned about his passing from a friend this morning. Apparently he was on his way north for a sledding weekend on Friday. This was posted by his daughter on his Facebook page: " Last night while trying to go North for some snowmobiling, he and a friend encountered icy conditions that had them needing to detach the trailer from his truck. Some hold let go, and the trailer ended up running away somehow dragging my Dad underneath. " According to the post, he was taken to Dartmouth and initially they thought he would be Ok. https://www.facebook.com/robert.cicchetto
  2. 957 mi. We did three trips up to Pittsburg. Best photo was of my wife on Diamond Ridge in January.
  3. Sunday ?

    Thinking about maybe doing a day-trip on Sunday. Maybe drive up to Gorham and head north. I do not know that area at all Anybody interested? The weather looks promising. Cloudy, but not too warm.
  4. Club poker run or solo blast

    Make a donation to the club and ride in the opposite direction.
  5. Plus possible trail closure..... Well, somebody had to say it
  6. Finally going riding

  7. This sticker

    Rookie! 10 yrs & 16k
  8. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    So I guess this trail is gonna have a killer base in a couple days .. (photo posted on PRRSC FB page)
  9. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    HELL YA it's allowed ( if HELL YA is allowed)... 3 days ago there was good riding and nicely groomed trails statewide. Now it is a total Do-Over . Dammit indeed!
  10. Coming soon

    I would consider this to be reasonable IF it was spelled out that, the NHSA Membership Portal is only intended for those who want to join the NHSA along with their club membership. Those who want to join a club ONLY can just do so through the club website, or in person with a club agent. Personally, I prefer to join a club only, and I would not expect to be able to process my club only membership through the NHSA Portal. I did it directly with the club I chose to join.
  11. random photo thread

    Yes we had a good visit with them this evening.
  12. random photo thread

    My wife on Diamond Ridge this morning
  13. Coming soon

    Is there an English version available?
  14. So, why aren't people happy?

    Great riding in The Burg this morning. I'm happy
  15. Soo decent day turns really bad

    You can add coverage for the trailer to your auto policy or sled policy, and it is very inexpensive.