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  1. Clamshell cover pistons

    I have a 2005 Floe 2 place Clamshell trailer. The pistons that hold the cover up no longer work. Any markings or labeling have been worn off. What "Pound" lift should I get to properly hold the cover up. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club Flea Market

    One week to go!
  3. Went with the trailer Outlet

    Awesome trailer! Good Luck with it! Give us some feedback after the weekend use. Looking to "upgrade" to a hybrid from a clamshell.
  4. Good trailer dealer?

    X4 for Tilton Trailer!!
  5. Snow totals

    We got 2-3" of cement (wet, heavy slush). The temps are still cold enough for icing here in So. NH
  6. Sled-Harmony.com

    I've got the answer for snow around here!! Leaving for a week to vacation down souh on the the Islands... Now the snows begin! figures. Enjoy the snow and ride safe!!
  7. Wasting our time?

    Well put smallengineguy.!! I check in on this site 1 -2 times a day, lots of useful information, awesome people! I also refuse to cave in to the "if you don't have a facebook page you don't exist" way. I guess i'll sit here "nonexistent" enjoying my morning coffee watching the skies waiting for snow Have a safe Happy New Year to all!!
  8. Stinson Mountain

    Great Trailer Nigel, Can't wait for the feature Presentation
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. Looks like light snow for tomorrow, a day late for my "gift" but it's better than rain.
  10. This mornings weatherman on WMUR said possible 6" of light fluffy snow for the southern part of the state, Sat nite - Sun morn. We'll see what Mother Nature has in mind!
  11. Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club Safety Course Saturday December 7th 9:00am - 4:00pm Alexander Carr Playground Pierce Ave. (off Rt. 28) Derry NH Register with the Derry Rec (603) 432-6136 All participants under the age of 18 years are asked to attend the course with an adult. Bring a lunch or go to a local eatery. Dress for the weather, an outside presentation will occur
  12. They are all ready.

    Same here! Got the pre-season maintenance on the 2 sleds and trailer(s) done this past week. Ready for the snow! Bring it on!!
  13. Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club Flea Market

    Gonna be perfect weather to put you in the snowmobiling mood on Sat. Come on down and check out the deals and good food. Added Chili and Chili dogs to the menu!
  14. Welcome back ROB!! Glad to hear you beat the beast and will be on the trails this winter!!