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  1. Ski-Doo Precision Ski's

    Pair of Skidoo Precision Ski's , twinn carbides. $80.00 Note: Shipping extra.
  2. Park Model Trailer

    The trailer has been sold.
  3. Park Model Trailer

    For Sale 2002 Breckenridge Park model 844SB 44’ with 2 slide outs 40’ PT deck 6x6 plastic storage shed 22’ Screen Room Metal Roof over Slides. 10gal Hot water. With Bypass. Winter package, from factory. 2 Sleep sofas, Full bath with Tub. Central Air, Heat Can be seen at Danforth Bay Camping Resort Must be moved. $6500.00 PM Darryl or Call Lori at 401-714-5654
  4. Finally got to ride in my hometown

    Yea it was a blast. A camera would have been great for sure!! Before we headed out on the roads we decided to follow traffic laws, speed , stop ect. We also talked about (What would we doo if we get flagged down by police)? We would stop, I would think they would give a pep talk and let us go but there is always that one who would turn in to a ro-bo cop and bust balls, we would take off. Hopefully it don't take another 35 years to get a storm like this (I won't be around?) but if we doo!!!!
  5. Rode here in RI on Saturday. All the riding was on roads, from Foster to Warwick and all the towns in between. When we headed back home we jumped on I 95 south to 102, was cruising along and noticed a state trooper out in front us but no issues. I thought that was pretty cool. total of 87 miles. GTSE800
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ckf!!!

    Happy birthday John.
  7. Snowmobile Trips

    John, that was a awesome trip for sure, what did it take us, like 14 hours? Whew....... The only thing I wish we did different now, we should have taken the Castle trail on the last part of the trip, then we would have broken 400 miles ) who knows when the conditions will be good enough to doo the distance again.
  8. Snowmobile Video Thread

    Hey John, No! I did not have the technology at the time.... lol Took a lot of pictures, maybe someday I will put something together.
  9. Snowmobile Video Thread

    This video brings back some good memorys.
  10. A little of topic, garage shelters

    Here is a link to a pdf file, I am pretty sure this is the unit, with a 10' peak. Model #78431 />
  11. A little of topic, garage shelters

    If anyone is interested, I have a 19 x 22' cover it. 2 1/2 or 3" pipe with a brand new still in the box cover Blue and white. $450.00 New is around 1200. Note, I doo not have the anchors for it.
  12. riding the Kangus

    I think you mean Bear Notch road off the Kang, they close that for the Winter, not the Kang!
  13. Chocorua Dog Race

    Chocorua Sled Dog Race that has been rescheduled for March 13 and 14. Is this event still on or cancled??
  14. Snow Bowl

    Thanks bubba
  15. Snow Bowl

    Is this event still a go?