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  1. Big Day Today - Going to the Dark Side

    I ment Rivercat
  2. Big Day Today - Going to the Dark Side

    Dave have you registered your sled this year yet

    thanks for the birthday wish I did ask for snow but you know how that goes you never get what you want we'll try to get to your races in a couple of weeks. we went riding last weekend the conditions weren't to bad in the Nash stream area. Thanks Again Bruce
  4. 3 day reciprocity passed in Maine?

    I was at fish and Game earlier today and ran into Capt. John Wimsat and i asked him about the reciprocity weekend, he told me so far it will be the last weekend of January this will be a good weekend hopefully Bruce
  5. Pre Season Tuneup near Nashua,NH

    Isaw there is a new Polaris dealer where Nashua motorsports use to be in Milford . there is also the Skidoo dealer across from Chappel tractor . hope this helps Bruce
  6. Easter Seal Snowmobiler Apprecaition BBQ

    Skip if you have a problem with me say what I said give me a call and we can discuss it. that is all I'm going to say on the matter
  7. Easter Seal Snowmobiler Apprecaition BBQ

    why yes it was it was on their web page
  8. Easter Seal Snowmobiler Apprecaition BBQ

    My wife and I just got back from the camp it was great to see the kids. What surpised me how few NHSA members were there. we figured we would go to meet the new commitee and wish them luck, but they were ALL no shows. 14 nhsa members, 1 county director 1 advisory board member.which rounded out to the 14. Have a good summer. Bruce
  9. 2012 Easter Seals Ride-In Update

    We made our reservations yesterday Bruce
  10. Hey Skip What ride -in committee?
  11. Question on corridor 6 west

    we sould hand out agps so some people can find their way
  12. Why not fill out the paperwork when you recieve it from the club in the early fall and not have to wait till the secretary of the club gets to it. do it now and the club will have use of the money for trail projects. Also you can't forget the people in a panic that lost their cards or washed them.
  13. Dave Copland

    How about volunteering for one of the position
  14. I travel it quite often I would go to Concord get on RT. 89 to Burlington not the shortest but should be the quickest have a good trip. Bruce
  15. trailer axel repair southern nh?

    I had a traier repaired at Livingstons Artic Cat happy trail Bruce
  16. Diamond Acres Hillsboro

    Just a heads up to those who ride out of there yesterday it burnd to the ground so if you intend on using them for fuel you will have to gas up elsewhere before you arive I know I have used them quite often and they had good food Ride safe Bruce