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  1. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    I hope this gets pushed for motorcycles as well.
  2. Off Topic

    I'll bet she got a lot more money from the insurance company than she would have got selling the truck. Win for her....
  3. Littleton area is great

    I rode through Littleton for the 1st time from Twin a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun but def need a good amount of snow to get over there.
  4. Snow Totals

    This is my house in Twin from yesterday to today. They said 8-12 and I expected 6 but didn't even get that.
  5. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Since it was "free" weekend in VT and Maine I staying in NH and had a blast. I called everyone I knew with a sled and nobody could get up to ride with me so I went alone. I rode out of my place in Twin on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and rode through Twin, Bethlehem, Dalton, Whitefield, Littleton, and Lisbon. I saw more groomers than sleds on Thursday and Friday. It was 5 star awesome out there with blue skies for most of the riding. Glad I got in 250 miles before the torch down this week. I can't image it will be that amazing again for awhile...
  6. Snowy winter on tap?

    We only ended up with 4-5" of new snow in Twin. I'll take 9" on the ground but was hoping for more.
  7. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    The only 600 ACEs I see are in the rental fleets... Where those go every year I dunno. I love my wife's 900, I ride it more than my 1200.
  8. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    Is it the 600 ACE or the 600 Sport? They are different, one is a 4 stroke, the other is a 2 stroke.
  9. Snowy winter on tap?

    Everyone gets snow except the White Mountains? Come on...
  10. Snowy winter on tap?

    No warm weather till May!
  11. Thanks, I'm still trying to understand the cost structure. If you register 1 sled the cost is basically a wash right? 27 bucks to join a club through NHSA and then 30 bucks off your reg. I guess if you register multiple sleds it starts to make sense since you spend the 27 bucks and get 30 bucks off each reg. So why are clubs even supporting this if they get less money if members join their specific club rather than paying the non-discounted fee and money going into the GIA? I suppose they can hope that people will donate extra to the club when they sign up? Otherwise... what's the point?
  12. I don't know if it's because I donate extra but I got an email from the club President a day after I renewed through NHSA thanking me for my donation. So either it's coincidence or he got a notification...I just looked back through my email history and he contacted me the last few years after I signed up as well. Not that it matters, but I get your point.
  13. Why does it seem like NH is so dysfunctional? Here is my experience this year: Vermont - Sign into 1 website and pay once for Registration and join a club at the same time. Get an email receipt and a few weeks later my stickers show up in the mail. Maine - Sign into 1 website and pay for registration. Get an email receipt and a few days later my stickers show up in the mail. NH - No clear process, find my way to the NHSA website and join a club but you can't register your sled online. No emailed receipt that I can find after I join the NHSA but it clearly says to print out your voucher to bring to a registration location before you close your browser window. No easy way to find your way back to the website and find your voucher if you didn't have access to a printer when you first joined. Then physically go to a registration station and listen to them tell the guy in front of you that they need to join the club online and they can't do it for you. Listen to complaints and asks if he can use their computer to join? It's finally my turn, I was lucky enough to read online and know that I needed to show the voucher number and I was able to save it to my phone and retrieve it when asked. I know full well, the majority of people will not know or be able to do this. Why can't we do the whole thing in one transaction online?
  14. Can you elaborate on this? I guess I don't understand how it works. I join a club through NHSA and then when I go to register I get a $30 discount because I joined a club? But if I don't join the club through NHSA and pay the full reg amount the clubs get more money? I'd also love to see a breakdown of the 40,000 sled registrations, specifically the number of sleds registered that are 5 years old or newer and resident vs non-resident.
  15. Freedom Rider, I was talking about what options there are going forward if the reg fee isn't increased. The argument from a lot of people is "I'll just go to Maine or I'll quit". If the prevailing opinion is that half the snowmobilers were to quit or go somewhere else then I was simply saying I'd rather see the reg fee doubled to make up for those that quit and put the money into the north as many of those people that would quit or go somewhere else are probably in the south of the state. I really don't know the logistics of how the money is spread around but I know the southern clubs probably to get a lot since there is really only snow to groom a few weeks a year. How do you keep things going if there isn't more money coming in to pay for maintenance and equipment? P.S. I only drive 1:45 from, I have a house on the trail in Twin.