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  1. Just lost all my sleds in a fire

    Very sorry to hear this. Saw it on the new never thought it would be someone I knew. ;(
  2. The problem with trusting people!

    response from HCS: I was in the group, my buddy who borrowed it has contacted keith and will make good on the situation. That night my friends tried to tow the sleds out and it wasnt working. The sleigh was left behind that night(tow strap failure) and the next morning we were unable to find it , apparently it was moved by someone. We thought the groomer may have noticed it and taken it back . I apologize on behalf of my group to Keith, You were very helpfull in a stressfull situation. Not only were we dealing with 2 totaled sleds, but injured friends and a very slow response from fish and game. This incident happened at 2 pm saturday afternoon and F&G hadnt taken our report until 12 am on sunday. They really need a better emergency response plan up there, even F&G agreed. We couldnt get cell phone service on the trail until we got back to youngs gas station,(40 miles away) then we called 911 and they didnt know what to do since it was way out in the woods. Tried to call fish and game and you get an automated message. God forbid someone was seriously hurt out there. We were actually told to leave the wrecks out there until spring ! Thankfully some locals helped us out, thanks again NOYZEE!
  3. The problem with trusting people!

    That's probably it. I have been digging and heard they lost it towing a sled out in the dark and were unable to locate it that night. I was told they were going to look for it or reimburse the club for it. Hopefully it has made its way back to the club and not claimed by some unscrupulous individual. I would not give up on hearing from the guys that borrowed it either. The guys went and got help and a ride from a friend of mine whom they had met once before. I contacted him and he is also digging and provided me with the info above.
  4. Wanted: 7 x 14 drag

    Dave is correct. Track truck is gone. We are now offering our snow saver 8 x 14 drag at a giveaway price of $500.
  5. The problem with trusting people!

    I know the guy who was in the accident went and found the girl he hit later that night to check on her. Given that info, I'd be surprised if the sleigh didn't turn up.
  6. Snowsaver Drag, Winch, and plow setup

    Drag still for sale. $500.00 could buy it.
  7. Web Cam @ 45th Parallel Cabins ??

    Jay, I personally think it's a non-issue. Most users are not looking for much in the way of upload bandwidth and drop cam offers a 30 day return policy, so why not try?
  8. Keith thanks for the reports and all you do!
  9. What happens if......

    Yep everyone has been getting the same hours to start with that they have had the last few years. Grooming a few hours this year or not is not going to change that. Just be less money around for other things like trail work if we all acted like ummm pigs.
  10. What happens if......

    Jay the BOT will not take away hours because of the lack of grooming on this low snow year. Burning through some diesel to rack up a few hours(waste money) is not going to make any difference in hours allocated. Besides the fact, we need the money from this year to groom with next year as registrations are waaaaay down. I'm headed up first thing in the am. Got a nice snow tire installed too. Hope to find some deep stuff.
  11. It has begun.....

    I'm usually the one with no problem calling a spade a spade, so here goes. There is definitely a spade in our presence.
  12. It has begun.....

    First flakes. 9:28pm
  13. It has begun.....

    7:09 nothing in Moultonboro.
  14. What happens if......

    Our club was planning on grooming but with the inch or more of rain predicted for Saturday and 40's for temps I think it may be a waste of precious resources. Time will tell.